What is the Best Color for Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture is furniture placed in an area adjoining the house and mostly used for outdoor activities. Outdoor furniture is also called garden furniture or patio furniture, where this is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor purposes. 

Outdoor furniture is mostly made of weather resistant materials for example aluminum which are rust proof.

Outdoor paint for your outdoor furniture is the most public design decision that you will ever make. Outdoor paint color plays an important role in how visitors or the public in general will perceive your home. But there are thousands of colors available, this makes it difficult to choose the right one.

In this article I am going to talk about the best color for your outdoor furniture and how many layers of paint are needed to get the required durability. You can test a paint color before buying it by using a visualizer. Visualizer is a digital tool that offers a number of enhanced features such as realistic visualization.

Below are some of the colors you can expect to see when looking for outdoor furniture. 


Nowadays many people are crushing black outside. Black goes well when it is seen against green which is the natural color for vegetation. Black is also sleek and stylish, thus it is always ready to go with everything. 

If you get yourself four wooden chairs and a pair of black metallic tables, you would instantly upgraded your outdoor living space.

Black will always make your outdoor furniture look high-end even when it is not. Neighbors plus visitors will be impressed no matter their personal taste. Sometimes a golden yellow balanced by black can bring out any outdoor space that requires some brightening.  


White is a popular color that works well with any other color making your outdoors look fresh and very inviting. Black and white striped umbrella would go well when it is placed in a black and yellow environment.

White is still a bright color and it balances well with the sunlight. It is why white color is mostly used for decorating. Sometimes all you need is to offer a hint of white and any other neutral color for maximum impression. For example white walls and ceiling will go well with a natural green floor grass.

Dark blues 

Dark blues work well with natural themes. Dark blue colors will come out perfectly when there is a swimming pool on your outdoor. It helps bring out a nice cool and refreshing feel. Your front door to the house can go well with a dark blue paint too.

There are many cases where blue just takes the day. Here are some;

  • Bold blue and a rusty orange combination can create an exotic laid-back vacation. 
  • The use of high stools and chairs around the swimming pool can be painted with a flamboyant blue to bring out the natural color of water. 
  • A mixture of heated red with cool blues invites a powerful tropical feel.

Well the imagination is limited to you personally. You can always play around with the different blue color variations. 

Forest green 

Forest green is called a natural color and it always looks beautiful on outdoor furniture. Green and white striped pillows on your outdoor chairs are always perfect, especially when it is combined with a forest green metallic table.

When forest green is combined with red, orange, and yellow a nice citrus blend is brought out. A soothing green and blue coupling in light makes your outdoor furniture look like the sea, sky, and grass are meeting. 

For an instant swath of color, place an area rug on the ground in the blue and green space.

Vivid colors 

These are new colors in outdoor furniture decoration. They include colors such as bright orange and red. They go well with lanterns hanging from above or fiesta lights. 

Vivid colors are also seen as bold colors and bring more attention if there is a party. This makes it easier to set up for birthdays and any other festivities. To complete the look, find solid vivid colored plates and sleek glassware for an outdoor meal time.

You can include purple chairs around the outdoor dining table. Purple just goes well on any type of table either wooden or metallic. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Color for Your Outdoor Furniture

  1. Evaluate your furniture 

First, evaluate and decide if your furniture is worth painting or staining. For example you can fix a wobbly chair or repair dents and scratches, but if the wood is rotten and falling apart then it is time for new furniture.

  1. Remove loose paint 

Before applying a new coat on furniture, remove any loose or peeling paint. This is done by using sand paper and some elbow grease.

  1. Remove rust 

By using a sander, drill, or oscillating tool, remove all of the rust from your metallic furniture before painting. Some people can just paint over the rust, but it is not the best idea.

  1. Consider primer 

It is always good to apply primer before you apply the main color you want for the outdoor furniture. You are advised to use high-quality rollers or paint brushes for a smooth finish.

  1. Consider the climate 

Outdoor furniture spends most its time outside hence being hit by all the weather elements. Protection from these elements is needed for example use paint that has ultraviolet protection.

  1. How many coats?

The common rule is that you should use two coats of paint or stain. You should also apply thinner coats because they will dry faster.

  1. Choose multiple colors 

Do not be afraid to choose a few different colors, as this will bring out a nice and intriguing look for your patio furniture.

  1. Cost

This is an important consideration, because at the end of the day you must stay within your budget. Some colors are hard to find, thus being more costly than the basic primary colors. 

Some paints are cheap to purchase but in the long run they become expensive because they are of poor quality.

  1. Eco-friendliness

Use paints that are friendly to the environment. For example, use paint that does not contain heavy metals such as lead.


In conclusion, your options are endless when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture colors. One easy way of choosing is using the color wheel, picking colors that are directly across from each other. You can also go with something that compliments your home’s exterior. This will help you choose the color easily.