What is the Smallest Size Gazebo? Its Capacity May Surprise You

One of the biggest factors when a person is buying a gazebo would be the size. The size often determines the number of people that can use the said gazebo. 

So, what is the smallest size gazebo? The short answer is that it depends on the brand. Some brands might have smaller gazebos of around 3m x 3m. This is what most companies would have in their inventory as the smallest. 

Most of such compact gazebos would be easy to fold and store securely in your house whenever you are not using them. 

Sizes of Gazebos and Respective Capacity 

Now that you know more about the size, you may also wonder how many people would fit under such small gazebos. I will do an even better job by looking at the capacities of the other sizes of gazebos. This includes even the larger gazebos. 

Gazebo Size (M)Capacity (People Standing)
3 x 312
3 x 4.5 18
3 x 624
3 x 29
4 x 2 12
4 x 4 26
4 x 640
4 x 8 52

So far, you can see that even if it is a small gazebo, its capacity can be quite impressive. That is why you would find even the small gazebos available in different forms. They can be used as a relaxing place outdoors if the weather allows it. 

The Gazebo Size that You Need 

Having the best gazebo is one thing and setting it up is another. Taking an example of the 3 x 6m gazebo, it might be the top choice for many but it will not always fit on most patios.

Before you can decide to choose the gazebo for your patio, it is necessary to measure the patio floor area and then choose the gazebo that best suits your space. 

In case you may have not bought a gazebo before, the image below can act as a quick guide for you. The image entails the size of the gazebo and the expected sitting arrangement that can be made under the gazebo. 

Other than the size of your patio, there are other considerations that you determine the space you allocate for a gazebo. They include;

  • Is the gazebo meant for socializing? If you want to host parties involving even 25 people, then you need a bigger gazebo. As you can see from the table above, the number of people can guide you to choose the right gazebo size. 
  • Just for family members. In case you only see most of the time it would be for family members, picking one that can hold 12 members is good enough.
  • The best for intimate escapades. Well, this one can be subjective for most people. Maybe you want a place where you and your partner can have a night of just talking without distraction from the kids or TV. For such a scenario, you only need a compact gazebo. 
  • For yoga or light workouts: If workouts might be your thing, you need enough space to put your clutter too. That is why an 18-person gazebo might be great for you. It should also allow for open spaces as you will sweat during the workouts. 

Types of Gazebos

The choice of a gazebo can also depend on the type in addition to the size. Here are the possible types of gazebos in the market. 

  • Wall-backed gazebos 

These are the most affordable and easiest gazebos to install. They would have the exterior wall mostly as their backing. The design involves four wooden or sometimes steel pillars containing drapes. 

As for the enclosures, you can have either acrylic or glass. Having the sloping roof would improve their aesthetics. 

This is what you pick when you have a limited space in the backyard. You can always easily transform the backyard and keep it looking great. 

  • Pop-up 

If you enjoy doing DIY projects, this is the right choice for you. As the name suggests, you can quickly pop them open for a function and then collapse them when it is time to go. 

Such gazebos are best for those who may want to hold birthdays or maybe an anniversary then take it done when everyone has left. 

However, you could still make such gazebos a permanent install. Make sure you take them down during the harsh winter climate or when it is too windy. 

  • Canopy 

Canopies are often regarded as the permanent alternatives to pop-up gazebos. They are built to have durable roofs and their materials are mostly UV-resistant. So, even if you leave them in the sunlight for long, they can still maintain their look. 

The canopies are also referred to as open gazebos. The aim is to let air into the enclosure so that you can relax underneath it in case it is a hot afternoon. 

  • Concrete gazebos 

Such a gazebo would be built like a room where you can use bricks and mortar too. If it is a bigger patio, you may need a building permit in some states, so take note of that too. 

These gazebos are best suited for those who need large gazebos. They can have many other distinct features such as;

  1. Open from different sizes
  2. Made of wood, bricks, or plastic structure
  3. Can have oval, hexagonal, octagonal, and other shape options 
  4. Can contain sit-outs, cushioned chairs, and hard benches

Basically, it depends on how you want it designed. 

Even though they can be highly durable, such gazebos may cost more to set up. You need to do a proper evaluation of the project first before you can start the construction process. 


There will be many other types of gazebos in the market. What is crucial is that you always pick the right one for you. Always review the sizes and shapes of the gazebos before deciding. You can always call the manufacturer if that seems like something you have to do to fully understand what you are buying.