What is the Best Patio Cover Idea for Rain?

A patio is made to be used during hot sunny days. This is where you sit and relax on your patio while you watch the wonderful landscape of your home. However, days pass and seasons change then comes the rainy season. Your patio cannot stay idle because of the rain. This is why we have

What is Alumawood Patio Cover?

Alumawood patio cover is an aluminum type of patio cover that has been painted, manufactured, and embossed into shapes and sizes that look like wood. It looks like cedarwood. This product is an elegant low maintenance patio cover that is durable than all other types of patio covers on the market nowadays.  It is an

What Lumber to Use for Patio Covers? (4 Top Picks)

Always get the value of your money. Nobody wants to construct a patio that will only look good for a few months then the cover starts to fall or discolor. All these problems come from poor selection of the wrong quality of lumber for patio covers.  When it comes to patio covers there are three

How Long do Retractable Awnings Last? Best Care Tips

A retractable awning is an adjustable extension that provides shade and comfort like a roof. It allows you as a homeowner to enjoy your patio without constructing a permanent structure.  From outside, an awning shields the strong sun radiations while preventing excess heat from entering the house through the windows. It has a frame and

Are Patio Covers Worth It? 6 Reasons to Buy One

A patio cover is an extended roof structure above your patio and it is normally supported by posts. A patio cover can either have an open roof or a closed one. One unique characteristic of a patio cover is that it should be directly attached to the house or your home. Its main function is

How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?

Each time you are relaxing under a patio cover, you can easily forget about how much you spent getting one.  Most people might not know the cost of patio covers since it is not something you have to replace more often. What is important is that you always get yourself the right patio cover.  The