Can You Leave Wicker Furniture Outside In The Winter? Natural vs. Resin

It is possible that winter might be around the corner and you are wondering whether to get your wicker furniture indoors or not. 

Wicker outdoor furniture can survive the winter only if it is made of synthetic resin that can survive outdoor conditions. However, natural wicker might not last long when left out in the cold winter months. 

The all-weather wicker furniture is made using polyethylene and PVC materials. The outdoor wicker furniture mostly does not use natural wicker material which is mostly grass and reeds, but a synthetic resin key for making sure the furniture withstands the outdoor conditions. This does not mean you cannot get natural wicker outdoor furniture. 

The resin is made to be durable and can withstand the effects of water, snow, UV rays, and more. As you can see, such type of patio furniture should withstand winter

How is durability improved?

The polyethylene outdoor wicker furniture will likely have better durability thanks to having dyed resin wicker rather than being painted. This approach is key in ensuring you have outdoor furniture that can last a long time. 

As much as the PVC resin wicker can also stand up to extreme conditions, it might not survive as many winters as that made of polyethylene wicker resin. It tends to chip or corrode when exposed to cold climate and can be toxic to the environment. 

The Frame Material 

It is vital that you also consider the frame material if you want to end up with the best wicker furniture that can withstand winter. 

The frame material can vary from one brand to another. Most of the options include iron, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and more. 

Iron-based frames tend to rust when left out in the snow during winter or even the rainy season. So, ensure that you get outdoor wicker furniture made of all-weather hardware. Such materials are aluminum and steel. 

Aluminum will not corrode, but sometimes it can be too light for some windy areas. This means that you may have to reinforce it or tie it down to your patio to avoid it from being blown away. 

Storing Wicker Furniture During Winter 

The first thing is to establish which type of wicker furniture you have. If it is natural wicker, you may want to store it properly during winter. The synthetic resin wicker furniture can be left outside, but it depends on the other conditions too. 

Natural wicker tends to chip with time and would need extra care while washing before storage. It is then advisable to wash such wicker furniture less frequently to avoid splintering. 

Using an oil-based soap and warm water should do the trick. Make sure to dry it with a soft towel before storage. 

Synthetic resin wick furniture is simpler to maintain. You can simply hose it down with water and scrub it to remove the tough stains. Let it dry and store it before winter. Some even leave them outdoors without a problem. 

Also, the resin wick furniture also has UV and weather-resistant coatings vital for ensuring it can last longer outdoors without falling apart. 

How Long Can Wicker Furniture Survive Outside?

If you care for wicker furniture, it can last as long as 10 to 15 years. This is for natural wicker furniture. Synthetic wicker furniture can survive a lot longer considering it is made to withstand such conditions while at the same time maintaining the look of natural wick furniture. 

Here are some quick tips on how to protect wicker furniture and keep it looking good for longer;

  • Make sure it is protected from the sun 
  • Keep the natural wicker clean 
  • Clear the spills immediately
  • Have deep cleaning of the wicker furniture every six months 
  • Use lemon oil to extend the life of wicker furnishings
  • Cover up the wicker furniture during storage 
  • Clean the furniture before storage 

Here is a video on how to clean wicker 


It all depends on the type of wicker furniture you have. If it is natural wicker, it might not be advisable to leave it outdoors during winter. We find that synthetic resin wicker furniture can survive the worst. It might not have the feel of natural wicker but compensates by being highly durable and can be left outdoors in winter. We still recommend properly storing such furniture even if it can handle the harsh weather.