Is Wrought Iron Good For Outdoor Furniture? Reasons Why

Wrought iron for a long time has been used to symbolize ruggedness and durability. That is why wrought iron outdoor furniture will last longer and keep providing the elegance you need for patio furniture. 

Wrought iron is available in different styling including classic, contemporary, and transitional. This means that you have many options about what you choose as the best outdoor furniture

Why Wrought Iron is Good for Outdoor Furniture

Wrought-iron outdoor furniture is popular because of many things. Below are the top reasons you may also consider buying wrought iron patio furniture. 

  • Cleaning is easy 

Patio furniture needs frequent cleaning mostly because they have to be left outdoors for longer. With the many outdoor elements, you may end up with dirt, dust, and grime on the wrought iron patio furniture. 

Cleaning is straightforward. You simply have to use a little bit of soap and water to remove most of the dirt and grime. 

  • Strong and durable 

Another big reason for opting to pick wrought iron is because it is a durable piece of furniture. The furniture will not rust fast compared to some other materials used for outdoor use such as aluminum. 

Of course, being heavy can also mean better durability. Unlike patio furniture made of aluminum, wrought iron furniture cannot be blown away by the wind. This is vital in maintaining the lifespan of the furniture. 

  • Comfort 

Comfort can also be achieved depending on how the wrought iron furniture is designed. People think simply because it is heavy and sturdy, then it should definitely be uncomfortable. 

Using high-quality cushions is one of the ways of ensuring that you have a comfortable wrought iron furniture piece. 

  • Affordable 

When compared to aluminum or teak, you will quickly notice how wrought iron is affordable. It might be more expensive than plastic wicker furniture, but it will be an affordable option still. 

Wrought iron patio furniture can cost from $150 to over $500 depending on several factors including the size, brand, design, and more. 

  • Elegance 

The natural stylishness of wrought iron makes it stand out for longer. You will enjoy how it keeps looking good even if you have owned it for a decade. The rustic look will not change compared to the plastic outdoor furniture that may fade after a few years. 

What is Quality Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture?

Maybe you are now intrigued to try out wrought iron outdoor furniture, but you do not know how to choose it. Here are tips for identifying high-quality wrought iron outdoor furniture

  • Look at the coating 

The coating is vital during the manufacturing process of wrought iron furniture. The coating is important to prevent the iron from oxidizing and rusting when exposed to air and water. 

The most commonly used type of coating is a polyurethane powder coat. It will leave the wrought iron furniture looking good while also giving it the protection it deserves. 

The worst can be when you buy wrought iron outdoor furniture that has a spray paint coat. It might be a cheaper option, but you end up with a piece of furniture that won’t last long. 

  • Quality of the weld 

The various pieces of wrought iron outdoor furniture piece have to be put together by welding. It is important that you get a piece that has been welded correctly to ensure that it can hold up to regular use. 

Shoddy welding can also be the reason you have exposed wrought iron rusting and the furniture might not last as long as you want. 

  • It is hefty 

It is possible you may want lightweight patio furniture. However, that might not be what you get with wrought iron. By default, it is supposed to be solid and heavy. 

So, go ahead and lift the wrought iron patio furniture to see how it feels. If it is too light, it might not be the wrought iron furniture you were expecting. 

  • Is the furniture comfortable?

Since you may have to use wrought iron outdoor furniture more often, comfort is also important to consider. 

Look at the design to understand how good the wrought iron furniture is and if it will remain the best option for you. 

It is always good if you can try out a couple of outdoor furniture to find the most comfortable for you. 


Will wrought iron furniture rust outside?

Wrought iron by itself is susceptible to rust, but outdoor furniture comes with a powder coating to prevent it from rusting. 

Is wrought iron better than steel for outdoor furniture?

Both are good for outdoor furniture, but wrought iron would be cheaper and can deliver on strong and sturdy outdoor furniture you need. 

Is wrought iron outdoor furniture easy to clean?

Yes. It does not need any special type of cleaning. With only soap and water, you can brush off the dirt and grime from wrought iron furniture. 


Wrought iron is a good material for making outdoor furniture. We find that it is strong, sturdy, durable, and can be molded into different comfortable pieces of furniture. If you can get one, be sure it will serve you for a long time. Also, wrought iron furniture does not need too much maintenance, making it good for those who might not always have the time to clean it.