Can Outdoor Patio Lights be used indoors?

Yes, outdoor lights can be used indoors. But it also depends on the type of patio light and the fixtures of the outdoor light. Outdoor lights are made to resist the harsh outdoor environment. For example, floodlights are too bright hence cannot be used indoors.  When outdoor lights are indoors, they only help with visibility.

How Long Do Patio Light Fixtures Last?

Patio lights are important to your home, especially at night. They boost the outside look of your home and give it a welcoming ambiance. If you do not have one, consider buying one and experience the feeling yourself.  However, just how long will the patio lights serve you? You should try going for long-term solutions.

Can Patio Lights Get Wet? Protecting Them from the Rain

Yes, outdoor patio lights can get wet. Too much rain can find its way into your nice string of LED bulbs. In turn, this affects the efficiency and durability of your patio lights. This is where the IP rating becomes important and you have to check out for it before purchasing a patio light. Outdoor

Are LED Bulbs OK for Outdoor Use?

I am sure you have come across a well-lit patio picture and wondered you should not do the same for your patio. Some use strings of LED bulbs to create a fascinating view. It is however important to have some questions on your dream patio lighting. Will the LED bulbs work well outside? LED light

How Far Apart Should Patio Lights Be? 9 Quick Tips

The distance between lights on your patio depends on two factors. How dense do you want your patio to be and the size of your patio lights. Many homeowners recommend the light spacing should be between 12 inches and 3 feet.  There are several types of patio lights, but string lights are common on most

How to Hang Patio Lights on Stucco

There are several types of patio lights such as string lights, spotlights, floodlights, step lights, and garden lights. Out of all these patio lights, string lights are the most used. This is why I am going to focus on how to hang string lights on stucco.  Stucco is the outermost thin layer on a wall

Can You Dim LED Patio Lights? The Best LED Light Dimmers

Whenever you need to accessorize your patio, the options would include the use of LED lights. Since LED lights are power efficient, it makes sense to have them hanging on your patio to provide the necessary light you need.  Most people love the ambience that comes with patio lights. However, creating an ambience will at