How Much Weight Is Needed To Hold Down A Canopy?

A canopy is a great way to add shade and protection from the elements to your outdoor space. However, one important consideration when setting up a canopy is ensuring that it is properly secured. This often involves adding weight to the canopy to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds. We look how

How Can I Make an Inexpensive Patio? (Expert Tips)

The importance of patios is known and I should not echo that. You can construct a patio in many different ways. This will add value and aesthetics to your home. It is a place where people could gather anytime and thus should not cost too much to construct.  You can construct the patio with your

Do You Need to Seal Patio Paint?

Yes, it is great if you apply a sealant on your patio paint. Though it is not a must, a sealant protects the patio paint from peeling and it also makes it easy to clean the wall or the patio furniture. A paint sealer can either be applied before painting the surface or after painting

Do Steel Gazebos Rust? 5 Ways to Prevent Rust

Yes, a steel gazebo can rust. Ordinary steel catches rust faster than stainless steel. Most metallic gazebos have ordinary steel rather than stainless steel.  Ordinary steel has iron and carbon which are the main elements that accelerate rusting. Chromium is added in the steel to make stainless steel. Stainless steel can also rust if it

How Long do Fabric Gazebos Last? (4 Fabric Types)

The durability of fabric gazebos depends on the type of fabric material. There are several materials that can be used to make a fabric gazebo. And each material has its own denier weight. Denier weight is a unit of measurement that represents the mass density of fabric fiber. The higher the denier weight your gazebo

Does a Backyard Patio Increase Home Value?

Yes, a backyard patio adds value to your home. The material used to make the patio has value and it also adds aesthetic value to your home. Since it has an impact on your lifestyle it ends up adding value too. The amount of value depends on the type of patio. For example, if you

How Many Sides Does a Gazebo have?

The number of sides of a gazebo depends on the size of the gazebo. Large gazebos like 10feet by 10feet or 12feet by 12feet can have six to eight sides. While small gazebos that are less than 8feet by 8feet can have five sides or simply four sides. However, there are gazebos that are round

What is Patio Paint? Tips for a Beautiful Patio

Patios would look awesome if you use the best color for paint. Well, colors are only a small part of picking your next patio paint, you need to get the right paint meant for patio applications.  So, patio paint is simply paint designed to be weather resistant for outdoor use. It will definitely be better