Where Should I put my Gazebo in my Backyard?

Where to put your gazebo in your backyard depends on several factors. For example, the size and shape of your backyard will determine if the gazebo will be close to the house or not. If you want a private gazebo that you will be using alone, then a gazebo away from the house is the best. If you want a gazebo that will allow you to enjoy the morning sun, then install it to face east. 

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before installing the gazebo in your backyard. For example, what time will I be using the gazebo? Or do I want privacy? Answer the questions in your head and you will find the best place to install your gazebo. 

Factors to Consider before Installing a Gazebo on your Backyard 

  1. Purpose of the gazebo 

Place the gazebo on the area in your backyard that allows you to fulfill the purpose intended. For example, if the rain always chased you away from your backyard, then place the gazebo close to the house so that you cannot get wet to and from the house. Another example is that if you want privacy, then construct the gazebo away from the house where there is no human contact.

  1. Time of usage 

This is at what time of the day you will be occupying your gazebo? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The shade moves as the sun moves in the sky. If you like to enjoy the soft sun rays in the morning, then position your gazebo to face the east where the sun rises from. And if you like to watch the romantic view of the sun setting, then allow your gazebo to face in the west. 

  1. Close to the main house versus away from the main house 

When the gazebo is close to the main house it will be convenient to you because the movement distance is short. However, when it is close to the house it can distort the original design of the main house. If the gazebo is away from the main house it offers some privacy because there is no close contact. But it is not favorable if there is abrupt change of weather like sudden rainfall. 

  1. Size of your backyard 

The general rule is that your gazebo should not cover more than a quarter of your backyard space. If you have a small backyard, then place your gazebo in a corner or close to the wall. Doing so will not make the gazebo to act as an obstacle in your backyard. A square gazebo is the best if you have a small backyard. 

If you have a medium-sized backyard, then you have a chance to choose any structure shape you want. Medium sized gazebos of 8 feet by 8 feet are the best for such a space. Also circular or oval shaped gazebos can fit well in such a space. 

If you have a huge backyard space, then a 10 feet by 10 feet gazebo or more is best. Construct or buy a gazebo that can fit on such a space but also gives you enough space to plant flowers and shrubs around the gazebo. For a huge backyard space, install the gazebo away from the house and it will add aesthetics to your home. 

  1. The gradient of the ground 

The gradient of the ground means the slope of the ground you want to install your gazebo on. The general rule states that the ground you want to install your gazebo on must be flat and leveled. Use a spirit level to measure if the surface is flat enough for you to install a gazebo. 

The gazebo will stand firm and steady on a flat and leveled ground. So place the gazebo on a level ground in your backyard. Avoid areas that have steep slopes and huge ant-hills.

  1. Type of surface to Install the gazebo (on concrete versus on grass surface)

You can choose to install a gazebo on concrete or on the grass surface. Most homeowners pour a concrete slab prevent around their main house. So if you install a gazebo close to the main house it will force you to install it in the concrete slab. 

A gazebo on a concrete slab is easy to clean and the floor looks good. But you can destroy the concrete as you drill it while installing the gazebo. A gazebo on the grass surface is easy to install but it will cost you more because you have to install the wooden floor for it to look perfect.  

  1. The natural environment and view 

Position your gazebo in your backyard facing the direction that allows you to view the natural beauty of the landscape. For example, if you live on a mountain slope, then let your gazebo face the natural slopes of the mountain adding aesthetics that are away from your home. Your gazebo can also face the main wind direction so as to enjoy the cool breeze while sitting under the gazebo. 

  1. Adding value to your home 

You should ask yourself if the gazebo adds value to your home. The gazebo can reduce or add value to your home depending on the size of your backyard space. 

If you have a huge backyard, then there is a lot of backyard space, so installing a gazebo will add value to your home. But if you have a small backyard space, installing a gazebo will make your home look congested hence reducing the value of your home. 

  1. Cost of the gazebo 

Choose a position in your backyard that will be cost effective to install or construct a gazebo. If the home is for sale, construct a gazebo that will allow you to get the return on investment. For example, a gazebo with a complex design will make the home look wonderful but it will not allow you to get the amount invested plus a profit.


Use the determining factors above to choose the best place to install a gazebo in your backyard. Ask yourself the basic questions and answer them, and you will position your gazebo in the right place in your backyard. However, the purpose of the gazebo must be the first question to ask yourself.