How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?

Each time you are relaxing under a patio cover, you can easily forget about how much you spent getting one. 

Most people might not know the cost of patio covers since it is not something you have to replace more often. What is important is that you always get yourself the right patio cover. 

The cost can often be affected by several things. Below, I look at the cost of patio covers based on type first. Then, I can look at other factors likely to affect the patio cover cost. Read up to the end to get an idea of how much you are likely to spend on a patio cover. 

Cost of Patio Covers Based on Type 

You are likely to come across different types of patio covers. What is important is that you always understand it in depth to see where best you can use it. Let us get into the list already. 

  1. Retractable Patio Covers ($1700 to $3800)

These covers can retract whenever you no longer need to use them. An example is when you want the sun rays to reach you. These patio covers can also be custom made to fit your patio size correctly. 

The best part about these covers is that they can also fit unusual patterns and shapes of different patios. 

It is possible to get large covers spanning up to 24 feet easily. Also, the colors are easily customizable to what you want. 

The average cost of retractable patio covers is $2700. However, the price can go as high as $3800, depending on the accessories. 

  1. Aluminum Patio Covers ($1800 to $6000)
photo credit: alumicenter

Aluminum is a great material for patio covers. This is mostly because of its lower price point. You can now end up with a great patio cover while at the same time pay slightly lower than what most people get for other patio cover types. 

The aluminum material can also have different patterns that would make the patio cover stand out. There are some that would have a wood grain pattern. So, you can have a nice look without paying the premium prices. 

Other than being affordable, aluminum patio covers will not crack, rot, get infested by termites or rust. As such, you will have a highly durable patio cover for several years to come. 

How about the installation? Well, most people find the installation straightforward. This is something you can do with your spouse or kids as part of a DIY project. 

Aluminum patio covers can cost as low as $1800 to $6000. It depends on the type you pick. The most common include insulated patio covers, lattice patio covers, and non-insulated patio covers. 

  1. Vinyl Patio Covers ($2000 to $6000)
photo credit: mid-cal construction

The cost and performance of vinyl patio covers exist between wood and aluminum covers. The vinyl patio covers are made of PVC material which is common in plumbing mostly. This plastic material also has other applications revolving around making your household better. 

Vinyl patio covers are loved since they can remain resistant to problems such as warping, insect infestation, and rotting. These are all problems you would experience with wood patio covers. 

However, vinyl patio covers can also have a few problems here and there. The most common would be that the patio cover turns yellow. 

What shocks some people is how vinyl can cost slightly more when it is plastic. However, vinyl patio covers will need support structures such as steel frames. That is not the same as aluminum since it can be a standalone product. 

Vinyl patio covers can cost from $2000 to $6000. 

  1. Wood Patio Covers ($5000 to $13000)

Wood patio covers look nice all the time. However, you always have to rise to the occasion and take good care of such patio covers. If you can clean them and apply protectants more often, then the wood patio covers can last for many years. 

Manufacturers would always give you more instructions on how best to care for wood patio covers. What is important is that you always make it part of your schedule to maintain the wood patio covers. 

Its looks make the patio covers some of the top choices generally. However, the cost sometimes can discourage someone from buying it. Such patio covers cost anywhere from $5000 to $13000. 

The price can be higher in case you want something made of exotic wood. So, always take your time to research more to determine the best choice for you. 

Other Factors That Affect How Much a Patio Cover Costs 

Other than the type of patio cover, you can also expect to find other factors affecting the final cost of the patio cover. Here are some of them. 

  • The Design

Of course, the design can affect the price. In most cases, patio covers do not look the same. This is because different clients would have different needs. Unless it is a patio cover kit, most patio covers are unique. 

In case you opt for a lattice covering, a solid roof, or a retractable cover, that is when the prices will differ. Some can even want the patio covers to have screens or glasses. There is no doubt the price would increase significantly. 

  • Labor Cost 

Once you receive the package from the manufacturer, you have to set it up. That is when you also have to consider the labor costs too. 

It is always best if you can hire a professional contractor to help with the installation of the patio cover. This will ensure that the patio cover sits right and lasts long. Since it costs a lot to buy a patio cover, do not cheapen when it comes to installation. 

  • Accessories 

You may also want to accessorize the patio cover to make it look nice. That is when you consider the price of the accessories too. 

Go through the various accessories and make sure it is something that can make a difference to your patio. 


There you have it. You can always end up with the best patio cover if you know what it costs and how best to care for it. Since there are many options in the market, conducting proper research should always work in your favor. I have highlighted as many types as possible with their respective prices. Go ahead and pick the one you like and afford.