What is the Best Patio Cover Idea for Rain?

A patio is made to be used during hot sunny days. This is where you sit and relax on your patio while you watch the wonderful landscape of your home. However, days pass and seasons change then comes the rainy season. Your patio cannot stay idle because of the rain. This is why we have patio covers that will allow you to enjoy your patio space even if it is raining.  

There are several types of patio covers depending on the material used to make them. Each type can shield you from the rain but some work better than others. Some will also be more durable than others because of the type of material used to make them. 

In short, each type of patio cover has its own advantages and disadvantages. As such, you can find some work better during sunny days than on a rainy day. 

Best Patio Covers for the Rain 

  1. Wooden patio cover

This is the oldest type of patio cover. It is not common in the current days but some homeowners have it to create uniformity in their homes. For example, a person will install a wooden patio cover if he has a wooden roof on the main house. It can come in different shapes and sizes. It can also be made from different types of wood. 

It is the simplest but elegant patio cover that has been around for a long time. Wood has a natural color and a wonderful pattern. The downside of a wooden patio cover is that it requires good maintenance which sometimes can be very expensive. For instance, it requires regular polishing and treatments for waterproofing. 

It is a good patio cover for the rain if you apply waterproof paint. Or else the wood will absorb water and start rotting. Also, clean it regularly to prevent molds and mildew from developing. Use tropical hardwoods to construct your wooden patio cover because they are resistant to insects including termites. 

Wooden covers are also good for the dry season because they will absorb heat. 

  1. Aluminum patio cover 

Aluminum is the common type of patio cover because of its durability. It can stay for many years and it is lightweight. It is flexible allowing you to bend it into any design and shape you want. Unlike wood, aluminum has low maintenance and is weather-resistant. It can be manufactured in several colors and shapes/designs. 

This is the best patio cover for the rain because it is waterproof and can resist dampness for a long time. Aluminum is a strong metal that can withstand the snow that accumulates on the roof during winter. 

Aluminum does not absorb water hence mold and mildew cannot develop on it. Even if it is a tough patio cover, regular cleaning is very important to prevent rust and discoloring. Clean it once every three months. Apply metal glycerin after cleaning to make it shine like a new patio cover. The metal glycerin is water-resistant which is an added advantage.  

The limitation of aluminum cover is that it absorbs the sun’s heat and radiates it on you sitting under it. It also makes a lot of noise when it rains especially during hail storms. To prevent these two problems is installing a ceiling on your patio which is an added expense. 

Aluminum patio covers are also expensive to purchase and install compared to wood patio covers.

  1. Vinyl/acrylic patio cover  

This is a patio cover made from plastic material that is weather resistant. It also comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. It is becoming a common patio cover in recent days because it has a low maintenance cost and can resist damage. It is easy to clean, you only need a soft brush and ordinary detergent. 

It is the best patio cover for the rain and can discolor if exposed to the sun for a long time. Apply UV-resistant sprays to prevent discoloring. Make sure the vinyl is tight and straight to prevent rainwater from pooling on it and ending up tearing it due to the excess water weight. 

The limitation of this patio cover is that it is not durable like the wooden and aluminum covers. This is why many homeowners recommend that you uninstall it and store it in a dry place when it is not in use. 

You can easily repair a tear by using glue and patch with a needle and thread. 

It has been graded as an environmentally-friendly patio cover because it can be recycled. 

Image Credit: Alumawood Factory Direct Patio Covers
  1. Alumawood patio cover 

It is a modern patio cover that looks like wood but it is metal inside. It is becoming popular because it gives you the elegance of wood and the durability of aluminum. It comes in several colors, shapes, and designs. It is lightweight and flexible, making it the best for complex roof designs. It is weather-resistant and does not discolor due to strong UV rays. 

Clean it regularly using a sponge and ordinary detergent. Apply metal glycerin after cleaning to make it shine. It is the best patio cover for the rain because it is water-resistant. It does not absorb water hence no mold or mildew can develop. 

Unlike aluminum, alumawood has a double layer that does not allow the metal to radiate the excess heat on you. It is also silent when it rains.

The limitation of alumawood is that it is very expensive to purchase and install. Its purchase price is almost double that of wood and aluminum. It also requires an expert to install it who is hard to find and his labor charges are very high. 

Alumawood is also vulnerable to breaking because it cannot support excess weight. This becomes a problem when it is winter and there is a lot of snow collecting on the roof. 


From above, we can conclude that all patio covers are best for the rain but some work better than others. Water-resistant patio covers like aluminum, vinyl, and alumawood are the best choice for the rain. Wooden patio covers can work in the rain if you stain them and apply a water-resistant spray or paint.