How Much Does a Gazebo Weigh?

When it comes to gazebos, you can either build them from the scratch or buy a pre-built one then install it. Of course, it is hard to know the weight of a gazebo that is built from scratch. But the pre-built gazebos come with the average weight indicated. Some of the pre-built gazebos are portable and are commonly referred to as pop-up gazebos. 

Most of the pre-built gazebos come with sandbags that anchor the gazebo firmly on the ground so that it cannot be blown away by a strong gust of wind. 

The weight of a gazebo depends on the size of the gazebo and the type of frame that is used. According to gazebo world limited, the largest gazebo is 8 feet by 4 feet, which weighs almost 100kgs while the smallest is 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet with an average weight of 13 kg. 

The type of material used to build the frame also changes the weight of the gazebo. For example, frames made of steel are heavier than those made of aluminum. The table below shows the weights of gazebos of different sizes according to gazebo world limited. 

Table showing weight and dimensions of pre-built smart shade gazebos 

MINI GAZEBO (1.5X1.5)155303013KG
DELUXE GAZEBO (3X3)160303030KG
DELUX (4.5X3)160383835KG
HEAVY-DUTY DELUXE (4.5X3)160383838KG
DELUX (6X3)160343849KG

Table showing weights and dimensions of a pop-up gazebo (Aluminum frame)

POP UP 2X1858564KG
POP UP 3X111011096KG

Pop-Up Gazebos 

These are portable gazebos that can be folded down to be compact. They are made in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They are also called frame tents and they are preferred because they can withstand different weather conditions. They are easy to transport whereby some can fit in a car’s boot. 

Uses/Functions of Pop up Gazebos 

  1. They can be used for different events 

Events like graduations and weddings are best held under a pop-up gazebo. Some pop-up gazebos have sides that are covered. This will help you to continue with the event in case it starts raining. 

Food and drinks can be kept inside the pop-up gazebo to protect it from direct sunlight and flies or bugs. The biggest advantage is that you can have your event at any place you desire because this type of gazebo is portable. 

  1. They can be branded for any trade show/any business

A branded gazebo can make your business stand out in a crowd. This is because it displays a lot of information in a visual way. 

You can print logos, email addresses, and websites on your gazebo canopy where it is easier for the public to notice. Doing this will in turn give you a competitive advantage against your competitors. 

  1. They provide shelter during garden parties 

The summer season is the best time to sit with your friends and enjoy yourselves. Having a pop up gazebo will provide shelter for your friends. The hot sun will not be felt and the party will be memorable to all. 

  1. They can be used for catering 

During events, food and drinks can be kept in a different pop-up gazebo way from the guests. 

Pop-up gazebos that have covered sides work well during catering because they prevent flies and other insects from reaching the food. 

  1. They can be used as market stalls 

Pop-up gazebos have the ability to be portable. This makes them the best option for market stalls or boot sales. They shelter you and your products. They are mostly used by the farmers because they provide the best shade for farm produce. 

  1. Pop up gazebos can be used as patio décor 

Depending on the style of the roof or the general outlook, they can be used to add elegance on your patio. They increase the value of your home and you can sell it at a profit when you decide to sell. 

Patio furniture can be kept under it and they will be safe from direct sun radiations and rainfall.

  1. They can be used as space for children to play 

Small children especially those under five years need a secure place to play in and a pop-up gazebo is the best option. This protects them from direct sunlight and rainfall.

Are Pop-up Gazebos Worth It? 

  1. They are portable 

Showrooms and rented buildings are fixed. Whereas pop-up gazebos are portable hence you can fix your business at any place you want, which in turn you will get more buyers. 

Pop-up gazebos will also give you a chance to interact with more potential customers.

  1. They are customizable 

Pop-up gazebos can be customized to advertise your business. You can ask the manufacturer to print your business logo on it, making you stand out. Pop-up gazebos are the best marketing tool. 

  1. They are easy to assemble and take down 

Pop up gazebos can be put up in a few minutes and start enjoying yourself or start selling your products. And when it comes time to go home you can still take it down easily and fold it. This saves time and energy.

  1. Compact 

Pop-up gazebos can be folded into a small-sized package that can even fit in a car boot. This makes it suitable for camping and festivals away from home. 

  1. They are durable 

They are heavy-duty and long-lasting. This is because they have frames made of aluminum which is a strong metal and a strong polyester canopy that covers the frame. The hexagonal shape gives them stability while standing. 

  1. They are weatherproof

Pop-up gazebos are made with fabric that is both sun-resistant and waterproof. This makes them the best option for home patio, market stalls, or any event that has guests. 


The exact weight of homemade gazebo is hard to be estimated, but the weight of pre-built gazebos is always indicated by the manufacturer. There are two factors that contribute to the weight of a gazebo. These factors are; the size of the gazebo and the material used to manufacture the gazebo frame.