What Are Patio Furniture Cushion Covers?

Patio furniture cushion covers are important for protecting your patio furniture cushions from the elements. As much as the patio cushion covers would be made of weather-resistant materials, they also need more protection to make them durable and look better for longer. 

It would be nice to learn more about the common materials used to make cushion covers, why you need them, and how you can care best for your patio furniture. This is all I talk about in this guide. Let us dive in. 

Common Materials for Making Patio Furniture Cushion Covers

The cushion covers materials will tend to vary a lot. What is important is that they can protect your cushions better. Here is a list of such materials you can use as cushion covers. 

  • Vinyl 

Vinyl or PVC is the most common option to consider if you want patio furniture covers. This material is cheap and will easily work for most cushion types. 

One thing that works against vinyl material is that it does not do well when the heat is too much. The material can get too hot to a point sitting on cushions becomes hard. 

Also, PVC material is not recyclable. It might not work best for those who like eco-friendly products. 

  • Cotton canvas

Cotton canvas has been around for hundreds of years. Most people find it also affordable and you can change the color easily to suit your needs. It will not get as hot as vinyl material if you keep the patio furniture in direct sunlight. 

The downside is that cotton canvas is not water-resistant. As such, you are likely to experience problems such as mold and mildew. Most people would treat the cotton canvas surface with a waterproof application yearly. 

  • Texteline 

This is another great option you can consider when picking the best patio furniture cushion covers. This material is made from polyester yarns then coated with PVC. It is easy to see how it would be too hot in the sun. 

The addition of yarn helps improve the strength of the material. So, it would be stronger than PVC and less susceptible to rips and tears. 

Textilene is also waterproof, but it will quickly fade its color within a year. 

As for cleaning, do not use bleach. This will degrade the PVC coating, thus reducing its lifespan. 

  • Sunbrella fabric 

This is a patented fabric made of dyed acrylics. This means you will find the material colored in various interesting colors. You can always pick the best color that complements the existing patio furniture cushion. 

Sunbrella fabric is the best to use for cushion covers as it is fade-resistant, waterproof, chlorine and bleach safe, and mold & mildew resistant. 

 Do You Need to Replace Your Cushion Covers?

Other than protecting your patio furniture cushions, the cushion covers can have many other applications. 

Let us say that you find the existing theme for your outdoor furniture to be outdated, the easiest way of changing it would be using cushion covers. Rather than spending so much money changing everything, just change the cushion covers. 

Even if you change the patio furniture cushion covers, you should not throw away the old covers. There are times when you may want to go back to your old style. 

Cushion covers would also be great to avoid cleaning your cushions all the time. What you have to do is wash your covers and continue using the cushion covers over the years. So long as you pick the best cushions from top brands, you should be sorted for a long time. 

Caring for Patio Furniture Cushions

Now that you know more about furniture cushions covers, what other methods can you use to care for your patio furniture cushions? Here are some of them to keep in mind. 

  • Outdoor fabrics 

Outdoor fabrics are made mostly to cover slings, pillows, and chairs. Most of the time, they are built to be weather, mold, and mildew resistant. 

Such fabrics require occasional wash to keep them looking great all the time. You should always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for caring for this type of furniture cushions

Consider drying such fabrics outdoors rather than using dryers. Air drying helps the fabric maintain its look and feel. 

You could also stretch the chair covers over the frame when drying so that the fabric does not shrink. 

If it is during wintertime, store such fabric indoors. 

  • Acrylic outdoor cushions 

Acrylic is among the top materials you would get for covering outdoor furniture. This is because such material is easy to clean and can withstand outdoor conditions better. As much as it can be mildew-resistant, it would also need proper care if you hope to use it for longer. 

Start by removing the cushions from the patio furniture frame then spot clean them using water and mild soap. 

Always make sure the cushions are completely dry before storage. This is to prevent mildew formation. 

  • Cleaning patio umbrellas 

Yes. The patio umbrellas could use some love too. Most of the time, they just need occasional washing and oiling of the frame joints to leave them working properly. 

It is also good practice to put the umbrella away when it is not in use. Also, if there is a high wind advisory, it is best to also consider storing them as they can fly away causing damage to property and humans. 

Washing such umbrellas is not hard. Use a soft-bristled brush, cold water, and mild soap. After you are done, spray some lubricant in the joints to make its operation smooth and less squeaky. 


The patio furniture covers are essential for keeping your patio furniture cushions in great condition for years. They can still be a great way of redecorating your patio to make it look better. It is possible that your style can change over the years and cushion covers will make the transition easier and faster. So, consider getting some for your outdoor furniture today.