Does a Backyard Patio Increase Home Value?

Yes, a backyard patio adds value to your home. The material used to make the patio has value and it also adds aesthetic value to your home. Since it has an impact on your lifestyle it ends up adding value too. The amount of value depends on the type of patio. For example, if you use high-quality material and include beautiful designs, the patio will add more value to your home. 

There are several types of patios depending on the material used to construct them. Some construction materials have a higher value than others. For example, a tile patio has a higher value than a sand patio. 

If your home is for sale, construct a patio that is not too cheap because the low-quality material can send the wrong message. Also, the material should not be too expensive because it can be hard to return your patio investment.  

Types of Backyard Patios 

  1. Concrete patio 

This is the most common type of patio because it is very affordable. It is easy to install and maintain. It is the most durable type of patio because concrete is hard and weather-resistant. 

Cement is readily available in most parts of the world. Cement gives you a chance to incorporate any design that you want because it can be used in combination with other materials like gravel.

Concrete is resistant to rough weather conditions like storms and floods. Both the walls and the floor can be made of concrete. Cleaning is the first maintenance tip of a concrete patio. Use ordinary soap and a hard brush to wash the concrete floor. Consider painting the concrete wall for it to stay for long and remain elegant. 

Winter is the worst season for a concrete patio because it encourages freezing and thawing that destroy the concrete. Freezing and thawing lead to cracks on the structure which in turn makes the patio weak. Add steel granules in the concrete to control these temperature changes. 

You can also add color components if you want different colors. 

  1. Gravel patio 

This is another common type of patio. It provides a natural look of rough stones on your patio. This has a natural aesthetic look that adds value to your home. It makes you feel like you are out hiking when you sit on your patio. 

It is a very affordable type of patio because gravel is easy to find. It is a very durable patio and can allow you to enjoy the value of your money.

A gravel floor is the best option if you want to have an open roof patio. This is because gravel offers good drainage by allowing water to pass through it. It is easy to install a gravel patio and does not need an expert. Many people are upgrading their patios to gravel because it does not allow weeds to grow as stones choke dangerous weeds. 

The downside of a gravel patio is that it is uncomfortable to walk on it. It has a wonderful natural look but it is uncomfortable to walk on the rough surface. Most people like to relax when their bodies feel free of clothes or footwear like shoes. But a gravel patio does not allow you to walk without shoes. The rough surface also affects the stability of your patio furniture. 

  1. Clay-brick patio 

This is the most elegant type of patio. Start by purchasing or molding the clay brick that you want. Then lay them on the patio floor while others can construct the patio wall. There are several designs of clay bricks, so you can choose any design you want. The clay bricks also come in several shapes like triangle bricks, rectangle bricks, and hexagonal bricks. 

Unlike the gravel patio, the clay-brick patio provides a smooth surface that allows you to walk without shoes. The smooth surface also makes your patio furniture stable at any position. Nowadays, there are clay bricks called reclaimed bricks, which are loved by many because they are environmentally friendly. 

The limitation of the clay-brick patio is that it is expensive to construct and maintain the patio. This type of patio requires a lot of care for it to stay looking good for many years. You can install any pattern or style you want but it needs the skills of an expert which are hard to find and expensive. It is also hard to make a repair of a clay-brick patio. 

  1. Sand patio 

This is the cheapest type of patio because sand is readily available and easy to install. Sand is not a popular type of patio because many people prefer gravel patios. It is a cheap type of patio but has many limitations that discourage most homeowners. A sand patio is the best if you have an open fire pit as your patio heater. 

Sand patios encourage dust in the dry season and mud in the rain season. Both dust and mud are very dangerous when they stick on your patio furniture. You can have a hard time cleaning patio furniture like the seat cushions. Sand is the best option for temporary patios. However sand can be the best if it gets the right environment like a beach home. 

  1. Tile patio

This is the modern patio style. Tiles come in different sizes, colors, and designs. Tiles make your patio look elegant because you can mix and match the different colors or designs. Tile patios work hand in hand with concrete patios. You must have a flat concrete slab before you lay the tiles. Tiles are easy to clean because sand or mud does not stick on them. 

A tile patio is very soft and smooth allowing you to walk on them barefooted. You can even sleep on the floor if you have a carpet. Tiles can also have different textures. Install rough surface tiles if you have an open patio that gets wet most of the time. But smooth surface tiles are for covered patios that do not require grip. 

The downside of a tile patio is that it gets cold easily, making it uncomfortable on your legs. Lay a carpet on the tile floor and your feet will stay warm. Tiles are also expensive to purchase and consume a lot of cement when installing them. These extra expenses are hard to recover if the home is for sale.


A backyard patio adds value to your home because the material and skills used to make the patio are valuable. The patio also adds aesthetic value to the home landscape, which in turn can increase the general value of the home. Extras on your patio like the outdoor kitchen helps you to negotiate the price of your home.