What Fabrics are as Good as Sunbrella? 5 Best Alternatives

Fabrics as good as Sunbrella

It is a frequent assumption that selecting outdoor materials requires sacrificing elegance for utility, but this is no longer the case. Even sheers and velvets have the same hand as chenilles, stripes, jacquards, ikat patterns, relaxed tweed and twill textures, and other indoor-only textiles. The growth of outdoor kitchens, patios, and entertainment centers has naturally led to a surge in the popularity of upholstered furniture, cushions, and pillows made from attractive outdoor fabrics.

Sunbrella canvas materials ushered in the performance fabric revolution almost sixty years ago. However, many other high-quality companies also offered stain- and UV-resistant alternatives. Sunbrella, Bella-Dura, Covington, and Dickson, among others, are some of the excellent products we fully endorse to be almost on the same level.


Among outdoor cloth manufacturers, Sunbrella has the most widespread recognition. Their materials can withstand water, sunlight, mildew, bleach, and fading. 


Bella-Dura is a high-performance fabric manufactured in Garfield, New Jersey, by Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills. The raw ingredients, dyes, and processing are all conducted inside the United States. The cloth is resistant to stains and moisture without being damaged.


Since 1940, Covington Textiles has provided an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor textiles. The products include a wide range of solids, patterns, and textures for upholstery, drapery, and bedding. They supply outdoor materials resistant to fire, water, fading, and stains to endure the environment.

Covington has many of their highly-rated outdoor fabric styles and patterns available on Amazon. Click the link or one of the images below to explore their options!

Covington Solution Dyed Performance Outdoor/Indoor Upholstery Fabric SD - Reef Stripe 51 Denim

Covington Solution Dyed Performance Outdoor/Indoor Upholstery Fabric SD - Nerissa 118 Sandstone

Covington Solution Dyed Performance Outdoor/Indoor Upholstery Fabric SD - Curacao 118 Sandstone

Covington Solution Dyed Performance Outdoor/Indoor Upholstery Fabric SD - Vespa 191 Pearl Grey


Dickson is a market leader in the awning, solar, and indoor/outdoor textiles industries. They provide materials resistant to the sun, dampness, and stains.

Holy Hunt

Holly Hunt has been a prominent player in design since she started creating cloth in 1983. Hunt’s The Great Outdoors offers an extensive assortment of indoor/outdoor fabrics in various styles, patterns, solids, materials, and textures. They provide a variety of outdoor materials that resist stains.


InsideOut Performance Fabric is the only option if you seek a high-quality indoor/outdoor performance fabric made in the United States. InsideOut is not only simple to clean and durable, but it is also resistant to disinfectant sprays. It will also not fade and will not leak. InsideOut is a good choice for high-traffic areas of your home since incidental spills, such as a coffee cup or muddy shoe, may be quickly cleaned with a soap and water solution or a bleach and water solution.

Other Outdoor Fabric Options

The examples above are but a few of the many outdoor fabric manufacturers. There are many more that sell by the yard on Amazon and have very good reviews.

Click here to explore other highly rated options on Amazon. You may be surprised at how many patterns are available!

Close up view of outdoor fabric pattern options

What Makes a Fabric Durable?

Now that we have looked at various durable outdoor fabric brands, let us examine the factors that contribute to the lifespan of a fabric. Consider this information when selecting an outdoor fabric to determine its durability.

Fiber content

Natural and synthetic fibers provide distinctive properties and practical benefits. Consider the difference between soft cotton and vinyl-coated polyester. Compared to natural fibers, coated polyester, acrylic, and olefin are often used for outdoor textiles owing to their better durability and inherent moisture resistance.

Yarn Thickness

The thickness of the yarn used in weaving a piece of fabric is decided before the yarn’s even spinning. Thinner individual strands produce more brittle fabrics than their bulkier counterparts.


The weave is a significant factor in the durability of cloth. A variety of weave qualities may impact the durability of cloth. The direction of the threads in the weave impacts a fabric’s strength and flexibility. A twill weave is more robust than a plain weave because the strands are woven in opposing directions to help distribute tension. A cloth with a greater thread count is more durable (the number of threads per square inch). Last but not least, the uniformity of the weave is essential; if the fibers have the same thickness, there will be no weak spots in the fabric.


Fabrics that cannot tolerate frequent washing will not last long, regardless of how skillfully they are designed. High-quality, long-lasting outdoor materials should be easy to clean with soap and water or a bleach solution.

UV Resistance

The outdoor furniture must be shielded from the UV rays of the sun. Therefore, extended exposure to UV radiation may cause the untreated fabric to deteriorate and lose its original tensile strength.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

Unprotected against the effects of moisture and humidity, outdoor textiles deteriorate much faster than those that are. You may increase the durability of your cloth by treating them to resist these risks.