Do Outdoor String Lights Attract Bugs?

Whenever you are looking for the best string lights for your patio or outdoor space, you are likely to ask yourself if the lights would attract bugs. 

You may have seen that some types of lights tend to have more bugs than others. This means that you should always consider picking the best lights that can still keep the bugs away. 

Color Spectrums 

What you should know is that bugs are mostly attracted to lights based on different color spectrums. 

This was after it was noticed that bugs would be repelled by LED light more than other lights. However, the LED bulb does not repel the bugs. This is because bugs are attracted to certain color spectrums. So, it means that the bugs are simply not attracted to a certain color spectrum used in LED bulbs. 

There have been a few studies conducted on bugs to understand if they can be attracted to different colors. The colors that were used in the studies include white, blue, green, black, red, and yellow. 

Bugs Can Only Be Attracted to Light They Can See

Just like humans, insects are also attracted to specific colors. Humans can see colors within the wavelengths 400 to 700 nm. This is called the visible color. This range is also true for the bugs. So, in case the light color is from outside the range, the bugs would not be attracted to it. 

Some light wavelengths can attract more bugs than others. This is because they have shorter wavelengths of 400 to 600 nm. The same bugs are also attracted to the color temperature of the light. 

Some might be wondering, is there a chance of reducing the bugs significantly? Well, that is why LED lights seem to be the best solutions for many people right now. 

Why Choose LED Lights to Handle Bugs?

LED bulbs do not always attract bugs since they produce long wavelengths of light and also maintain the heat low. 

It is worth noting that these LED bulbs also produce little to no UV radiation. This should make the lights perfect for your home. 

Based on studies, the worst lights you can use outdoors are the traditional bulbs. These bulbs have light wavelengths that simply attract the bugs even more. 

If you do not want the bright color, you can always opt for LED lights having warm colors. The warm colors are orange and yellow. This will make your patio look great while at the same time keeping the bugs to a minimum. 

Common Styles for Outdoor Patio Lights 

Now that you know how LED lights are important for a patio, you might be interested in getting some lights right away. There will be different types of lights generally for you to consider. Here are some of them;

  • Fairy lights 

You must have come across such types of lights. They are the most common with different operation modes. You will notice that they can either twinkle or sometimes remain steady. It depends on the mode that you choose. 

Fairy lights can be described as small LED lights with no covers. These lights are attached to the wire directly and can be available in several colors. 

  • Edison bulb strings 

This is another top choice for those who want something for commercial use. Well, you could still use them for regular applications. 

You can get the idea which type of bulbs you will be using from the name of the product. These are simply Edison LED bulbs that have a shape of the normal bulbs. You can expect most of these lights to have a warm white or yellow color. These colors give off a cozy appearance. 

  • Lantern strings 

If you want a different design, you can always consider the lantern strings. They would have a lantern-like shape. The idea is to make the patio have a nice look while at the same standout for their lights too. 

You should get more such lights just in case the lanterns get damaged due to the exposure to elements. 

  • LED Ropes 

These are also common LED strings you can use for your patio. Such lights will be covered in plastic as a way of making them withstand the weather. They are often designed to be in the form of a long rope. 

You are likely to come across different colors when picking such strings. What is important is that you pick warm colors to make the patio look great and offer better ambience. 

  • Solar string lights 

In case you find it hard to access power outdoors, solar lights are a nice choice. These lights can run on their own power supply for days. So long as there is sunlight, they can recharge their batteries for later use. 

You can significantly save on the energy bills when you have your outdoor lights as solar lights. 

Final Thoughts 

At this point, you know why not all outdoor string lights do not attract bugs. This should help you only buy the right outdoor lights. As such, you can be sure that your patio will be free of any bugs so that you can relax even better. If that is something you want, always go for LED lights. You will always relax on your patio at night and not have to deal with bugs.