How do I Stop My Patio Table from Blowing Over? ( 8 Quick Tips)

Have you ever been sitting on your patio comfortably then all of a sudden your patio table is blown over? 

Depending on the type of material the patio table is made off, it can be a write-off. A good example is when the patio table is made of glass. You can be sure it will not survive being blown over. 

So, what can you do? Instead of always ending up in losses, the option is to try out a few tips and tricks to keep the patio table from easily blowing over. 

Below is a quick guideline on what you have to do. 

  1. Buy patio furniture weights 

You can buy patio furniture recommended weights or sandbags from online shops or your local hardware store. Once you have these weights, place them on the patio table to hold them down. 

It would help if your patio table has a rack where you can place the weights. No one wants to have the sandbag rupturing and pouring all the sand on top of the table. 

The other option would also be attaching the patio furniture weights to the table legs. This is because most manufacturers would offer sandbags with loop straps and hooks. 

  1. Using patio deck anchors 

Patio deck anchors are also a better choice than using sandbags. They would generally be cleaner and will not leave you with sand mess anytime soon. 

Once you have attached the anchors to the patio floor, what is left is to attach the patio table using the recommended strings. Luckily, most anchor kits will have everything that you need for the whole process. 

The manufacturer’s guide should help you install the anchors correctly.

  1. Use sectional wire ties and fasteners

The sectional sofa fasteners will often have connector clips and wire ties to hold down your sofa. The same can be used for holding the patio table. 

These fasteners are a nice addition to your patio since they will often have a great design. Also, they allow for setting them up using many configurations and orientations. 

Make sure that the kit you are buying will have the clips to hold the table. If not, consider buying the regular wire ties and they will do a good job of keeping the patio table from being blown over. 

  1. Consider heavier patio furniture materials

As much as the methods listed are not in any order, I feel this one should have been the first one. It seems like a straightforward solution. 

In case you know that the patio often gets hit with strong winds, go for heavier patio tables that can withstand the wind. 

So, which materials am I talking about? Consider tables made of steel, teak, acacia, wrought iron, and other possible heavy materials. 

Well, the heavy patio tables can sometimes be hard to move around, but you will have to sacrifice some things to get other benefits. 

Do not go for materials such as rattan tables, PVC, or any other common lightweight materials. 

  1. Cover the furniture when not in use 

Sometimes you may find that you are not using patio tables. Instead of leaving them vulnerable to wind. 

Consider covering the patio tables with patio furniture covers then add some sandbags on top. You could also group the patio tables together to provide more stability generally. 

  1. Apply earthquake gel

Yes, you read that right. There is earthquake gel you can use for your patio table. 

The work of this type of gel is to keep the patio table from moving even when there is an earthquake. You can see that it would be able to also hold the patio table even when it is windy. 

Since this gel creates a strong bond that would make it hard to move the patio table, make sure you only attach it to the table and where you want it to be. 

Removing might need a bit of wiggling the patio table, but it will get loose eventually. So, you can see that it would be a great option to keep the patio table from being blown away easily. 

  1. Have a hedge around the patio

A hedge might be just what you need to have around the patio to act as a windbreaker. This is more of a long term project rather than a quick fix. However, once the hedge is in place, you are sure of the best protection for your patio table. 

Some might be concerned that the patio hedge might affect the view of your patio. Well, you may be right. It is advisable to maintain the hedge at the best height that still makes the patio visible and keep your patio table safe. 

Of course, patio hedges would have a lot of work goes into maintaining them. If you do not do proper maintenance, you may end up with branches that are hard to prune. With regular pruning, it should be easy to keep the hedge looking awesome and being useful too. 

  1. Store it indoors 

Your patio furniture does not always have to stay outdoors. There are times when the conditions are no longer favorable for your patio table, so go ahead and store it indoors. 

Think of the time when it seems that there will be many storms in the coming weeks. Such a time will be great to store the patio table indoors. Some storms might lead to major destruction which could be avoided. 


The patio tables can be expensive depending on which you buy. However, it would be awesome if you take good care of them. No one wants to start replacing such patio furniture when there are solutions. 

All the methods discussed above are good for other patio furniture too. It does not have to be for tables alone. Go ahead and try them out.