What is the Best Way to Mix Patio Furniture? 3 Must-do Tips

The world nowadays is becoming very competitive and for you to stand out you must be unique. When it comes to patio furniture mix, try and have a unique mix that is attractive and shows elegance. Mixing patio furniture is easy and anybody can do it, but the problem is having a furniture mix that is attractive to yourself and your visitors. 

I am going to give you a simple procedure of mixing and matching patio furniture and in the end, you will have an elegant patio. 

You should note that there are three basic factors that should be used as a basis of mixing patio furniture. The three factors are; color, material, and design/style of the patio furniture. Unify your patio space using the above three factors

Step 1: Mix and match the patio furniture material 

Most of the patio furniture are made of wood, metal, concrete, glass, ceramic, and woven materials. Try to mix and match two different furniture materials and you will have an elegant outcome. Below are a few mixes and matches that you can try. 

  1. Try to mix up metallic patio furniture and wooden patio furniture/woven patio furniture

This is a great mix of adding metallic furniture onto wooden or woven patio furniture. 

Start with a wooden restaurant table and bring in dining chairs that have metallic legs or arms. 

On the other hand, you can arrange teak chairs and you lastly bring in a table with metallic legs. Avoid metallic table tops because metals heat up on a hot sunny day. 

  1. Try to mix up wooden and concrete patio furniture 

Patio tables with concrete tops are hard to find but adding them to wooden patio chairs brings out an elegant look. Many homeowners prefer having a concrete side table on a patio full of wooden patio furniture. 

  1. Try to mix up metallic patio furniture with a woven rattan 

Adding woven rattan in a mixture of metal and wood patio furniture brings out a new soft feeling. The woven rattans can be kept on each angle of your patio. They can be used for reading a story book or a magazine. Woven rattans are recommended for just relaxing. 

  1. Try to mix up glass patio furniture and wooden patio furniture 

This is the common combination that you will find on most patios. Many homeowners have a glass patio table with wooden patio chairs around it. 

You should note that glass is very reflective so try and put it as side tables. But if you are going to use a glass table as the main table make sure it is in a shaded area like under a gazebo to avoid the reflections. 

Step 2: Mix and match the colors of your patio furniture 

Now that you have mixed and matched your patio furniture using the material they are made of then it is time to bring together furniture with similar colors. 

Try to be monochromatic, that is, select furniture colors that are slightly different which in turn creates a smooth color gradient on your patio. Most chairs have almost the same color, but the designs are always different. 

A yellow fabric on the chair added with pillows of different colors makes your patio look brilliant. Use bright colors on the fabrics and pillows, but the dull colors on the tables and chair frames. For example, putting yellow or green cushions on a wicker chair will bring out a nice neon-colored patio set. 

Many homeowners recommend that the maximum times you can repeat a single color is three times. This is because when your patio furniture does not match, your patio will look like it was abandoned a long time ago. 

Step 3: Mix and match the designs 

When you have already mixed and matched the material of your patio furniture and the colors are monochromatic then it is time to bring in the designs of your patio furniture. 

Even if the patio furniture is of different material, the same design will make them blend in very well. For example group patio furniture with the traditional designs together. 

The traditional metallic chairs paired with a wooden table brings out a modern theme of trying to mix old pieces with new pieces. 

While shopping for patio furniture, look for pieces that will clearly bring out the theme that you are looking for. The traditional wooden table blends in with the rustic rocking chair.

Step 4: Add in the extras 

When we talk about the extras, these are small things but bring a lot of elegance on your patio. They include; upholstery, outdoor curtains, outdoor lighting, garden stools, planters, umbrellas and outdoor rugs.

  1. Upholstery 

Upholstery is the soft covering that is found on chair arms or the cushions. You can choose any type of furniture you want, but adding the cushions is the best way of incorporating softness and color pattern side by side with comfort. 

Choose fabric that is designed for outdoor use only, that is, it can withstand the rain and strong sun radiations. 

Maintain two or three colors for cushions/pillows to have coordination. If you will leave the cushions out during the rainy season, choose the fast drying cushions. For more elegance, choose the cushions with box edges rather than the knife edged ones. 

  1. Outdoor lighting 

Adding patio lights will make your outdoors look intimate and exclusive. You can use the ground lighting to brighten up the pathways and patio edges. Another way you can put lights along the patio steps for safety. 

Also, hang a few bulbs along the patio railings to provide extra light. 

  1. Outdoor curtains 

Gazebos and pergolas can have curtains to increase the efficiency of the shade. Adding curtains is another way of creating an enclosed outdoor space without using bricks and wood. You are advised to double up the curtains so that they look thick. Avoid having skimpy sides. 

  1. Garden stools 

These are additional furniture on your patio, but they are useful. They can be used as side tables and also useful for keeping old magazines and novels. Two or three garden stools are enough on one patio. They can be pulled around a coffee table for extra sitting space. 

  1. Planters 

Small green plants in a pot make your patio feel alive. If you want planters on your patio, have a transparent roof to allow adequate sunlight for plant growth. 

Mostly planters are used to separate spaces for example use them to separate the eating/dining areas and the relaxing areas. They can also be kept along the pathways for more elegance. 

  1. Outdoor rugs 

This is the best way to anchor your patio space. Try to have a rug on all sitting spaces. Rugs also can be used to separate sitting spaces. For example, you can have different rugs for dining, fireplace, and seating areas. You are advised to power wash your patio rug at least twice per month.


Just mix and match your patio furniture using the material they are made of or their colors or their designs and you will have the best furniture mix. Incorporating the extras such as the planters and patio lights that make the furniture mix to look more elegant and attractive. Do not forget using natural boundaries such as planters that help to bring in transition from one area to the other.