How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture From Sun Damage?

If you have previously experienced sun damage to your patio furniture, you know the importance of investing in the right protection methods. 

Protecting your outdoor furniture from sun damage can involve many things, including UV protection sealants, patio covers, patio umbrellas, storing the furniture while not in use, and more. 

The protection method often depends on the outdoor furniture you want to protect from sun damage. First, we look at the potential damage you can expect from sun exposure for the patio outdoor furniture

How the Sun Might Affect Outdoor Furniture 

The sun is the reason we find ourselves sitting on the patio. However, the sun becomes too much even for the patio furniture at some point. We understand that patio furniture is built to withstand outdoor conditions, but too much sun exposure can lead to;

  • Fading

When you look at different types of outdoor furniture, you may notice that some fade with time. They tend to have patches where the paint is quite faded and pale. You do not want blotchy color; that is why protection is important. 

Fading makes the patio furniture less vibrant. Some might even need repainting to make them stand out and look good again.

  • Melting 

Melting might not be as common as fading, but it can happen. This is when the outdoor furniture is made of poor-quality plastic materials. When the sun is too hot, plastic can melt. 

Be sure to take note of heat waves in your area. In case of such seasons, the heat wave might melt the plastic outdoor furniture. So, keep them in storage during such a season. 

  • Discoloration 

There is fading and discoloration. The discoloration is likely to be common in wood patio furniture. When you have it exposed to the sun for too long, you might notice the color is not as it was before. Maybe it was white, and now it is almost cream. It varies from one color to another. 

Tips for Protecting Outdoor Furniture from Sun Damage 

Now that you understand what type of sun damage the outdoor furniture is likely to face, it is important to know how best to protect them from sun damage. We look at the common patio outdoor furniture materials and how best to protect them from sun damage. 

  • Wood

The simplest way of protecting the wood patio furniture from damage is by simply covering it. This does not mean using anything to cover the patio furniture. We recommend only using patio-designed covers. This is because they can keep the UV from reaching the wood and keep it looking good. 

Wood furniture also needs protective wood oil. Make sure you are using the right type of oil, as it helps keep the patio furniture from damage. Apply the wood oil every six months, which should be enough to keep the patio furniture shining. 

Here is a video on how to weatherproof wood furniture

  • Metal

Most metal patio furniture is not easily damaged by the sun. However, it can make the paint fade with time. 

It can also get too hot to sit on such furniture if left outdoors in the scorching sun. The solution would be to get the right patio cover or umbrella to keep the seats cool while at the same time protecting the paint. 

  • Resin & Plastic 

Resin and plastic patio furniture can withstand sun exposure, but it also depends on the quality of the materials. If the sun is too much and the plastic is cheap, some might start to melt. Also, they can get discolorations or fade with time. 

Using the right patio covers can help protect them from sun damage. The other solution is to consider storing the furniture in case it is not in use during the hot months. 

  • Concrete

Because concrete furniture is tough and hardy, most people do not have to worry about protecting it from sun damage. 

The most common damage would be color fading. The concrete structure can stand up to the sun, but the paint does not so much. So, get a paint type meant for such applications, and it should stand up to sun damage quite well. 

Also, using patio umbrellas can help with keeping the pain looking fresh. 

  • Fabrics 

Patio furniture may also have fabric. The fabric is important in ensuring you have more comfort while sitting on outdoor furniture. However, the sun might not be so good for the fabric. 

The biggest protection choices include using umbrellas, patio covers, and awnings. 

We also recommend that you buy fabrics meant for patio furniture. This means it can stand up to continuous heat and maintain its looks. 

The other choice is to buy a patio fabric protector. Clean the fabric and apply the protector to keep it looking good even with sun exposure.