What Does Double Hammock Mean?

Double hammock is also called a two-person hammock. As the name suggests, a double hammock is big enough to fit two people. The manufacturer increases the amount of material/fabric making the hammock bigger. On average, a double hammock has a width of five feet to six feet while a single hammock has a width of four feet to five feet. 

A double hammock has the ability to carry up to 200kgs. Most campers or homeowners love double hammocks, not because two people can share them, but because it has a lot of space for you to relax with your books, blanket and even your pets. 

Why Choose a Double Hammock over a Single Hammock 

  1. Comfort 

Double hammock is large enough for two people, this gives you room for cuddling to get heat and extra comfort. Having a double hammock, you have a chance to enjoy cuddling without the stress of congestion. In a warmer climate, just relax with your partner while drifting back and forth. 

However, one person can also enjoy a double hammock. This is because you will have more space that allows you to spread out. You can use the extra space to keep books and electronics. Some people take advantage of this space to watch movies comfortably from their devices. 

  1. Less weight 

Double hammock gives a chance to travelers, campers, and trekkers to carry less items because it can occupy two people. A double hammock is made from lightweight, but strong fabric which allows you to camp with a light bag. Some double hammocks come with a storage bag that is compact hence saving space in your travelling car. 

  1. Durable 

Double hammocks are made from strong fabric that carry up to 200kgs. This durability allows it to be used for any other work apart from carrying two people. For example, you can use a double hammock to store heavy things like camping gas cylinders when you are out doing other things. On other hand, double hammocks can allow more than two people to sit in a row and chat. 

  1. Affordable price 

Double hammocks are a little more expensive than single hammocks, but by a small margin. Economists say that the price of a double hammock is only 3% higher than that of a single hammock. Just add a few dollars and enjoy the comfort of a double hammock. 

If you have a bigger family, buying a few double hammocks that can be shared will save you money than buying a single hammock for each family member. 

  1. Easy to set up 

A double hammock will take less time and energy to set up than setting up two single hammocks. In some areas you will not find more trees or poles to set up two single hammocks. In this case, a double hammock is the best choice. If you get late to your camping site, you will still sleep on time because you have a double hammock which is easy to set up. 

  1. Creates a romantic environment 

Sharing a hammock is very romantic, especially if you can suspend the hammock over a river stream or over a swimming pool. 

Most couples take a weekend getaway and enjoy a romantic evening looking at the stars while drifting back and forth. You can light a lantern to make the romantic environment spectacular and elegant. 

Homemade Double Hammock 

You can still enjoy the comfort of a double hammock even if you do not have money to buy a manufactured one. With the right material and tools you can enjoy a double hammock by following a few steps. 

How to Make a Homemade Double Hammock

Step 1 

Take a heavy fabric such as canvas and cut it 64 inches by 96 inches. Fold the ends of the long sides and sew a hem using a heavy thread. You can sew a double hem to make it strong. 

Step 2 

Take another canvas fabric or nylon fabric and cut it 62 inches long. Place this cut piece over the unhemmed part both at the top and bottom. Fold the width and sew it with a heavy thread making the hem wide. You can add a reinforcing tape to make the hem strong.

Step 3 

Make holes on the reinforced sides at an interval of 3 inches. Sew around the holes to avoid tearing. Cut a 3 foot nylon rope and tie a strong knot on the made holes. Reinforce the knot by adding silicone glue. 

Step 4 

Place a crossbar on the two ends and tie a knot using a 3 foot nylon rope. The crossbars on the top and bottom ends will prevent curling of the double hammock hence more comfort to the two occupants. Reinforce the crossbars using silicon glue. 

Step 5 

Hang your homemade double hammock between two trees or poles by using the strong nylon ropes or galvanized chains. The trees or poles should be at least two feet apart and the hammock should be 2.5 feet above the ground. 

How to Sleep on a Double Hammock 

Just like one person sleeps in a single hammock is the same way two people can sleep in a double hammock. Sit in the middle of the hammock where it is more stable then slowly lean back. If you are two, one person should lean back then the second one will follow. 

Most couples share a double hammock with their heads on the same side of the hammock so that they can read or watch one item. Others prefer heads on different sides so that they can look at each other and rock the hammock together. 

You can have a pillow on your hammock. A pillow keeps your head elevated to a comfortable position so that you can easily read a book or watch a video. 


A double hammock is a hammock made to carry two people. It has a wider base of about 6 feet and can carry up to 200kgs. It is made for two people but one person can use the extra space to keep books or share it with a pet like a dog. A double hammock has several benefits over a single hammock, for example they are more comfortable, easy to set up, and durable.