How do you Dress an Outdoor Patio Table?

Winter is over and the warm weather is here. It is time to bring out the patio furniture from storage or to unwrap the patio furniture. The headache is to dress the patio table so that it adds elegance to the patio. 

A patio table is the centerpiece of beauty to any outdoor space. You dress a table depending on the occasion. For example, you can dress a patio table for dining or for general purposes and aesthetics. This article is going to give you a procedure for dressing a table for general use and aesthetics.

How to Dress a Patio Table for General Purpose and Aesthetics 

Below is a simple procedure of how to dress a patio table for general function and aesthetics. This means that the table can be used for dining, playing games, birthday parties, and at the same time, it is adding aesthetics to your patio.

Step 1: Get your inspiration 

Before you bring your patio table out from storage or before you unwrap your patio table, stand on your patio space and figure out the general aesthetic you want. Get the underlying factor that will inspire you on how you will dress your patio table. 

If you are inspired by color, then mix and match the colors on the table. If you are inspired by design, then mix traditional and modern designs on your table. You can also be inspired by the season, so place flowers that are in season on the table. 

Dress up your table around one or two things and the whole procedure will be easy for you. In this example, I am inspired by the spring season and different aesthetic designs/styles.

Step 2: Select the best location 

Use the inspiration above to select the best place to place the patio table. The location must be inviting and allow you to enjoy your patio space. You can place the table along the poolside under an outdoor umbrella. Or under huge trees to enjoy the fresh air from the canopy. It can also be under a gazebo for some private dining and meetings. 

Step 3: Cleaning and repainting the patio table 

Your patio table has been in storage for a whole season and some dust or dirt has accumulated on it. Use the appropriate procedure and clean the table. After cleaning you can decide to repaint it to cover the small scratches and faded paint. In this case, one coat is enough. Or you can give it a clear finish to make it shine. After all this, place the table on the location you selected above.

Step 4: Arrange the chairs around the table 

The way you will arrange the chairs depends on the type of patio table. If it is a dining table then use dining chairs or restaurant chairs facing each other. If it is a coffee table, then a patio sofa is the best, and throw on some outdoor cushions

To add aesthetics you can throw a few Turkish towels on the back of each chair. The towels will get work when you want to dry wet hands. Or you can lay it on your lap while eating to protect your lap from soup drops. 

Step 5: Add the tablecloth 

This is what provides aesthetics to the patio table. Use your original inspiration to choose the most appropriate tablecloth. If your inspiration is design, choose a tablecloth with traditional design but has a modern type of fabric. If your inspiration is a season, choose a tablecloth with flowers that matches the season. 

And if color inspires you, choose a tablecloth with color matching your outdoor space. For example, use a blue tablecloth when the table is along the poolside to match the color of the water. Or use a green tablecloth when the table is under trees to match with the green canopy. 

Step 6: Add flower vases and patio plants 

This is the natural way of adding aesthetics to the patio table. It makes the table match the natural outdoor space. You can place one huge flower vase in the middle of the table or two small vases at the ends of the table. Also, let the flowers match with your original inspiration. You can also match the color of the flowers with the color of the tablecloth. 

Patio plants are placed on the floor near the table’s legs. They invite you to the table. Their green leaves remind you of the outdoor environment.  Nowadays some homeowners have stands that are the same height as the table or even taller. So the stand is placed near the table and the flower vase or patio plant is placed on the stand. Bringing a more excellent appearance. 

Step 7: Add a bar cart 

It is a small table that has wheels used to serve drinks either indoors or outdoors. The warm weather invites drinks hence you can set the bar cart beside the patio table as a way of dressing your patio table. Arrange the drinks in the bar cart separating the alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. Always ensure you lock the wheels of the bar cart to prevent it from rolling away.

For extra elegance add a bucket of ice in the bar cart. You can also add a bowl of fruits and two sharp knives. And your outdoor table will look superfluous. 

Step 8: Light up the patio table 

You have to enjoy your patio space at night also and the table light comes to use. The common table light is the hurricane lantern, which comes in different colors and designs adding aesthetics to the table. Due to the outdoor wind and breeze, use a glass candle and it is easy to move it around. Nowadays people add snake lights along the table edges as a way of dressing the table. 

Now your patio table is fully dressed and can be used during the day and at night. 


The above procedure will help you to dress your patio table. The final look of your patio table depends on the original inspiration you had in your brain. In modern table dressing, people add extras like table patio heaters to provide heat at night. Or sheep-skin to bring in softness and aesthetics.