How Do You Make a Hammock Blanket? (Easy Steps)

A hammock blanket can also be called an under-quilt. Hammocks are becoming popular for outdoor camping and relaxing. But a hammock has a problem of allowing your backside to get cold. Here is when a hammock blanket comes to use. It insulates the hammock hence heat from your body is not lost through convection. 

Below is a simple procedure that can help you make your own hammock blanket. Have two or three people to help you with the work. The procedure is somehow time-consuming so ensure you have a free schedule before you start the work.

Procedure of Making a Hammock Blanket 

When the hammock blanket is finished it will have; 

  • A length of 77 inches 
  • A width of 45 inches 
  • Nine baffles of 5 inches 

What you need 

  • Sewing machine 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Seam ripper 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Painters tape 
  • Pins/binder clips 
  • Taffeta nylon material for the inner and outer shells 
  • Noseeum mesh 
  • Grosgrain ribbon 
  • Shock cord 
  • Polyester thread 
  • 10 kg of cotton wool 

Step 1 

We start by measuring the nylon material for the inner shell and outer shell. For the inner shell cut a length of 79 inches and a width of 47 inches. While for the outer shell cut a length of 80 inches and a width of 48 inches. The allowances are for the hem and the seam. Attach the painter’s tape along the lengths and widths of both the inner shell and the outer shell. 

Partition both shells marking where the baffles will be. Strip the painter’s tape along each baffle. We use painter’s tape because you can easily remove it once you are done sewing. The painter’s tape also guides you while sewing or else you can go out of the line. 

Step 2 

Now it is time to hem the inner shell and the outer shell. Fold about 0.25 inches of the inner shell and sew the fold with a polyester thread. Also, fold about 0.75 inches of the outer shell and sew the fold. Fold twice the corners of the inner shell and sew to make them strong. The corners of the inner shell must be strong because that is where the shock cords are attached. 

Step 3 

Take up the noseeum mesh and cut nine baffles of a length of 79 inches and a width of 5 inches. Try to add some allowance because the mesh sometimes contracts when you sew. The noseeum mesh is stubborn to cut, so have a helper to hold it on one end as you cut it using a sharp pair of scissors. 

Step 4 

Now sew the baffle mesh onto the inner shell material. Follow the painter’s tape that you placed on step one to sew on the mesh material. Sew one partition then go to the next partition. Ensure the shell material is taut and do not pull the mesh because the mesh will draw back the shell material after sewing. Sew all of the nine mesh materials onto the inner shell. 

Step 5 

Combine the inner shell and the outer shell. Make sure the mesh material is in the middle of the two shells. You can change the thread on your sewing machine to a thicker one that can hold the two shells together. Sew one baffle then move to the next one. This step is time-consuming and requires more than a pair of hands. At the end, you will have nine open pipes of baffles. 

Step 6 

Fold one side of the widths and sew it. Then you will have nine baffles that are closed on one end. The closed-end will be the bottom side while the open end will be the top side. Hang the almost complete hammock blanket with the open side facing up. Make sure it is suspended in the air to make the next step easy. 

Step 7 

Unroll the cotton wool and cut it into small pieces of about 200 grams each. Then stuff up the baffles. Use a long stick to push the cotton pieces to the bottom side. This step is also time-consuming and you can have a helper to help you stuff up. Try and measure the weight of each baffle to ensure each baffle is almost the same. 

Step 8 

Sew the top open end after stuffing all baffles. Fold the end and sew it with a double thread. Then sew the shock cords on each corner for suspension. The shock cords of one meter are enough to suspend the hammock blanket. And the hammock blanket is ready for use. 

How to Clean a Hammock Blanket 

The hammock blanket can get dirty while camping or when in storage. First, you must pick a day that is hot and sunny because this type of blanket takes time to dry. And you must have a huge basin and a lot of clean water because the blanket contains cotton wool that absorbs water. 

What you need 

  • Five gallons of clean water 
  • Ordinary washing detergent 
  • Alcohol or chlorine bleach for stubborn stains 
  • A soft washing brush 
  • Another person to help you wring 

Step 1 

Lay the hammock blanket on a clean surface. You can start with any side, be it the inner side or the outer side. 

Step 2 

Add ordinary washing detergent in a huge basin having clean water. Shake vigorously until bubbles form. 

Step 3 

Pour the soapy solution on the hammock blanket until it is saturated. Then start scrubbing the hammock from one end. If you find a stubborn stain, pour alcohol or chlorine bleach on the stain and scrub gently. Turn the blanket to the other side and scrub it also. 

Step 4

When you are done scrubbing both sides, fold the blanket and put it in a huge basin with clean water. Stamp the blanket with your legs to remove the soapy water. Get another person to hold one end while you hold the other end then wring it. Repeat the same with another basin of clean water. 

Step 5 

Spread the hammock blanket on a clean surface for it to dry. Allow it to dry for five hours then turn the other side to face the sun. Spray the hammock blanket with a fabric spray when you see it is dry. 


A hammock blanket protects your backside from cold when you are sleeping in a hammock. It is an important hammock accessory that some manufacturers nowadays incorporate as part of a new hammock. But you can use the procedure above to make your own hammock blanket at home.