Can you Swing in a Hammock? (Pro Tips)

Yes, you can swing in a hammock. It requires a few simple steps to acquire the desired rocking speed. Some people say that rocking in a hammock makes you much more comfortable than just laying in it. When listening to music or reading a book while rocking in a hammock is the best way to relax. 

Some hammock users can swing in it but they find themselves in a very uncomfortable position that can lead to backaches after a few hours. The procedure below will allow you to swing in your hammock but still maintain a very comfortable position. Some hammock accessories like the outdoor cushion will keep you in a very comfortable position. 

How to Swing in a Hammock 

Tie your hammock at 30 degrees angle so that it does not look like it is sagging. Make sure your hammock is made with strong fabric because rocking in it produces resistance force that can tear up the fabric. The hammock ropes should also be strong so that they do not snap due to rocking. Have an outdoor cushion so that you can swing in a comfortable position. 

Step 1 

Place the outdoor cushion (of about two inches thick) in the middle of the hammock or where your buttocks will be. Then lie in the hammock. You will find out that the midsection of your body is somehow raised because of the outdoor cushion. 

Step 2 

Let your right leg out of the hammock and make sure the knee is on the edge of the hammock. Ensure when you bend the right leg it can touch the right buttock or almost touching it. This is the best position you can swing in the hammock. 

Step 3 

Quickly move the right knee to the right so that your leg forms a triangle with the rest of your body. Doing so will make the hammock swing to the left. When the left swing reaches the peak, move the right knee to the opposite side and the hammock will swing to the right. Here also, when the swing reaches the peak, move the knee as you did the first time. 

Step 4

Repeat step 3 above up to when you will acquire the desired rocking speed. Then lower the right knee so that you can prolong the swinging. When the swinging speed becomes too low you can do step three above again. When you feel like the right leg is tired to propel you then allow it to rest and use the left leg. Now relax and read your book or listen to your music. 

How to Make an Automatic Hammock Swing 

With the help of a reverse gear motor with the threaded rotor, you can make an automatic hammock swing. You will be comfortable with both of your legs in the hammock and the machine does the rest. It is a simple procedure and anybody with a little technical knowledge can install this machine on the hammock. 

The automatic hammock swing is becoming popular because it allows you to enjoy a hammock in a comfortable manner. However, this method is somehow expensive because of the high price of the reverse gear motor. The fueling cost of the motor also discourages many people. 

What you need 

  • A strong piece of cloth like vinyl 
  • Long rope
  • Stakes 
  • Metal pipe 
  • Metal drill 
  • Reverse geared motor with threaded rotor 

Step 1 

Find a good shade between two trees that are about two meters apart. Cut the piece of cloth into a rectangle that can fit your whole body. Then make holes on each corner of the fabric. You can sew around the holes to prevent them from tearing up. But if the sewing machine is not available then use it like that. 

Step 2 

Pass one rope through the holes on one side and also do the same with the holes on the other side of the fabric. Tie both ends on the two opposite trees. Then your hammock is done. 

Step 3 

Now is the time to make the automatic swing. Use the ropes and stakes to secure the motor on the ground. Secure the motor some distance away from the hammock but it should be in the middle lengthwise of the hammock. 

Step 4

Take the metal pipe and drill a hole on both ends and another one in the middle of the pipe. Now screw the pipe on the motor using the middle hole. Tie ropes on each hole at the end of the metal pipe. Make sure the ropes can reach the hammock. 

Step 5

Make two holes on the hammock fabric on the side facing the motor. One hole should be at the top while another one at the bottom. Tie the ropes from the metal pipe to the new holes. 

Step 6

Turn on the motor and you will see it slowly turning the pipe in one direction and pulling the rope to the other side. Shortly it will stop and turn the pipe to the other direction and pull the other side of the rope. This will create a rocking or swinging motion to the hammock. You can make the range of rocking bigger by using a larger pipe. Lay back and enjoy the swinging hammock.


It is true you can swing in a hammock. You can use your leg to propel yourself or choose to use the reverse gear motor. The manual way is the easiest way to swing in a hammock but it does not allow you to enjoy the hammock because your legs can get tired, especially the knee. The motor allows you to enjoy the hammock with your whole body in the hammock.

However, some hammock users say the motor is also not good because it produces noise that does not allow you to relax. It is also not portable because the motor is heavy and takes time to install. And it is hard to use when you are alone, you need another person to switch it on and off.