Does Teak Furniture Last Outside? Expert Tips

A patio or deck with teak furniture is an attractive sight. There is a vast selection of teak outdoor furniture to fit the demands of every customer and every outdoor situation. However, if you do not adequately care for your teak furniture, it may not last as long or look as nice as it did when it was first purchased.

Teak wood naturally resists moisture, which is one of the reasons it is so often used for outdoor furniture. In contrast to other species of wood, teak will not rot if exposed to rain because it has natural oils that repel water. However, this oil will dry up with time, especially if the furniture is left in the hot, direct sunlight year after year.

When this oil evaporates, the wood acquires an unappealing grey tone. Furthermore, it may crack and split, leaving the patio furniture worthless. The good news is that there are techniques to preserve the perfect quality of your teak patio furniture.

Five points prove teak wood is the best if you want your outdoor furniture to last long. They include;

Weather resistant

The ability of teak outdoor furniture to withstand any environment is among its most outstanding characteristics. This wood is resistant to warping, cracking, and brittleness because it has one of the few natural oils that effectively repels water. Teak outdoor furniture is immune to the corrosive effects of sea air, heavy snowfall, and bright sunshine throughout the year. For this reason, most upmarket ski resorts utilize teak for outdoor furniture.

Pest resistant

Resins and oils protecting against the weather are good repellents against insects such as termites and sea borer larvae. If you buy teak patio furniture, you can be confident that insects will not be an issue.

Low maintenance needs

Outdoor teak wood furniture does not need additional treatments to appear attractive. Due to the high oil content of teak, the wood will age smoothly to a consistent patina instead of darkening or becoming spotted. Use a natural teak sealer from a marine merchant to restore the boat’s showroom luster.

Consistency in beauty

When teak wood furniture is fresh new, it has a warm honey tint. Over time, it will acquire a gorgeous grey patina. If you are concerned about color fading, we have suggestions for you. Whether untreated or after exposure to the weather, natural teak wood offers a classy touch to any outdoor scene.

To add, unlike metal, teak wood does not ever rust. When most wood comes into contact with metal, they rapidly rot and corrode. Other than a few other woods, teak is not one of them. The abundance of metal fittings is an additional excellent aspect that contributes to the longevity of teak outdoor furniture.

It lasts over a lifetime

Teak outdoor furniture is durable and resistant to the elements. As proof of the durability of teak, park benches recovered from decommissioned ships in England are at least a century old. If you purchase high-quality teak patio furniture today, you may be able to pass it down to your grandkids.

Can teak furniture last outside during winter?

Your teak furniture does not need to be brought inside during the colder months; it may be left outside year-round. Teak is naturally resistant to all but the most severe weather conditions due to its inherent properties. It will get dirtier and need more maintenance than spring and summer-only furniture.

Teak sealants

As previously said, natural teak may be distinguished by its peculiar honey-brown hue. As the wood ages and loses more natural oils, its initial golden-brown hue transforms into a silvery grey patina. This phenomenon is known as “weathering.”

Some homeowners like the grey patina that weathering imparts to teak, while others want to maintain its original brown hue. Sealing or protecting your teak furniture is one of the most effective methods for ensuring its durability.

Teak-specific sealants limit the evaporation of the wood’s natural oils, increasing its resistance to the elements. In addition, sealants protect the wood from degradation caused by water, mold, and UV radiation.

Before selecting a teak sealer, it is crucial to research the available options.

We do not recommend using teak oil for this reason. Regularly oiled teak outdoor furniture may develop various defects and maintenance requirements. Sealants and guards are unnecessary since high-quality teak already has the required oils to thrive in the elements.