Expert Advice on When To Buy Patio Furniture

It does not matter what you are shopping for; proper planning is always important. You may end up saving a lot of money when you know the right time to shop for patio furniture. 

You are likely to come across different articles claiming August to October are the best months for shopping for outdoor furniture. However, sometimes you may get a lot more deals during the other months. It is all about finding the right moment and going for it. 

One thing is for sure; different seasons would have different surges in patio furniture needs. There are times more people would be willing to buy outdoor furniture and times when the demand is too low. 

Below, I look at different seasons and how they can affect the sales of patio furniture. 

Fall Shopping

Even with online shopping platforms’ growth, some people still opt for brick-and-mortar stores when shopping for patio furniture. If you have to do this, shop during the fall. 

During fall, more manufacturers would be looking to work on newer models to be released later after winter. 

Also, stores would be willing to sell the outdoor furniture at amazing deals to make more space for new stock later in the year. 

At times you can get up to 70% off in October. Stores understand that not many people would be shopping for such outdoor furniture during winter. 

As much as you can get more deals on patio furniture during this season, the selection can be limited. So, if you ever see a nice outdoor set, buy it right away at such discounts. Do not wait for its price to drop further as someone else will take it. 

Winter Shopping

Some people might be surprised that you are buying patio furniture during winter. Go for it as you might be surprised with what you get. 

January and February are the best months for buying patio furniture in winter. Most stores are willing to drop their prices even further to get you into their stores. 

You might also have to shop online. Not many people are willing to get into the cold to go shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. So, online retailers usually make a killing when they offer outdoor furniture at a discount. 

As much as online stores operate over the internet, they still need a warehouse to store their outdoor furniture. It is expected that such retailers would also slash their prices to make room for newer stock. 

Even though you might get unbeatable prices during winter, you should know where best to store the outdoor furniture until spring. It would be nice if you have a shed or garage to house the furniture until March. 

Spring Shopping

Sometimes you may miss out on fall and winter clearance sales. Do not worry, as you can still get great deals on outdoor furniture during spring too. 

The chances are that more stores would lower their prices to generate more traffic to their stores. This is after experiencing months of low traffic during the winter months. 

As much as the prices might not be as low as they were during fall and winter, you can still get great deals. 

There are some special days such as Earth Days that can have an impact on such furniture too. It is during this day that the eco-friendly brands would have discounts on their furniture. 

If you ever decide to purchase in Spring, make sure it is before May. Keep in mind that many shoppers are thinking the same. So, the earlier to make your purchase, the better before demand gets high. 

If the demand is more, the prices will skyrocket. It is all about the demand and supply principle. 

Summer Shopping

It is easy to be tempted to start shopping for patio furniture during the summer months. However, that might not be so smart. 

Now that the weather outdoors is better, you are likely to get more people spending their time outdoors. This means there is a higher demand for such types of furniture. Anyone who is a frugal shopper would not think of getting patio furniture during the summer months. 

The prices are expected to be higher since more people want patio furniture. 

Well, the Fourth of July might be a silver lining. You can always watch out for sales in your favorite stores to see if they can offer great sales during such a date.  

Additional Tips

  • You should always be patient when you want to buy outdoor furniture. You may have to use it for years, so do not be in a rush. Even if you may have to spend more in the future, give yourself enough time to do proper research. 
  • Always note the return policies and warranties on clearance sales. Since the products are sold on clearance, you might end up not having the option of returning them or the return period is shorter. 
  • Holidays can be also great when looking to get yourself great deals on different patio furniture. It could be New Year’s Day, Christmas, or Black Friday. All holidays are prime time for getting sales on different outdoor furniture.  

The Takeaway

Shopping for patio furniture does not have to be expensive. If you do your research better, there is a chance of saving up to 70% in some cases. 

Focus more on buying outdoor furniture during fall and mid-winter to get yourself the best patio furniture at a bargain. 

Proper research is always important. Do not easily settle for outdoor furniture that is the cheapest in the store. Get something that would last you longer.