Is Polywood Good for Outdoor Furniture?

Whenever you want to buy outdoor furniture, the chances are you will come across various material choices. It could be aluminum, wicker, and many others. However, have you ever heard of polywood? Yes, you read it right, it is “polywood” and not “plywood”. Sometimes people tend to confuse the two. Well, learning about what is

How Do You Wrap Patio Furniture? (Two Methods)

The best way to wrap your patio furniture is doing an act called shrink wrapping. Shrinkwrap is a roll of sheet/film that is used to protect the furniture for moving purposes. There is also an industrial sheet that is used to wrap patio furniture during cold months. Industrial sheeting uses heat while ordinary shrink wrap

How do I Keep Mice Out of my Patio Furniture? (Natural Ways)

Just from the TV shows and cartoons, a mouse is a tricky and destructive little creature. Keeping mice off your patio furniture requires some skills and patience. Try to use natural measures to prevent mice before you go to chemicals and tough traps. The cushions and the wicker materials are patio furniture that are more

What Can I Use to Cover Patio Furniture?

It is general knowledge that patio furniture is at high risk of damage. This is mostly from the many outdoor elements such as bad weather, children, and animals. As such, covers are necessary.  However, there are different covers best fit for different purposes. You can even get general-purpose covers to protect the patio furniture. For

How to Clean Mesh Patio Furniture

Mesh is a knitted fabric that has many closely spaced holes. It can also be said to be a loosely woven fabric.  Mesh patio furniture is one of the most comfortable outdoor furniture but the problem comes to cleaning it. Cleaning a mesh fabric requires one to follow some strict steps because if you don’t,

How to Clean Patio Furniture Without a Hose

Patio furniture is often exposed to many elements of dirt, grime, and so much more. For any rational human being cleanliness is part of day to day activity and cleaning your patio furniture is part of it.  Normally, patio furniture is made of material that is weather resistant, but this does not mean that it

What is the Best Material for Patio Furniture Covers?

Patio furniture spends most of its time outdoors. This makes them vulnerable to many weather conditions, dirt, and rust. The right type of cover is needed for each type of patio furniture. Also, every weather condition requires a specific type of cover. For example there is a specific cover to protect your patio furniture from