How Much Does a Gazebo Weigh?

When it comes to gazebos, you can either build them from the scratch or buy a pre-built one then install it. Of course, it is hard to know the weight of a gazebo that is built from scratch. But the pre-built gazebos come with the average weight indicated. Some of the pre-built gazebos are portable

What Material Best Blocks the Sun?

Sunlight contains two main light waves which are the ultraviolet rays and the x-rays. When it comes to patio furniture, ultraviolet radiations are the problem. Ultraviolet rays or commonly known as UV rays can easily destroy your patio furniture over the years. This is why sun resistant or UV resistant material is required to block

How Do You Make a Canopy Waterproof?

A canopy is a huge, but free-standing cover that is used as shade and sometimes to protect people from rain when they are seated outside. There are two main types of patio canopies, which are, gazebo canopies and polyester canopies. Both these canopies need to be waterproofed. Each type has its own way of waterproofing. 

What is the Difference Between Canopy and Gazebo?

These are two structures that are common among many homeowners. If you look at them with a simple mind you can think they are similar, but there are some basic differences between them.  In this article I am going to talk about the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of both structures. This will help you if

Do Gazebos Protect You from the Sun?

You are free on a hot-sunny day, the best option of a shade is under a gazebo. Then the question: does a gazebo protect you from the sun pops into your mind. Yes, a gazebo can protect you from the sun, but in a limited way. Using statistical mathematics, it can be said that a

How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?

Each time you are relaxing under a patio cover, you can easily forget about how much you spent getting one.  Most people might not know the cost of patio covers since it is not something you have to replace more often. What is important is that you always get yourself the right patio cover.  The

How Long Does a Gazebo or Canopy Last?

Whenever you buy a gazebo, you would want something that lasts longer to give you the best service. That cannot happen if you end up with canopies that fail after just a few months.  It is possible to get different types of gazebos in the market. They include metal gazebos, canopies, wooden gazebos, and pop