What is Deep Seating Patio Furniture? ( Full Explanation)

Deep seating patio furniture is a description of patio furniture that has a deeper depth on the bottom of the seat. This gives you more space to lay back/scoot back in your patio seat so that the whole of your upper legs is in the trough-like section. 

However many home owners recommend deep seating for people who are above six feet tall. For short people, deep seating makes them feel sunken in the seat. This is because their backs are not able to reach the seat back hence standard patio chairs are the best for them. 

But due to a mixture of tall and short people in many families, extra pillows are added to create a solution for both parties. 

Main Features of Deep Seating Patio Furniture 

  1. They have a spacious design 

These patio furniture have larger/widened dimensions that make the depth of sitting space bigger than the standard patio seat. This is why it is recommended for tall people who feel sitting on the edge when they are using standard patio seats. They also come in many styles for example you can find the couches and boxy wicker seats along pool sides. 

  1. They are oversized 

Most standard patio chairs have a depth of about 30 inches to 32 inches while the deep seating patio chairs are about 34 inches to 41 inches. This gives an extra added room at the bottom which in turn gives more comfort to your family and guests. 

  1. They come with overstuffed cushions 

They have cushions that contain firm, but soft quality interior material that does not lose the shape when or after using. Ordinary foam normally looks good when it is still new, but after a few months it loses its shape and it is totally worn out on your patio. 

These over staffed cushions provide extra comfort and a bounce back position. 

  1. They are made with a generous frame 

This means that deep seating patio furniture is made with huge strong frames that do not break easily. These frames are mainly made from hardwoods so that the chair can withstand the weight of several people. 

Generally these huge frames make a deep seating patio furniture last for many years. 

  1. They are weatherproof 

Deep seating patio furniture incorporates weather proofing the furniture to avoid the main agents of destruction which are rain and the sun. Deep seating patio furniture comes with a hard fabric that is resistant to strong sun radiations and it is also waterproof to keep away moisture that attracts molds and mildew. 

Misconception About Deep Seating Patio Furniture 

Many people have a wrong idea in their heads that a deep seating patio chair/furniture becomes too big and can take up a lot of your patio space. But this is not true. With a good design, you can have a small compact set of deep seating patio furniture. 

So do not be scared by rumors, go and buy the small designs of deep seating patio furniture. 

Another misconception is that deep seating patio furniture is normally too heavy and hard to move them around. This is also false, since deep seating patio furniture can be made of the right material that is lightweight, but durable. 

With lightweight materials being used, the patio furniture can be moved around easily. All these are just misconceptions. So, go and buy yourself a deep seating patio furniture and enjoy the comfort. 

Deep Seating Patio Cushions 

While designing a deep seating patio furniture, cushions are the important part. Deep seating furniture can provide both elegance and comfort and the cushions are the ones that bring out these two factors. Most homeowners consider the quality of the cushions when they want to have a deep seating patio furniture

Factors to Consider When Selecting Deep Seating Patio Cushions 

  1. What they contain 

What is inside the cushion is the main determining factor. Ordinary cushions are hard and wear out in a few months because they are made of low quality foam. But when it comes to deep seating patio furniture, they should contain material that is firm and of good quality. 

The material should not crush or lose shape after use. 

  1. The cushion’s upholstery 

Upholstery basically means the soft covering that is normally fixed on furniture arms and cushions. 

As we know, patio furniture spend most of the time outdoors where they are vulnerable to destruction by many agents such as bad weather. This is why you must get deep seating patio cushions that have a durable upholstery. The cover must have the ability to withstand moisture and strong sun radiations. 

  1. Style/design of the cushions 

Even if the patio cushions are very comfortable, any homeowner would like to have a deep seating patio furniture that is stylish and the design fits your own personal taste. Many people would like to include his/her own personality in the design. 

  1. Color 

Select a color that will make your outdoors look alive and attractive. Many home owners will try to match the color of the cushions with other patio furniture. You can also match the cushion colors with the general outdoor color of vegetation and tree canopy. 

  1. Consider a set that can be used both indoors and outdoors 

During cold seasons, the patio is not active. This does not mean that your deep seating furniture is now useless. 

Try and select deep seating patio cushions that are attractive both indoors and outdoors. Taking your cushions indoors during cold seasons will also increase their useful life because they are out of danger of being destroyed by frost or molds. 


Deep seating patio furniture can be described as the wonders of the world. In short, you are increasing the depth on the bottom side of the seat to bring in more comfort. With good high quality cushions, deep seating patio furniture not only adds comfort to your patio, but also elegance is brought out.