What is Alumawood Patio Cover?

Alumawood patio cover is an aluminum type of patio cover that has been painted, manufactured, and embossed into shapes and sizes that look like wood. It looks like cedarwood. This product is an elegant low maintenance patio cover that is durable than all other types of patio covers on the market nowadays. 

It is an expensive and inorganic material that will outlast wooden and aluminum patio covers. Inorganic means it does not rot like wood. It is also lightweight if you compare it with aluminum and wood patio covers. Nowadays, most homeowners are replacing the aluminum or wood patio covers with alumawood because it has several advantages. 

Is Alumawood Worth it?

  1. Comes in different shapes and colors 

From a distance, alumawood looks exactly like wood. It is manufactured in a wide range of colors and shapes. You can get alumawood that looks exactly like redwood or cedar. You can also order plain colors like blue or red alumawood patio covers. 

It can also be found in different shapes and sizes like one that is partially covered or fully covered. The order can also be a custom-made patio cover with a specific design that you like.

  1. Low maintenance cost 

Alumawood can be said to be a maintenance-free patio cover. It does not peel off, attract termites, chip off or crack like wood patio covers. It does not need regular painting and staining like the aluminum patio cover. You only need ordinary soap, clean water, and fabric or a soft brush to clean an alumawood patio cover. 

Alumawood patio cover can withstand strong sun rays, excess humidity, and all other harsh weather conditions without showing any sign of wearing out or tearing off. 

The above low maintenance facts of alumawood can make you pay lower premiums if you have a house insurance policy that has incorporated house content insurance. 

  1. Lightweight 

Metallic patio covers can weigh up to 300 pounds, which is heavy when it comes to a patio cover. Alumawood can weigh up to 120 pounds, which is lighter than any tropical hardwood. It is made from lightweight aluminum. 

A lightweight patio cover is easy to install and maintain which in turn makes it durable and reliable for a long period of time. You can create a patio extension on the existing slab without doing any structural alterations or modifications. 

  1. It is flexible 

Alumawood is modified aluminum that can twist and bend in any direction. This gives you a chance to come up with a complex but elegant design on your patio roof. Wood and aluminum used to force many homeowners to stick to standard patio cover designs which were not unique. 

Also, it does not need extra posts for reinforcement or any other material like wood to install it. 

  1. Built to code 

Alumawood is made with a uniform building code. You must follow all of the rules and specifications outlined in the engineering plans that were created by the product’s seller. The plans are always approved by the relevant building and construction regulator in a country or state. 

Make sure the local authority in the area you live allows the use of aluminum or its products in construction. Some states do not allow the use of aluminum and its products for building roofs, especially areas that have large communities. 

  1. It offers a lot of shade 

Alumawood as a patio cover can be installed with a solid ceiling hence protecting you from all sun’s radiations. Depending on the design, you will have a full shade on your patio the whole day. 

Alumawood can slightly bend on the edges of the patio cover which will protect you from sun rays that come in from the sides. 

  1. Customizable 

You can go to the manufacturer and place an order of the shape and color you desire. This allows every homeowner to have a unique design of patio covers. You can even choose two different color shades bringing elegance to your patio cover. Unlike wood that has a few basic colors, alumawood allows you to choose rare colors that make your patio stand out. 

Photo credit: Alumicenter Inc

How to Clean an Alumawood Patio Cover. 

What you need 

  • A garden hose 
  • Ordinary detergent 
  • One bucket of warm water (or more depending on size)
  • Vinegar or alcohol for stubborn stains 
  • A broom with a long handle
  • Soft Bristle brush with a long handle 

Step 1 

Use a ladder to climb up to the side of the roof. Do not stand on the alumawood because it can tear due to excess weight. Take a broom and sweep off all of the dry leaves and dust on the alumawood patio cover. Use a garden hose to wash off stuck dust particles and rotten leaves. 

Step 2 

Add ordinary detergent in the bucket of warm water. Shake the water vigorously until the bubbles form. Start from one end of the patio cover to pour the soapy water while scrubbing with a soft Bristle brush. 

Step 3 

If you find any stubborn stain, pour some vinegar on the stain then add some powder detergent and scrub gently in a circular motion. 

Step 4 

Rinse off the soap using clean water from the garden hose. If it is a sunny day allow the alumawood patio cover to dry on its own. But if the day looks dull and no sunshine, use a dry towel-like cloth to dry up the surface. 

Step 5 

Although this is not a must, spray the patio cover with a water-resistant or sun-resistant spray or both. These sprays make your alumawood patio cover shine as if it is new. Make sure you use a spray specifically made for alumawood or else some will corrode the surface because of the chemical reaction with the alumawood. 

The Downside of Alumawood 

Of course, everything has a disadvantage. And with the alumawood is that it cannot support excess weight on it. It is a durable product but it tears easily if excess weight is placed on it. So this means that you cannot add any patio accessories like satellite dishes on the patio cover. Also avoid standing on the roof while cleaning it, use a broom or a brush with a long handle.

Another downside is that the alumawood has a high initial cost. Alumawood patio covers are almost 30% more expensive than aluminum or wood patio covers. This is why it does not favor homeowners with low initial capital. It is also expensive to install because it requires professionals and experts that are hard to find.


Alumawood patio cover is just aluminum that has been decorated with a design that stands out. It looks like wood that has low maintenance and is very durable outlasting wooden and aluminum patio covers. Alumawood is the first choice for most homeowners nowadays because the above benefits over aluminum and wood patio covers.