How Tall are Patio Tables? Interesting Options

Outdoor tables commonly have varying heights which depend on the functionality of the table. These outdoor tables are paired with patio lounge seating such as lounge chairs, loveseats, and sofas. 

Patio tables have standard heights, which means each type of patio table has a specific use too based on this height. For example, a patio coffee table should be between 15 inches and 19 inches tall. 

It should be noted that functionality of the patio table is what brings in the difference in height. I will look at different types of patio tables, their recommended heights, and their uses. 

Types of Patio Tables with their Recommended Heights

  1. Patio end tables ( between 15 inches and 19 inches)

Patio end tables are small tables that are placed at the end of a patio chair or sofa. It is normally the same height as the arm of the chair. 

Interior and exterior designers recommend that its height should be between 15 inches and 19 inches. 

Patio end tables should be placed near the chair’s arm because it is used to keep small items such as drinks, books and remote controls. 

Generally, patio end tables provide a surface where you can place anything for easy reach without leaving the patio chair or coach. 

Patio end tables also act as a lampstand for good lighting while reading. Some homeowners go much further and use it to place landline phones. 

  1. Patio coffee tables (between 15 inches and 19 inches)

This is a low table that is designed to be at a sitting area to offer the necessary support for drinks, remote controls, books, and any decorative objects. 

The recommended height is between 15 inches and 19 inches. Some people prefer the patio coffee table to be 16 inches, which is 2 inches lower than normal chair height. But a good patio coffee table should be 19 inches, which is 2 inches taller than the chair height. 

Coffee tables on your patio can be used as footrests and places of recreation. For example, you can lay puzzles on the coffee table and try to solve them. A patio coffee table is mainly used to add a decorative touch to your patio.

  1. Patio chat tables (between 20inches and 25 inches)

These are tables that resemble a dining table or restaurant table. Patio chat tables are often used for eating, but they are used for official meetings that will involve writing. 

Because writing is done on this table it should be tall enough for comfort. That is why the recommended height is between 20 inches and 25 inches

These tables are multipurpose, children can do homework on them, have birthday parties, and even play some family games. But it is best used for important quiet conversations. 

  1. Patio fire pit tables ( between 20 inches and 25 inches)

These are luxury patio tables that are also called fire tables. They are used to keep people warm during cold nights. The recommended height for these tables is between 20 inches and 25 inches. These tables are used to keep small things while seated around the fire. For example you can place a hot cup of tea. 

  1. Patio side tables ( between 16 inches and 20 inches)

These are tables that almost resemble the end tables, but they are a little bit taller and larger. Their recommended height is between 16 inches and 20 inches. 

These patio side tables are mainly found in a corner on your patio. They are used for storage of not frequently used stuff such as old magazines and novels. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Patio Table 

  1. Recognize the needs/uses of  the patio table 

Make a list of necessary needs or uses of the patio table. If you will be using your patio to read novels and magazines, then you should buy an end table or a side table for your patio. And if you will be using your patio for birthday parties and dinner, buy a chat table or a restaurant table. 

  1. Try and find an easy-care type of table 

Go and search for an easy to care patio table. This will help you to save money on maintenance. 

Glass tables look wonderful on your patio, but they are very expensive to maintain in the long run. The easiest table to maintain is a wooden or metallic table. They only require cleaning and regular painting. 

  1. Storage of your patio table 

Storing your patio table indoors during off-season increases its useful life. This is why you should look for a patio table that will fit in your storage area. If the storage area is limited, look for a table that can be assembled and be taken apart when not in use. 

  1. Color of your other outdoor furniture 

Try and match the color of the table with your other outdoor furniture. Look for a table that is furnished with colors found in your patio or the general outdoor surrounding. 

Sometimes the colors you want cannot be found, then pick a neutral one and paint the matching color.

  1. Pick quality patio table 

Try and choose a patio table that is of good quality. For example, plastic patio tables are cheap and look good while still new, but in the long run they fade and look ugly. But glass or wooden tables are expensive to buy, but they last longer and look good for many years to come. 

  1. Look for dual-purpose patio tables 

A table that can offer many services removes the need of buying extra tables hence there is a lot of free space available that can be used for other outdoor activities. 


The height of a patio table depends on the functionality of the table. Coffee tables, side tables, and end tables should be of the same height or lower than the height of the patio chairs. Chat tables should be taller than the patio chairs because they offer dining services.

Since you now have all the information on the sizes of patio tables, it is easier to buy them today for yourself.