How Much Should You Spend On Patio Furniture? Prices of Patio Furniture

Let us say you have just finished setting up your patio, it is now time to get the right patio furniture, how much should you spend on such furniture type? Patio furniture cost varies from as low as $250 to paver $3000 depending on which type of patio furniture you want, the brand, the material used, and so much more. 

Types of Patio Furniture and Their Prices 

1. Sofa sets ($500 to $10000)

Sofa sets are some of the most used patio furniture. One thing about sofa sets is that it can handle more people at once. Usually 5 people per set. So, the price starts a bit higher than what you get with other patio furniture pieces. 

Do not compromise on comfort with sofa sets. It is important that you get the right comfort in addition to quality and durability. Expect those made with expensive materials to cost you more. 

Sofa sets mostly have many designs to consider. It does not hurt to spend more time researching and finding the best patio sofa set. 

2. Dining sets ($200 to $$8000)

The outdoor dining sets can sit from 4 to as many as 12 people. It depends on the size of the set and the space available on the patio. You can also choose based on the shape. The most common shapes are circle, rectangle, and square. Of course, there is a chance of customizing and making the shape look as you want. 

The budget dining set for around 4 people can be as close as $200. However, that can quickly change based on the materials. If you want high-end materials, expect to use even $2000 for a small dining set. 

So, a good price can depend on your needs for a dining set. If you do more research, sometimes you can come across good sets with affordable prices. Some even try the used market, but here we focus more on what you may spend when buying new. 

3. Patio chairs ($20 to $5000)

For as low as $20, you can get some budget patio chairs. This might be for those who just want something basic and they do not have a budget for it. You can now add more money and get the budget to $350 to get the mixed-quality type of patio chairs. These are good and still last long. 

As much as it might not be common, you can spend upwards of $5,000 on patio chairs. This would mostly be for a set including different patio chairs. We find the high-quality range to be $500 to $1500 per patio chair. 

4. Loveseats ($50 to $4000)

Loveseats can also be used outdoors, however, they need to be designed and built for outdoor use. That is why they would have materials such as thick all-weather wicker, aluminum, or teak. 

This type of patio furniture is not always expensive but will be good to know that it can serve you for long. A good loveseat varies from $500 to $1000. This would be made of high-quality material that withstands outdoor conditions. 

Other than the material and design, the other factors affecting the price of loveseats include style and craftsmanship. That is how you end up paying almost $4000 per loveseat sometimes. 

5. Chaise lounges ($50 to $6000)

The good thing about chaise lounges should be flexibility. You can change the backrest angles or have them laying flat. Such flexibility means that the price also varies based on the versatility and materials used.

The most common materials include teak wood, all-weather wicker, and aluminum. Expect some to have cushions too. They would mostly be made of materials such as Olefin, Sunbrella, and more. 

6. Coffee tables ($50 to $4000)

The best coffee tables are going to be expensive. You might spend an average of $500 for mid-high-quality coffee tables. The price can get to $4,000 if the materials used are also high quality and the design still stands out. 

Not to worry as you can always get a good coffee table even if you are on a budget since they start as low as $50. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Patio Furniture

You might wonder why it seems you have many different prices for patio furniture. Here are a few factors that determine which patio furniture to buy. 

  • Deck size 

Good deck size is what people need when considering hosting people more often, however, it also means adding more furniture to it. This can mean more money spent on making the deck look good. 

The deck might need different types of patio furniture. It could be chaise lounges, patio chairs, loveseats, and so much more. It depends on what you are willing to add to the patio. 

We recommend making it versatile. Choose a type of furniture that would work for different scenarios so that you do not have to crowd the patio at some point. There are many designs of patio furniture to consider to ensure the space is well-utilized. 

  • The material 

Of course, patio furniture would be made of different materials. Remember, you want materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. The most common options would be wicker, wood, aluminum, and plastic or HDPE lumber.

Wicker is commonly preferred because of how affordable it can be to use for outdoor furniture. The best part is how it can make the patio furniture have a timeless bohemian edge. Of course, other than being functional patio furniture, such could also be good for fashion. 

As much as wicker is a good material for patio furniture, it is not as durable. It is can be damaged by moisture and high humidity exposure with time. 

Wood and aluminum are also perfect alternatives. However, wood is often more expensive than other materials such as HDPE plastic and wicker. The good thing about wood is how good it looks on the patio. If treated and maintained properly, you should get the best look for patio furniture. 

  • Design 

Simple designs are often cheap. This is because not many hours go into designing and making the patio furniture. However, you may have to spend more on patio furniture when it is a complicated design. Since you want the patio furniture to stand out, you would not mind having the best designs even if it means paying more. 

  • Source 

It is now possible to get your patio furniture online from different stores. This might mean not getting the patio furniture locally and you decide to import one from a different country. At this point, you have to pay extra for shipping and customs where necessary. So, the source now determines how much you would spend on getting the patio furniture to your home. 

  • Maintenance 

Generally, patio furniture should not require a lot of maintenance. However, that differs from one company to another. A good example is getting wood patio furniture, then it means investing more in ensuring it does not fade. This includes proper treatment of the wood patio furniture. It might not be often, but it can drive up the patio furniture cost. 

Here is a video on how to keep the patio furniture looking good

Where to Buy Patio Furniture 

Patio furniture can be found in different stores. However, the most common store with good deals include;

  • Home Depot
  • Wayfair
  • Amazon 
  • West Elm
  • Castlery
  • Overstock
  • Cozy Corner Patios
  • Grand Patio
  • Haven Way etc. 


The amount you spend on Patio Furniture can vary a lot mostly based on size, design, and material. Some exotic materials will mean spending more to get the patio furniture. It also depends on when you are buying the patio furniture. If it is during the cold season when people are rarely sitting on their patios, you can actually save more. So, be smart about how you choose your patio furniture and you can save more while getting the deal you want.