How Do I Choose Patio String Lights? 6 Tips to Consider

String lights remain some of the most common patio lights in the market. This might make you also want to consider them the next time you need to set up the string lights on your patio. For this reason, it is vital to know what factors to consider for choosing patio lights.

When choosing patio lights, you can consider their brightness, length, installation needed, price, colors, type of cords, and more. Let us find out how each factor is important when choosing patio string lights. 

Length of the String Lights 

The length of the string lights varies from one product to another. Expect most string lights to have a length of 26ft, 28ft, 30ft, up to 100ft. This allows you to choose the string lights based on the size of your patio. 

This kind of information is often listed in the product description with other information, including the brightness and how best to use the string lights. 


Patios are not known for being too bright. This is because people want a glowy look on their patio rather than having too much brightness. So, what kind of brightness are you getting with the string lights?

Patio string lights often have a brightness of 5 to over 100 lumens per bulb. So, take note of the lumen amount as listed by the manufacturer. Only pick a product that can provide the best lighting to your patio. 

Installation Needs 

Installing patio string lights is fairly easy and does not need much. If you have installed other lights before, it should not be a problem. 

You can attach the patio string lights to walls, trees, columns, beams, and so much more. Most of the time, all you need is a stable gun with at least ⅜-inch galvanized steel staples. The reason for galvanized steel staples is to ensure they do not rust. 

The good thing with installation is that you can make different patterns of the string lights as you like, with no problem. 

Type of Bulb 

When looking for patio string lights, you may come across many types of bulbs. The types of patio string lights include standard, globe, fairy, novelty, shaded, and rope. 

As the name suggests, standard patio lights will have a simple design and have the cables spaced evenly along the cable. The cable can be white, black, or dark green, with bulbs around 3 to 4 inches. 

Small bulbs are better for decorative purposes, while larger bulbs can be good for illumination. So, what kind of style are you going for? Answering this question helps you decide on which bulb type to use. 


As expected, having patio string light ideas would also involve using the right string light color. 

White is a common and versatile color for string lights. However, you can find products with different color options. Some allow you to change from one color to another via remote control. 

If you can get a product with detailed information on the lighting color, the better. Some want bright but still cool colors on their patios. LED lights would be advisable in such a scenario. 

The Power Source 

Of course, the power source of your outdoor string lights is very important. The most common power sources for patio string lights include plug-in, solar-powered, and battery-operated. 

A Plug-in power source is the most common and lasting solution to patio string lights. Simply plug the string lights into an outlet, and that is it. 

Also, battery-operated string lights can be an excellent choice if you need to illuminate your outdoor space. You may have to keep replacing the old batteries or recharge them to use the patio string lights. 

Still, you will come across solar-powered string lights. These patio lights will have a solar panel connected to a battery that stores energy generated throughout the day so that the lights can use the energy to provide light at night. 


How bright should patio lights be?

Patio string lights can have a brightness ranging from 50 to 300 lumens, depending on which light type you are going for to illuminate the patio. 

What outdoor string lights are the best?

Consider using plug-in lights are they provide the best durability and reliability while using patio lights. There is still the option of picking battery-powered or solar-powered lights. 

What size of string lights do I need?

It depends on how much area you want to cover. You can consider 20ft as the minimum size so that you can still extend the lights if the need arises in the future. 

What color light is the best for patios?

Warm white has remained a great color for lighting your patio. It has a welcoming and soothing feeling compared to using higher color temperatures.