What is the Best Material for Patio Furniture Covers?

Patio furniture spends most of its time outdoors. This makes them vulnerable to many weather conditions, dirt, and rust. The right type of cover is needed for each type of patio furniture. Also, every weather condition requires a specific type of cover. For example there is a specific cover to protect your patio furniture from rainstorms and snow that can permanently damage your fabric.

In this article, I am going to give you a guide on choosing the perfect outdoor furniture cover, depending on what type of furniture you have and climatic conditions of where you stay. 

This guide will give you information that will help you to keep your patio furniture in the best condition for many years and many seasons to come. For example covers that will protect your furniture from direct sunlight, which might otherwise cause the bright colors and patterns to fade.

Patio Furniture Covers for Different Seasons of the Year 

  • Winter 

Winter is said to be the coldest season of the year that comes in between autumn and spring. In short winter is time for water. Winter in some areas receives snow and other places receive lots of rain. If there is snow and rain use covers that are waterproof and heavy duty. Heavy duty covers help with the weight of the snow.

Some people prefer moving their patio furniture into storage during winter. If you do so, make sure you use covers that will prevent snow and rain from damaging the furniture.

  • Summer 

Summer is the warmest/hottest season of the year. In this case, use covers that are lightweight to protect your patio furniture from sun damage. Also during summer many animals are active, hence use covers that are ant-proof and contain some pesticide component.

  • Spring and autumn

Spring and autumn are called the nice seasons. This is because the temperatures are moderate, the flower buds bloom and farmers plant seeds. This is the weather to spend time outdoors, maybe reading or having a group study.

However spring and autumn come with inconsistent weather patterns such as unexpected rainfall or sometimes early snowfall. Because of this surprise weather patterns, get yourself lightweight furniture covers that are also waterproof. 

During these two seasons is when rust and mold attack your furniture, hence make sure the covers fully enclose the furniture.

Patio Furniture Covers for Different Climates World-Wide 

  • Mediterranean climate

These are areas around the Mediterranean Sea. They are warm areas even during the cold season and it is rare to find snow, but they receive high amounts of rainfall all year round.

There always have very mild winters that require heavy duty and waterproof patio furniture covers. And they also experience very hot summers, which is why a lightweight patio furniture cover is required to protect the furniture from the red hot sun.

In these areas, you also need covers that have enough ventilation for good air circulation. This prevents the patio furniture from catching mold and mildew. You can also use some protective spray to solve this problem of mold and mildew.

  • Tropical climate

Tropical climate can be said to be a non-arid climate with an average temperature of 18 degrees C. This climate has only two seasons, which are the dry season and the wet season. 

Such a climate has a lot of moisture and high temperatures. Here you have to use patio furniture covers that have good ventilation and are still waterproof.

This climate has conditions that support the occurrence of rust, mold, and mildew. As such, you should have a good cleaning routine to prevent this. You are also advised to store cushions and other fabric pieces indoors whenever they are not in use.

  • Temperate climate 

These are areas that have a wide temperature range and distinct seasons in a year compared to tropical climate. 

Just as the name temperate means moderate or middle one, here also the rainfall and the sun heat are not at the extremes. Because of the humid/wet summers and the cool winters, patio furniture covers in these areas should be lightweight, but durable.

The covers should also be easy to put them on and remove them when the need arises.

  • Desert climate/arid climate

These are areas that receive little or totally no rainfall. There is a very huge variation of temperature between day and night. This huge temperature variation always affects the metallic patio furniture due to the abnormal expansion and contraction of the metal. 

This is why heavy leather patio furniture covers are required to control this expansion and contraction.

In these areas most people store their patio furniture indoors. In such a case, lightweight but durable covers should be used to protect your furniture from dust.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Patio Furniture Covers 

  • Waterproofing capability of the patio furniture cover 

Always look for a cover that will withstand heavy rainfall, not one that can only hold a light drizzle. It should be noted that waterproof covers must not hold moisture because this moisture can lead to fungi and mold.

  • Well ventilated design

Mold and mildew always develop due to lack of vents on your patio furniture cover. A good furniture cover should have vents made into them that allow free circulation of air.

  • Right dimensions 

You should buy covers that will fit your patio furniture set. Many manufacturers of patio furniture also make their own covers. That is why you should look at the manufacturer’s page and see if they can make their own covers. 

Too long covers always give you a hard time to wash because they always catch dirt from the floor. On the other hand, very short covers will not do their work perfectly because parts of the furniture will be left uncovered. 

  • Should have a tie down design 

A good patio furniture cover should have string ties at the bottom. These string ties stop the heavy storm or a strong wind from carrying the patio furniture cover away.

  • Backing with a soft cloth

Patio furniture is always well furnished and shiny. This is the reason the backing of the cover should be of a soft cloth. This is vital not to scratch your furniture. 


Weather or climate is the main determining factor of the best patio furniture cover. Study and understand the year round seasons of where you stay and use the tips that I have given you above to select the best patio furniture cover. 

Lastly, you should also have durable, but well-ventilated boxes for the storage of covers belonging to your patio furniture. If the covers are stored in a box that traps moisture, they can develop fungi, mold, and mildew.