What Sizes Do Patio Umbrellas Come In?

Whenever you want to spruce up your patio, a patio umbrella would be an important consideration. This is because it allows you to sit comfortably on the patio and protect yourself from the elements. 

When you start shopping for a patio umbrella, you are likely to come across different options. The umbrellas will vary in size, design, fabric, shape, and so much more. It is only when you understand the size options in the market that you can buy the best patio umbrella. 

How to Measure a Patio Umbrella Size 

Before we can look at the patio umbrella size, you should definitely consider learning more about how to measure the patio umbrella. 

There are a few ways you can get this done. Here are the steps you should take. 

  • Start by opening the patio umbrella and make sure it is fully extended. 
  • Using your tape measure, take the reading along one of the ribs from its end up to the center of the umbrella. This should give you the radius. 
  • Once you have the radius, multiply by two to get the diameter which is what manufacturers use to tell the size of the patio umbrella. 

Patio Umbrella Size Guide 

Now that you understand what the numbers will mean, let us see the most common umbrella sizes you will get in the market. 

  1. Small Patio Umbrellas 

The first choice for small patio umbrellas is 6 to 6.5 ft. The umbrellas will be great for tables of 30 inches wide. Anything bigger, then you have to consider other sizes of patio umbrellas. 

This patio umbrella will need a 35-pound stand or less to keep it standing right. 

Still, under small patio umbrellas, another size option is 7 to 7.5 ft. This type of umbrella can work great for tables up to 48 inches in width. You can also pair it with a 4-person dining set or if you have a single chaise lounge. 

A 35 to 55lb. umbrella stand would be ideal for it. 

  1. Medium Patio Umbrellas 

If you want more shade, then you would go for the medium patio umbrellas. These umbrellas have the size of 8 to 8.5ft. This size makes them ideal for tables of size 54 inches in width. 

You will like it as it can pair easily with a 4 to 6-person dining set or even a small sofa. 

It could use a 40 to 55 lb. umbrella stand to keep it in position. 

If that is smaller for you, opt for the 9 to 9.5ft umbrella too. It is still under the medium category. 

This size is great for larger tables of up to 62 inches in width. You can also pair it with a 6-person dining set or a set of chaise lounges. It is easy to see that it would have multiple applications. 

It needs a 65 to 75 lb. umbrella stand due to its size. 

  1. Large Patio Umbrellas 

Some people have larger patios and thus the reason they would want a larger patio umbrella. 

A large patio umbrella starts from 10 to 11ft. As such, you can always find it is ideal for large tables of size 84 inches wide or more. 

You could also pair the umbrella with an 8-person dining set and it will fit just right. 

Since it is a larger umbrella, a 65 to 75 lb. stand would be necessary. 

If you thought that was large, wait until you come across the 12ft or more patio umbrella. For its size, manufacturers put it on a cantilever design. This means that it has a freestanding pole located off the umbrella supporting it. 

Such a size would always be perfect for large patios. If you want a single umbrella that covers a large area, this is it. 

A 75lb. umbrella stand is vital to hold it down. Sometimes you might even need a stronger stand. Follow what the manufacturer recommends for a specific model. 

So far, I have covered as much as possible on the patio umbrella sizes. From the guide above, you can always choose the right size based on your needs. 

Types of Patio Umbrellas

It is also good to look at some of the patio umbrella types you can buy in the market right now. The top choices are mentioned below. 

  • Tilting umbrellas

You can get an idea of how such a patio umbrella is designed. You can always change its orientation based on the sun location. Rather than moving the seats, it is easier to change how the umbrella is facing and maximize its shade. 

When buying a tilting umbrella, make sure you look at the angle options. If you can tilt to many angles, the better. You will find such a design worth your money. 

  • Cantilever umbrellas 

Such umbrellas are important too. They are designed to offer the best range of motion for a patio umbrella. They are mostly used for commercial purposes because of their size and price. 

A cantilever umbrella will have its pole outside the extended umbrella. The pole is connected to the umbrella via an extension. Using the extension, you can always move the patio umbrella around. 

  • Free standing or table umbrellas 

These are probably the most common umbrellas on the market. Their poles will go through the table and then attach to a base at the bottom of the table. 

Make sure that you always pair the umbrella with the correct base. The correct weighted base helps a lot in keeping the umbrella from easily being blown off. 

  • Ventilation umbrellas 

These umbrellas are designed to offer the maximum ventilation possible. Let us say you live in a hot climate area. You will need to have such an umbrella that allows for better heat dissipation and can still hold up to the winds. 

In case you live in a windy place, consider double ventilation umbrellas. Such umbrellas can allow for more heat dissipation while at the same time handle the wind better than when using a single ventilation umbrella. 

Patio Umbrella Fabric and Materials 

The fabrics and materials are also important when looking at patio umbrella sizes. You have to make sure that the fabric you choose can live up to different weather conditions. 

In case you live in windy areas, the best choice would be fiberglass patio umbrellas. This is because they are flexible and can bend slightly to let the wind pass. You could also opt for aluminum material since it is durable too. 

Other than being all-weather, consider also UV-resistant fabrics and breathable designs. As you can see, you will have a patio umbrella that is resistant to mold and mildew while at the same time protect you from the UV ray effects. 

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should have an idea of what patio umbrella size you need. Do not look at the size only, consider also the design, fabric material, construction, among other things. This ensures that you can always pick the best patio umbrella.