How Many Sides Does a Gazebo have?

The number of sides of a gazebo depends on the size of the gazebo. Large gazebos like 10feet by 10feet or 12feet by 12feet can have six to eight sides. While small gazebos that are less than 8feet by 8feet can have five sides or simply four sides. However, there are gazebos that are round or oval in shape. 

Generally, a gazebo with many sides is expensive to construct because it consumes a lot of material and time. If your home is for sale, construct a gazebo that is cost-effective so that you can get your return on investment. 

Gazebo Decorations and Accessories 

A gazebo is not complete if it does not have decorations and accessories. These are things that will make your gazebo look elegant and attractive. The decorations and accessories depend on personal preference. Below are some ideas of decorations and accessories that can be utilized for your gazebo. 

  1. Patio heater 

This is a gazebo accessory that provides heat to the gazebo user. It gives you a chance to enjoy the gazebo during the cold season or in the evening. Make sure you install an outdoor heater because it has special features for an outdoor space. Outdoor heaters come in different sizes, designs, and shapes. Choose one that is most appealing to you. 

However, some heaters are made for open spaces like the free-standing heater so they are not the best in a gazebo. Wall heaters, hanging heaters and table heaters are the best options for a gazebo. 

The number of heaters depends on the size of the gazebo and the amount of heat you want. Ensure your gazebo is well ventilated before you install a patio heater. 

  1. Patio furniture 

This is the number one accessory a gazebo needs. Do not use indoor furniture in your gazebo. Use furniture specifically made for the outdoors. For a small gazebo, one table in the middle and a few chairs around is the best arrangement. A large gazebo can have two tables and chairs. A carpet and a doormat can be included as gazebo furniture.  

Mix and match furniture in your gazebo to add elegance. You can have a patio sofa and a coffee table or a dining table with restaurant chairs. Extras like patio cushions are important because they add comfort to your gazebo. Side tables and small stools are good because they can store magazines and old newspapers.  

  1. Lighting 

A gazebo can also be used at night. Install lights that will provide adequate light and also add elegance to your gazebo. There are several types of outdoor lights like string lights, table lanterns, solar lights, and many others. But some types of outdoor lights like floodlights will not work well in a gazebo. Colored bulbs can be used to create a romantic mood in the gazebo. 

Nowadays, you can install floor lights on the gazebo floor. Ensure you cover the floor lights with a hard glass to avoid damaging the bulb. Use flameless candles if you love candles in your space. Flameless candles do not produce messy candle wax and can still light in case of a strong wind. Add a chandelier if you have adequate capital to buy and install it. 

  1.  Flower pots and patio plants 

These are accessories that add elegance to your patio and gazebo. You can garden a few plants around the gazebo or hang flower pots on the gazebo ceiling. Avoid planting huge trees or shrubs that have deep roots around the gazebo. This is because huge trees have roots that can penetrate the foundation of the gazebo in turn weakening it. 

Do not use flowers that have a sharp smell because they can cause allergic reactions to your guests or family members. Flowers that bloom seasonally are better than those that bloom once. 

Always water your plants and flowers to keep them alive and healthy. Use commercial fertilizer in the flower pots and avoid organic fertilizer because it produces a bad smell which is uncomfortable.

  1. Screens and curtains 

A gazebo is open on all sides, so screens or curtains create a private environment for you. Screens also protect you from stubborn mosquitos or any other bug. Curtains come in many designs and sizes. You can choose an all-around big curtain that fits in one gazebo or the partitioned one where each side has its own piece. 

Do not use an indoor curtain on the gazebo because it does not have fabric that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. A gazebo curtain must be waterproof to keep the rain away and sun resistant to stop the sun’s radiation. Nowadays some manufacturers add insecticides in the gazebo curtains and screens to help combat mosquitos and bugs. 

  1. Entertainment unit 

You can construct a cupboard-like structure on one side in the gazebo. This unit will contain entertainment devices like the television, DVD player, a radio, and some speakers. These are gazebo accessories that keep you entertained while you relax. For security purposes, construct this entertainment unit in a permanent gazebo that has walls and grilled windows. 

Make sure the unit has a lock to keep your devices safe and secure. In these modern days, you can find patio sofas that have blue-tooth speakers for more comfort and entertainment. You can also have several socket outlets on the gazebo wall that will allow you to use a laptop. A wifi-router is not a must but it is an added advantage.

  1. Ceiling fan 

This is an accessory that keeps you cool on a hot sunny day or a humid evening. Some ceiling fans have complex designs that add aesthetics to the gazebo ceiling. Consider the space in your gazebo when choosing the ceiling fan. If you have a big gazebo choose a huge fan or install two fans. While for a small gazebo, install a small fan that has a protective screen. 


A big gazebo has six to eight sides while the small ones have five or four sides. Some gazebos are either round or oval. In summary, the number of sides of a gazebo depends on the size of the gazebo. Gazebos with many sides are expensive to construct because they consume a lot of material. A gazebo with seven sides is hard to design and construct.