What Kind Of Lighting Do I Need For A Patio? 8 Options to Buy

Sitting on your patio at night can be a good way of relieving stress after a long day. However, it is definitely awkward sitting in the dark on your patio. That is why having proper lighting is essential for making you have a good time outdoors. So, what kind of lighting do you need for a patio?

Lighting your patio can be like lighting any other outdoor space. This means you can use LED lights, candles, lanterns, solar lights, floor lamps, wall lights, and inground lights to illuminate the patio. 

Tips for Lighting Your Patio

Lighting your patio should be easy when you have the right choices. Below are some of the lighting ideas we can recommend for you to consider. 

LED Lights and String Lights 

LED lights and string lights are the most popular choice for those who need to improve the light conditions of their patio. The good thing is that there has been an increase in the number of LED light manufacturers. They made it easy to find the lights at an affordable price while still offering a good performance. 

Check LED lights with features such as 

  • Dimmable lights 
  • Shatterproof
  • Water-resistant and waterproof 
  • Energy saving 
  • Wide range of uses 

Outdoor Lanterns 

Lanterns have a way of fitting into different designs, whether it is indoors or outdoors. That is why you can get some good lanterns to use for your patio, too in case you need one. 

How do you power the lanterns? Lanterns can be powered by electricity, solar, or having a candle inserted into them. Some have a clever design where you can see faux candles that are illuminated by a solar panel. 

Whichever design you choose, just make sure the lights are stylish and can still do their job correctly. 

Solar Lights 

Solar lights are also good in terms of lighting up your patio. We are always trying to minimize how much energy we use in our homes, and solar lighting can also be a good way of lighting your home and patio. 

These lights should also be waterproof. This is considering where you will be using them. You should remember to check for the security lights feature. This is where it can have modes to change how it illuminates the patio. One of the modes is having a sensor that turns it on at night in case someone approaches the patio. 

Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor floor lamps can be a good thing too for use on patios. Sometimes you want a good mood on the patio, and only the floor lamps can do the trick. 

Some models can be easily adjusted in terms of height. This allows you to customize how far you want the light to spread. You can also come across others with RGB color combinations. You would easily switch from one color to another. 

Outdoor floor lamps could largely come in pieces. That is why you may have to set up the lighting based on the manufacturer. There is not much to worry about because most outdoor floor lamps are easy to assemble. 

Wall Lights 

Wall Lights are a nice pick for those who want to get patio lighting up and running. The good thing with all lights is how they can vary in terms of design and how they are powered. 

You may find most using metals and glass as building materials. The aim is to leave you with a study wall light that will always remain strong. 

Other than using them as patio lights, the same will also work well for the house, front door, hallway, and so much more. Pick wall lights with great design so that they make your patio look even better. 


When you are in the market for good lighting, you should always consider candles too. The candles are available in different designs and types. Some are even flames to ensure you get the best light while reducing the risk of starting a fire. 

We also recommend using lantern candle holders because they help prevent the draft from blowing across the candles, making them not last so long. You can always get other candle holders suitable for enclosed spaces. 

Patio Umbrella Lighting 

In case you have a patio umbrella as the cover for your patio, get yourself some patio umbrella lighting. Such would make it easy to illuminate the patio without having to hassle so much. 

Some patio umbrellas come with the lights already installed. All you have to do is connect it to a power source or let it be if it is solar-powered. 

The other option is to get patio lights that can be clamped onto the patio umbrella. The best is when the lights can even be operated wirelessly. 

Fire Pit

A fire pit can also be a good way of lighting the patio. The good thing about fire pits is that they provide more than just lighting. You could also use them for cooking or keeping you warm during the cold months. It is always nice to see yourself seated around the fire pit with family having a good time. 

Tips for Choosing Patio Lights

Lighting your patio can be based on many things. Here are a few tips to put in mind while lighting your patio. 

  • Make sure to consider the lighting ambiance, accent, and task. Consider post lights, walls, and hanging lights if you want ambient lighting. Task lighting can include pathway lights and security lights. Let the lights serve a clear purpose. 
  • Calculate how much lighting is needed before you can start buying the lights. Measure and multiply the square footage by 1.5 to understand the total wattage necessary for your patio lighting. 
  • Planning ahead is important. A good example is how you can scale the lighting in the future. If you have string lights, allow for expansion in the future. This allows you to have lighting that matches your needs. 
  • You may want to use LEDs more than halogen and incandescent bulbs. These are maintenance-free and will use little energy each time you turn the lights on. You can still get dimmable LEDs that allow you to create the right mood for lighting your home.