What Kind of Glass is used for Patio Tables?

Patios are awesome to have. They always provide you with a nice place to relax after a long day at work. Or it might be the weekend and you simply need a place to reflect on the week that has been. 

In case you are in the mood for a drink, you will need a table to place it on. As such, you see the importance of a patio table. 

Patio tables can be made of different materials generally. Today, I will focus more on the glass material. This type of material is loved for its finish and overall look. It can help a lot in sprucing up your patio. 

What Glass Type is Suitable for Patio Tables

As much as there can be many glass types to use, not all are suitable for patio tables. It is why you need to consider the following glass types as the best options. 

  • Tempered glass 

The clear tempered glass would be common in different homes and hotels as part of the furniture. This type of material is good in terms of durability. However, the trend is fading and in its place, there are new glass types coming up. 

The new glasses are generally better in the finish, quality, resistance to scratches, and more. 

  • Frosted glass

Frosted glass is good at dispersing light. It is so good that some might think it is opaque. Even though this glass type is commonly used for windows to keep the light out, you can still use it for patio tabletops. 

In case you also have flowers around your patio, they can really match with the glass table easily. 

  • Tint grey glass 

The glass is available in different levels of darkness. As its name suggests, it comes with a grey tint in it. So, depending on how much darkness you would want, you can pick a deeper tint or a lighter tint. 

This glass type also works great in places where sunlight is naturally low. 

  • Spraylite glass 

This is now the trend for patio furniture manufacturers. They tend to use it since it is a nice addition to the aesthetics of your patio. It works even better when you have flowers on the patio and they reflect in the glass patio tabletop. 

There can be other options as glass materials, however, whatever is mentioned above is your best bet. That is even what most manufacturers would be using. 

Patio Table Glass Thickness

As expected, there will be tables having different thicknesses. The most common thickness for the glass tabletops would be 3/16 inches. This allows for the common use of patio tables. 

You can still get other options too. They include ¼, ⅜, ½, and ⅛, inches. Just make sure you check this information from the manufacturer website before you buy. 

Patio Table Glass Edge Finishes 

The edge finishes play an important role for those who might want to regularly use the tabletop. There are various options and they include;

  • Beveled edge

The beveled edge would be a glass edge cut at a specific angle. It is mostly used for improving the aesthetics of the glass edge. The slope is also gradual to make it safer for someone to touch the edge. 

  • Flat polished edge 

As the name suggests, this type of edge ends abruptly and is flat. However, it is still polished to minimize the dangers of being cut whenever you touch it. 

  • Seamed edge 

A patio table glass tabletop can also be gravelled to avoid possible dangers. That is how you end up with sanded edges having the seamed tips. 

  • Corner finish 

The corner finish will be great for ensuring that the tabletop is safe to hold generally. When some finishes might lead to accidents, including the corner edges can help a lot. 

There are two types of corner finishes. They include easy corner finish and clip & polished corners. 

Manufacturers will always list their finishes to help you know what would be best for you. 

How to Prevent Patio Table Glass from Scratching 

Glass material will make your patio look great. However, glass is also prone to scratching. Even if you try to keep it clean, sometimes you just end up with a glass patio table that does not look great. 

If this is something you have faced before, it is worth looking for options on how to keep your table from scratching easily. 

Here are some ideas to keep the table from scratching easily. 

  • Get a tablecloth to cover it. You only have to remove the cloth when you are using the table. 
  • Try to keep the pets away from the table. Pets such as dogs and cats can easily leave scratches on a glass patio tabletop. 
  • Some kitchen accessories can also be big culprits to lead to having scratches. They include knives, forks, hot bowls, and more. Make sure to always put them in a tray then put the tray on the table. 

Best Way to Clean Patio Table Glass 

If you are going to serve some meals on the patio table, it is nice to keep it clean too. So, how would you do that?

There are several ways on how to clean a glass patio table. Here are the steps to follow. 

  • Step 1

Start by wiping the glass tabletop. Use a damp lint-free microfiber sponge or cloth. In case the glass has bird or insect droppings, wipe them using more damp clothing combined with a glass cleaner or glass-approved household cleaner. 

  • Step 2

Fill a bucket with mild dish soap and hot water. Make the water soapy as much as possible and use it to clean the glass tabletop for the second time. 

The warm water is important to loosen as much dirt as possible. Always use a sponge or soft clothing that will not scratch the glass material. 

Once you are done cleaning, rinse the detergent residues and dirt away from the glass. 

  • Step 3 

You can let the table dry in the sun or wipe it dry using absorbent clothes. 

Next is to spray a bit of glass cleaner or white vinegar once the glass is completely dry. Wipe it off using a microfiber cloth or sometimes paper towels can do the trick. 

Just like that, you should have a clean glass patio table. 


You should find that glass patio tables are a favorite among many people. They would always want something that looks nice on their patio. This is the best way to do so. If that is something you have always wanted, now you know where to begin choosing such a type of patio furniture.