What to Hang Patio Lights With? 7 Tips You Need

Patio lights have a way of making the outdoors look awesome. It is why other than having the best looking furniture, you also often consider getting yourself the best lights. 

Outdoor lights are only as good as you hang them. If you can hang the lights correctly, then you will end up with impressively looking patio lights. 

If you are new to such lights, it makes sense if you would want more help to understand how best to hang these lights. 

I have been on the search for some creative and easy ways you can use to hang the lights. You may have come here for the accessories, but through the various tips I will discuss, you should get to learn more about them. Let us dive in already. 

  1. Using Nails or No Nails 

In case you want to hang something on a wall, it is easy to find yourself choosing different types of nails to do the job. 

It is without a doubt that the nails can do a good job of holding the patio lights on the wall. Just make sure you do not overuse the nails. This is because sometimes they can have some drawbacks on the overall look of the patio. 

Another reason nails are not always preferred to hang patio lights is because you may want to move them after some time. This will leave you with nails protruding out of the patio framings with no use. That is not a good look at all. 

You can use nails, just make sure they are strategic too. 

What to Hang Patio Lights With
Patio lights hanging on a pole
  1. Hooks are your friends 

I have just said above that you should consider not using nails and here I am proposing the use of hooks! 

Do not worry. These are special hooks that can simply be glued onto the patio framing rather than using nails. Once the hook is out of its package, peel the protective cover and stick it to where you want and that is it!

Using hooks makes your work a lot easier to move the lights in the future. Also, these hooks do not leave holes as it would have been when using nails. 

There might be a few cases of adhesive residue, but generally you should end up with a clean frame rather than when pulling nails. 

  1. Tape is good too 

In case you feel the glue from the hooks might be too strong to leave residues later, you should consider using tape as well. 

Most people might be worried that tape would end up making the decor look out of place. There is a solution for that. Simply use clear tape. No one would see it. 

It is worth pointing out that not all clear tape would be strong enough to hold the string patio lights. It is why some can consider using duct tape.

Duct tape is strong. A small piece should be enough to hold the lights in place without a problem. 

  1. Staples are another strong option 

Some might not always find tape as reliable. It is why staples would be their next choice. 

Staples will generally offer better performance to hold the patio lights in place. Unlike tape that can get loose over time due to dust or rain, staples can hold the patio string lights for a long time. 

Use staples mostly when hanging on the wooden framing. It might not be the right choice for concrete. It is even worse for metals. 

  1. Gutter hooks are already available 

Sometimes you may be looking for something that is already available. That is why I would advise you to consider using gutter hooks to hang the string patio lights. 

Based on the shape of the hook, you can always thread the string patio lights through the hooks and hold them in place. 

This method would only be great if the hooks are along the path that you want to follow. Also, it might mean having the lights only on one side of your patio. 

It does not have to be the case as you can combine this method with the others mentioned above. This is just to help you have a lot more options when looking to hang your string patio lights. 

What to Hang Patio Lights With? All
Hanging patio lights on trees
  1. Hang the string patio lights on trees 

Trees can prove quite helpful for those who want to hang string patio lights. Keep in mind these are trees close to your patio too. 

The good thing about trees is that you can simply wrap the lights around the branches and you are good to go. You could even use nails without worrying they will damage your wall when you have to remove them later. 

Trees are mostly used in conjunction with other methods. This is because they might not always offer the right coverage of the whole patio. 

  1. Hang on patio poles 

Patio poles can come in different designs and also installation. Some installation options include driving them into the ground or putting them in containers with concrete. 

Whichever the case, you will always have a better way of hanging your lights. So, you can make sure that the poles are arranged in a manner that leads to the best light coverage on the whole patio. 

If they are wooden poles, staples would do a great job of holding the lights. You could use duct tape too if it is metal. 

Final Thoughts

One thing you should always do about hanging patio lights is be creative. Do not be afraid to go out of your way to be different. This makes someone really admire your patio the next time they are passing on the road. 

The methods discussed above are not exhaustive, but they are enough to give you an idea of what you can do with your patio lights. You can always play around with other methods to make sure your patio looks great.