How do you Keep Outdoor Tablecloths from Blowing Away?

The wind is a natural phenomenon that can ruin your outdoor relaxing time. Wind can blow off your nice tablecloth and land it in mud or on a sharp object. Sometimes it can carry it to unknown locations. 

This is why you need to find ways to keep your tablecloth on the table whenever the wind comes. Below are some of the techniques that you can use to prevent your table cloth from being blown away. 

Techniques of keeping your Tablecloth from Blowing Away 

  1. Use tablecloth clips 

These are reusable clips that can hold any type of tablecloth. It can hold a plastic tablecloth, paper tablecloth, and fabric tablecloth. Tablecloth clips can be plastic or stainless steel. Most manufacturers pack them in groups of four. A large table can require six of them. They are easy to install and uninstall. They are made in a way they cannot scratch your table or the tablecloth. 

In the modern days, some tablecloth clips come with an adjustment knob. The adjustment knob allows you to use the clips on any table thickness. The only downside of this method is that it is expensive to buy these clips. 

  1. Use tablecloth weights 

These are heavy objects that have a peg-like clip on one end. The peg is the one attached to the tablecloth holding it in place. Four tablecloth weights are enough for an average table but a large patio table can take up to six weights. They come in different materials, styles, and designs. 

In the old days, cast iron was the main material for tablecloth weights. But nowadays you can find plastic ones. The downside of tablecloth weights is that they can tear a light tablecloth like the plastic and paper tablecloths. You must also be very careful when removing them or else you will destroy the fabric of the tablecloth. 

  1. Use heavy rocks 

This is a traditional method that works the same way as tablecloth weights. Place a small but heavy rock at the corner of the tablecloth then fold to cover the rock and tie using a string. Do the same for all four corners. You can suspend the rock to the tablecloth using a string but this way the stone is left exposed and it might not look appealing. 

This technique is also not suitable for all types of tablecloths because it can tear them. Make sure you use a clean rock or else you will have stains on your tablecloth. Also, avoid using bricks because they absorb water and they can leave a stubborn stain in case the tablecloth gets wet. 

  1. Use a heavy tablecloth 

This is the best and lasting solution to the problem of blowing off. Tablecloth manufacturers are now making tablecloths that can weigh 500 grams to one kilogram. The wind cannot blow away such tablecloths unless it is a super strong wind. These tablecloths are very expensive but they will save you the cost of buying clips and weights. 

  1. Use duct-tape or rubber bands 

Duct tape or rubber band techniques are not the prettiest but they are very effective. Use duct tape or a rubber band to hold the tablecloth corner onto the table leg. You can use colorful duct tape or a colorless rubber band to make the idea look interesting and appealing. It is time-consuming to use these techniques. The duct tape can leave a stubborn stain on the tablecloth.

Types of Patio Tablecloth Material 

  1. Cotton 

This is the common material for tablecloths. It is easy to process cotton in turn making cotton tablecloths cheap. Cotton tablecloths are easy to wash and some are machine washable. They also come in different colors and designs. You can pick a color that matches your furniture or mix and match the colors. You can also mix and match the traditional and modern designs. 

However, most homeowners say that cotton is not the best material for an outdoor table. Because it is vulnerable to mold and mildew when it gets wet. Cotton can also fade off its color due to strong sun rays and excess rainfall. 

  1. Polyester 

Polyester is a synthesized fabric that can be combined with other materials like cotton to make a polyester blend. It is a durable material that comes in different colors, sizes, and designs. It is easy to clean and some are machine washable. You can also use a wet rug to wipe off the dirt. 

You can order a custom-made polyester tablecloth from the manufacturer choosing the size and color you want. This type of tablecloth is the best for an outdoor table because it will not fade when exposed to harsh outdoor weather. 

It is shinier than cotton making it the best for outdoor events like weddings. The only limitation of polyester is that it is made with chemicals that some users may be allergic to.

  1. Vinyl 

Now, this is the tablecloth material for an outdoor table. It is a plastic-like material that is weather resistant. It is durable and can stay for many years because of its strong fibers. It is easier to clean than cotton and polyester material. Vinyl tablecloths come in different colors and designs that allow you to match with your other patio fabrics. 

Vinyl is cheap because it is made from recycled materials hence saving the environment. The only limitation of vinyl tablecloths is that they are not machine washable because they can shrink. 

  1. Linen tablecloths 

These are the most expensive types of tablecloths. They have silk and organza as raw materials making them expensive. They are shiny and have perfect colors like pure blue or bright white. If you want elegance and class on your patio, then linen is the best option. However, linen requires extra care because it can easily stain. Linen is also hard to clean but it is machine washable. 


With simple techniques like using tablecloth clips and weights, you can keep your tablecloth from blowing away. Or you can use some traditional methods like using rocks, duct-tapes, and rubber bands. But be careful with the traditional methods because they do not look appealing and can leave stubborn stains on the tablecloth. Using a heavy tablecloth is the lasting solution.