What Can I Use to Cover Patio Furniture?

It is general knowledge that patio furniture is at high risk of damage. This is mostly from the many outdoor elements such as bad weather, children, and animals. As such, covers are necessary. 

However, there are different covers best fit for different purposes. You can even get general-purpose covers to protect the patio furniture. For example, there are covers fit for rainy weather while others fit for sunny weather.

In this article, I am going to talk about eight patio furniture covers and when best to use them. These are the best covers for winter, for waterproofing, for overall coverage, for sunny days, budget covers, for outdoor cushions, for grills, and for sofas.

Best Covers for Waterproofing 

If you want a patio furniture cover best for waterproofing, it should have an ultra-durable fabric, and it should be heavy. This helps the cover to last for many seasons, and it is heavy to withstand the strong storms.

Many waterproof covers can accommodate a four-piece set of patio furniture. These covers have straps that help to prevent a strong wind from carrying it off.   

These covers are always easy to use because you can put them on and remove them with ease. The main characteristic of these waterproofing covers is the seal that is placed during manufacturing to prevent accidental water leakage.

Covers Best for Sunny Days

Yes, the sun also can damage your patio furniture, just like the rain or dirt. When your furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, its fabric can break, or the wood can become weak. Because of this, there are covers that are made to absorb strong ultraviolet rays.

These covers are made with high-quality materials which are always water-resistant and have air vents to allow the hot air to move out. They always have a hem that is elastic to maximize a good fit on your furniture set. 

They also have straps that click to prevent against strong winds that might appear during a hot sunny day.

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Best Covers for Winter 

Not all parts of this world experience the winter season, but generally, winter is not a good season for patio furniture. This is why you should find a good cover to protect your patio furniture from snow and sleet. 

These covers have a waterproof undercoat that always keeps the melted snow from destroying your furniture.

These covers come with elastic hems and good strong straps that ensure a nice tight fit. There are some air vents that allow free flow of air; hence mold and mildew do not develop on your patio furniture.

To prevent buckling of the cover, they are made from polyester and also have a laminated backing.

Best Covers Budget Buyers 

Low cost is a vital element in day-to-day living. That is why we have covers that are made from a double coating of polyester material. This polyester is a cheap product, but it serves all purposes since it is waterproof, UV-rays resistant, and it is also hard and durable.

These covers have an elastic hem and good straps that ensure a good fit on your furniture. The polyester material is also breathable hence the free circulation of air. Mold and mildew do not develop on your patio furniture.

Best Covers for Overall Coverage 

These are covers that can cover all of your patio furniture set. These covers are also made with polyester material that is elastic. This elasticity component is the one that helps it cover a lot of furniture. 

Most of these covers come in rectangular or oval shapes. Because of their large coverage, they can be made to fit on patio sofas or lounge chairs.

They have a design that is called a simple slip-over. This design helps the user to easily put it on or remove it. 

These covers are always heavy, making it possible to remain in a constant place in case of strong winds. The strong straps that can be tied also help during a strong storm.

Best Covers for Patio Furniture Cushions

In summary, these are rectangular bags that can store high-quality patio cushions. These bags are made with polythene material that is important during sunny or rainy days.  

Sometimes it protects the cushions from snow and sleet. Polyurethane is another material used to make these bags that always allow good air circulation in the cushion.

These covers have a zipper at the top for easy access. 

The double stitches ensure there is better durability even if the covers are exposed to the elements. 

These covers are always huge and roomy, allowing you to fit all of your patio cushions in one single cover. They are also made from a material that makes them easy to fold when they are not in use.

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Best Covers for Grills 

These covers are made from PVC material that is hard and cannot crack during a cold season. These covers are also waterproof to prevent the grill from rusting. These covers stay above the ground because of their elastic hem; hence they cannot absorb water from the ground; in turn, there will be no rust on the grill.

There are leg straps on grill covers, which makes it suitable for multiple weather conditions. Most of the grill covers are made of heavy material that does not wear out easily. The air vents on a grill cover allow free movement of air for better circulation. 

Best Covers for Patio Sofas

Sofas are made to be indoors, but some people use them as patio furniture. Most sofa covers are made of stock-dyed polyester material, which is water-resistant and UV-proof. These materials can also protect the sofa from snow and dust.

These covers have a snug fit because of the elastic hem, and there are some auto-locking cords that make it secure during stormy weather. They are easy to put on and off because the material is strong but not too stiff. These covers come in various sizes, including the three-sitter couch. 


Covers are the best ways of protecting your patio furniture. The main components in making covers are polyester and canvas because of their waterproofing ability, and they can absorb UV rays. You can also use other materials such as plastic bags and some old sheets to protect your patio furniture.