How Do You Wrap Patio Furniture? (Two Methods)

The best way to wrap your patio furniture is doing an act called shrink wrapping. Shrinkwrap is a roll of sheet/film that is used to protect the furniture for moving purposes. There is also an industrial sheet that is used to wrap patio furniture during cold months. Industrial sheeting uses heat while ordinary shrink wrap does not use heat. 

I am going to give you tips on how to wrap patio furniture with ordinary moving shrink wrap and using the industrial shrink wrap that requires heat. 

How to Wrap Patio Furniture Using the Ordinary Moving Shrink Wrap

This style of wrapping is used when someone is moving or when you are out for about two weeks only. But if you want to store your patio furniture, it is better you use the other method which includes heating the sheet.

Step 1

Clear the working area on your patio. Create enough room so that you can walk around the furniture and apply the shrink wrap. For ordinary moving shrink wrap, you can do this indoors because it does not require heat. 

Step 2

You can choose to wrap them individually or stack the patio furniture together. If you are wrapping them individually, make sure each piece of furniture is standing up straight as if it is being used. This is the best method if you are moving. But for short time storage purposes stack your patio furniture together. 

If you want to wrap a table and chairs, put a soft sheet on the table and place the chair upside down on it. If you want to wrap the chairs only, place them on top of each other. Make one bundle of patio furniture to save on space.

If you have a patio umbrella, close it and lower the pole to the lowest point and wrap rubber bands to prevent it from opening. 

Throw in the bundle of small furniture like the stools and side tables. You can also add in some patio rugs and cushions. 

Step 3 

Tie the bundle of patio furniture to secure it. You can use zip ties and bungee cords to tie them together. Tie the furniture until the bundle is firm and cannot tip over. 

Tie the furniture legs with other furniture legs to create uniformity and it will be easy to untie. Make sure the bundle does not slide around when you will be wrapping it. 

Step 4 

Cover the huge patio furniture bundle with a blanket or a moving pad. This prevents your patio furniture from scratching each other. 

Open up the roll of moving shrink wrap and stick the beginning end on the bottom side of your furniture bundle. Wrap the film by walking around the bundle and releasing the film as you move. Do not cut the film until the whole bundle is covered. 

Step 5 

When you see that the patio furniture bundle is totally covered, cut the film. Press the film against the bundle so that it sticks on the furniture. If you are wrapping the furniture individually, repeat the above procedure for all patio furniture.


How to Wrap Patio Furniture Using the Industrial Shrink Wrap 

Remember you must do the procedure below outside or in an open space. Also, make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby because you will be using heat. 

Step 1

Stack your patio furniture together like in the process above. Make sure they are firm and do not slide when you will be wrapping them. 

Make sure all items are in the bundle. However, some type of patio furniture must be avoided because you will be using heat. For example avoid glass tables, patio rugs, and cushions.

Step 2

Take a tape measure and measure the height, length, and width of your patio furniture bundle. You must add all these three measurements together to determine the width of the industrial shrink wrap you need. 

From the measurements, buy the perfect industrial shrink wrap from any hardware store or retail shop. Try and exaggerate the measurements to have a nice fit. 

Step 3

Open up your new industrial shrink wrap and drape it over the bundle of patio furniture. Make sure the shrink-wrap fabric hangs equally on all sides of the bundle. Use a knife to cut off the excess shrink wrap so that it is off the ground at the bottom. 

Step 4

Use a knife to cut relief sides so that the wrap is hanging freely. Then use tape to stick the loose sides on the furniture bundle. Make sure no-wrap remains loose when you are heating it. 

Tightly fix the industrial wrap on the furniture bundle. Do not press the tapes so hard because you will remove them later. Use flame-resistant tape to secure the wrap at the bottom. 

Step 5 

Connect your heat gun to power, switch it on and allow it to heat up. Fold the wrap over the tape at the bottom of the furniture bundle. Now that the heat gun is hot enough, put on a pair of heat-resistant gloves and start the heating. Begin at the bottom on the folded part. 

After heating the base, remove the side tapes and start heating the cut edges. The heat from the heat gun will make the shrink wrap stick together. Now heat up the remaining section so that the shrink wrap will stick to the furniture. The wrap automatically moves and sticks on the furniture. 

Step 6 

Cut a small hole of about three centimeters to create a vent for air circulation. But if you have a good space that allows air to flow at the bottom there is no need of installing a vent.  


Using shrink wrap is the best way to wrap your patio furniture. There are two types of shrink wraps; the ordinary moving shrink wrap, and the industrial shrink wrap that requires heat. For both shrink wraps your patio furniture must be stacked together and the bundle should not move while you are wrapping. 

Wrap up the furniture bundle until it is covered all over. If you are using the industrial shrink wrap, heat it so that it can stick to the furniture. Create an air vent if you see it is necessary to avoid condensation.