How Often Should You Replace Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture faces a lot of elements outdoors. This means that its lifespan may also be affected. Remember, patio furniture is built with the best durability in mind. For this reason, you should expect it to last as long as possible. 

We mostly find patio furniture lasting for over 15 years with no problem. However, the duration of the furniture lasts depends on various factors. They include;

  • Material used
  • Environment 
  • How frequently is the furniture used?
  • Maintainance and care
  • Quality 

There might be other factors, but these are the main ones to keep in mind when seeking to see how long patio furniture lasts. 

Lifespan of Different Patio Furniture Materials

Not all patio furniture materials will have the same durability. Some might last longer, while others not as long as you might have wanted. We look at how different materials will likely last when used to make patio furniture. 

  • Plastic (10+ years)

Plastic is affordable for anyone seeking to get the best patio furniture while at the same time saving a lot of money. 

However, not all affordable plastic patio furniture is great. Some are likely to break when least expected. The worst is when they are made of really cheap materials that would break when left in the sun for long or exposed to water. 

Still, you can come across some durable plastic patio furniture. Just make sure to invest in high-end patio furniture as such will last longer and still remain hard to break even if the weather is harsh. 

  • Aluminum (20+ years)

Aluminum is another top choice for those who want lightweight and quality patio furniture. The best part about aluminum is how it is resistant to water damage. This is unlike other materials, such as natural wicker patio furniture. 

Most manufacturers are likely to powder-coat the aluminum patio furniture giving it an extra layer of protection. Of course, you can have it in different colors to suit your needs. Such material can last over 20 years with regular maintenance. 

  • Wrought iron (25+ years)

Something about wrought iron would make a person feel it is worth investing in it. Well, its aesthetics, for a start, is just awesome. You can have them give off a classic look on your patio. 

Since this type of furniture is highly customizable, expect to see people having a set that suits their style. To make the furniture last over 25 years, it must be rust-proofed in advance. You can expect it to keep looking good even after years of use. 

  • Wood (20+ years)

You should see how wood furniture looks beautiful on your patio. This is often reason enough to have many people investing in getting wood patio furniture. However, will it keep looking this good for several years?

The durability of wood patio furniture largely revolves around the type of wood. Teak, for example, will last over 20 years when you take good care of it. This type of wood is naturally resistant to breaking, insects, and rotting. That is reason enough to see more people buying such type of furniture. 

  • Wicker (15+ years)

Natural wicker material has a timeless woven look. However, the natural fibers might not last long when exposed to the elements. Extreme heat and cold can make the wicker furniture brittle. That is why you may have to store them during winter. Also, excess moisture can rot the natural wicker material. 

This resin wicker is another type of wicker patio furniture. It has the same beauty as natural wicker but is more durable. This patio furniture does not fade and will not break down even when exposed to the elements. 

Here is a video on maintenance tips for outdoor furniture

Signs Showing its Time to Replace Patio Furniture

Sometimes, you do not have to wait until the patio furniture has broken down before replacing it. Here are some signs to remember if you want to replace patio furniture. 

  • Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are common on patio furniture, especially when left outdoors for long. The worst part about this issue is that it can result in irreversible rot on wood patio furniture. 

It should not be hard to detect mold because of the black or white coating it leaves behind on the furniture. 

The furniture may have to be replaced if the rot is extensive. Also, mold is not good for your health. 

  • Visual damage or wear and tear 

Different weather patterns affect patio furniture differently. That is why you can expect the patio furniture to behave in a certain way. This includes how UV rays will make the patio furniture fade while moisture might rot the furniture. 

Continuous use of the patio furniture could also be a reason why you have to replace the patio furniture. Sometimes repairing or repainting the patio furniture no longer makes sense. That is why you should consider replacing the patio furniture. 

  • Cost of maintenance 

You may have to do more maintenance with some patio furniture than others. A good example is a wood. It might need waxing, oiling the joints, waterproofing, and more. Also, there is the waterproofing of the fabrics and painting of the old patio furniture. So, if the cost is too much, replacing it with cheaper to-maintain patio furniture is recommended. 

  • The age and style

As mentioned above, you will see that different materials can last differently based on several factors. However, some get outdated with time because of their age and style. That should not be a problem as it is possible to give your patio a fresh look with great-looking patio furniture. Simply replace the old and outdated furniture.