Can you Power Wash Outdoor Cushions? (Pro Washing Tips)

To answer this question, first, you have to understand what power washing is. Power washing is the technique of using heated high-pressure water to clean a surface. It is different from pressure washing because pressure washing does not use heated water.  So, yes you can power wash patio cushions. However, most homeowners do not recommend

What is the Best Gravel Size for Patio?

Different areas on the patio have different gravel sizes. The different gravel sizes are to encourage the functionality of that area. For example, the fire pit area must have larger gravel than the furniture area on the patio. In general, gravel size for a patio ranges between a half an inch and two inches. Any

How Can I Make an Inexpensive Patio? (Expert Tips)

The importance of patios is known and I should not echo that. You can construct a patio in many different ways. This will add value and aesthetics to your home. It is a place where people could gather anytime and thus should not cost too much to construct.  You can construct the patio with your

What Are the Best Patio Cover Ideas for Rain? (Resolved)

What do you enjoy doing on your patio? It may be drinking a cocktail, reading a novel, or dozing off. Either way, a covered patio will improve the experience by providing protection from rain and the sun. The conditions of the patio are maintained so that you hang there as long as you want. This

Do You Need to Seal Patio Paint?

Yes, it is great if you apply a sealant on your patio paint. Though it is not a must, a sealant protects the patio paint from peeling and it also makes it easy to clean the wall or the patio furniture. A paint sealer can either be applied before painting the surface or after painting

Can you put a Gazebo on the Deck?

Yes, you can install a gazebo on a deck but it depends on both the type of gazebo and the type of deck. For example, a wooden deck is not strong enough to hold the weight of a concrete gazebo. So the general rule is that the deck must be strong enough to withstand the

Where Should I put my Gazebo in my Backyard?

Where to put your gazebo in your backyard depends on several factors. For example, the size and shape of your backyard will determine if the gazebo will be close to the house or not. If you want a private gazebo that you will be using alone, then a gazebo away from the house is the

How do you Anchor a Wooden Gazebo?

The procedure of anchoring a wooden gazebo depends on the surface you are installing the gazebo on. There are three surfaces where you can install a wooden gazebo. These are; on the grass, on concrete and on pavers. Each surface has its own procedure of anchoring the gazebo. A wooden gazebo is more delicate to

What is the Best Patio Cover Idea for Rain?

A patio is made to be used during hot sunny days. This is where you sit and relax on your patio while you watch the wonderful landscape of your home. However, days pass and seasons change then comes the rainy season. Your patio cannot stay idle because of the rain. This is why we have