Which Stores Sell Patio Furniture? 11 Editor Picks

Shopping for furniture is not something you decide on the first day of checking out several options. It is like looking for a house, you may have to take more time to check out various options in the market. 

Patio furniture is not any different from the other types of furniture. What is important is that you get the best quality patio furniture while at the same time get the best deals too. 

I have taken weeks to research more about stores likely to offer the best patio furniture and now I have the list ready. Let us see what these top stores are. 

  1. Wayfair 

Wayfair is a leader in the sector of sprucing your home. This internet vendor understands the convenience online shopping offers to the masses. It is why you can get a variety of patio furniture on the online store. 

The different options are also properly categorized so that you can get different furniture options better. Sometimes you can get tags such as best selling, buyer’s choice, and more. This will help you identify more products that will work you great. 

Whenever you place an order over $49, Wayfair will ship it to you free. This is a common incentive that most online stores are now adopting. Considering patio furniture are bulky items, it is nice to know that they are saving you some money on shipping. 

  1. Home Depot

Home Depot is a one-stop-shop for everything home. This includes furnishing your patio with impressive furniture most people want. 

The company has a wide range of patio furniture from leading names. It is why more people are inclined to try out what it has to offer. 

Whether you shop at home depot online or local stores, you can always find interesting sales and discounts. Some of the categories you will like are the patio sets, chairs, dining sets, and more. 

Any extra incentive is that the brand offers free shipping on various items you get from their online store. 

Its 30-day return window should be interesting for most people. They could use the furniture for a month and decide if it is still worth keeping. Make sure to read the return policy to see where it applies. 

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond 

This company has everything you need to enjoy an organized living. Well, hence the name of the store. So, even if you want patio furniture, that is something the store can offer. 

One thing to note is that the store does not have indoor furniture, but things are different for outdoor furniture. As such, do not dismiss it just yet for your patio furniture. 

Some of the options you can get from the company include chairs, chaises, cushions, dining sets, and more. 

The chairs and other patio chairs from the company are lightweight and still weather-resilient. This means you will not have to worry that they might easily degrade over time. 

  1. Perigold

Perigold is a top brand for those who want a luxe approach to designing their home and include patio furniture to their decks. The company does not disappoint at all. This is because you can get a wide range of options including tables and seating that can transform your backyard better. 

Your patio furniture does not have to be boring. You can play around with the different options the company has to offer. Some of the categories include wicker, rattan, wooden, and metal furniture. 

Well, it would depend on your preference. Sometimes you may opt for a certain type of patio furniture over the other. 

  1. Crate & Barrel

You go to Crate & Barrel if you are looking for stylish and timeless patio furniture. It is not just about looks, but also durability. This is because the type of patio furniture you get from the company can last for years while maintaining its looks. 

The company gets the attention by also having trendy furniture. It is no longer about the boring functional patio furniture. The best part is that you can get many materials too. This means you can opt for the right type of patio furniture meant for your needs. 

  1. Walmart 

Walmart is easily a top consideration for those who want patio furniture at affordable prices. It is hard to beat the prices of this vendor. It does not matter if it is the local stores or the online shop, as you will always come across multiple patio furniture to transform your living space better. 

Some of the options include dining tables, pool lounges, and more. Plus, the customer service team is friendly to help you find the best patio furniture you need. 

Having a 2-day delivery should be a great thing for you to get from the company. 

I cannot forget to mention the wide range of colors and styles you get from walmart too. This means you can set up your patio just as you want. 

  1. Lowe’s 

It is hard to go wrong with Lowe’s. This is a big box home retailer having a wide range of patio furniture options. The furniture will come in handy to complete the look of your backyard or deck. 

The company has the brick-and-mortar stores where you can walk in and get yourself the best patio furniture. 

However, if you want more options in terms of variety, visit the company’s online shop. You can check out the patio sets, bistro sets, lounge chairs, and so much more. 

To make it even more lucrative, the patio furniture can carry a warranty of 5 years. This should be good enough for you to have more confidence in the type of furniture the brand offers. 

  1. Amazon

There are some people who love to shop stuff on Amazon. The good news is that Amazon still has some great options as patio furniture. Considering the size of Amazon, it is expected to get a wide range of options from different manufacturers. Some even offer free shipping!

Other than buying patio furniture, you could also get the patio furniture accessories. This includes the cushions, covers, lighting, and more. 

Also, the prime delivery service of Amazon means you can get your patio furniture delivered faster. It should be worth checking out such a type of patio furniture store too. 

  1. Overstock

If you are in the market for budget-friendly patio furniture, Overstock has you covered. This online retailer is good at offering discounts and tons of options all the time. Anytime you visit the online vendor, you are likely to come across a sale happening. 

Do not think that just because the store offers affordable patio furniture that it means they are low quality. That is not the case as the vendor partner’s with top brands in the sector. 

Another thing to like about Overstock is that it offers different styles of patio furniture. So, take your time to go through the different options in the market and pick the one you feel is great for you. 

  1. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn as the name suggests is a great place to get your decor and other types of outdoor furnishing options. If you enjoy serious styling, you have the option of considering patio furniture from this company. As much as you may have to incur more costs, just be sure that the company has some unique and beautiful furniture design. 

The company still makes kitchen furniture you could use indoors. Even when you are looking for patio furniture, it would be nice to get back to nice indoor furniture too. 

Considering the company has over 20 collections of furniture, you can always pick the one you find is great for you. 

  1. IKEA

There is no way I was going to forget IKEA. Anyone who is looking for any type of furniture would always consider IKEA generally. The company has a wide range of modern furniture that can suit your outdoor needs. 

IKEA is known for having a wide selection. This means you can get anything from sofas, dining sets, to benches. The best part is that you can set them up yourself as a DIY project. 

The company also does not just make furniture for larger patios, but also smaller furniture you could use for your balcony. So, you can always have an awesome outdoor dining experience when you opt for patio furniture from IKEA.