Can Outdoor Patio Lights be used indoors?

Yes, outdoor lights can be used indoors. But it also depends on the type of patio light and the fixtures of the outdoor light. Outdoor lights are made to resist the harsh outdoor environment. For example, floodlights are too bright hence cannot be used indoors. 

When outdoor lights are indoors, they only help with visibility. But when they are outdoors they have many uses. Some provide security while others provide aesthetics. As an illustration, flood lights provide security while string lights add aesthetics to your outdoors. Study the purpose of your outdoor light and see if it can do the same indoors. 

Purpose/Benefits/Uses of Outdoor Lights 

  1. Add aesthetics 

Outdoor lights make the natural beauty of your home look excellent. They make your patio look wonderful at night and give you an opportunity to use your patio when the sun goes down. Some light up the foot paths making your home defined. While others light up your backyard garden into a perfect green space. 

Outdoor lights allow you to enjoy the natural aesthetic at night. And even make them look better than during the day. String lights also combine with the green foliage and bring out an extraordinary look. Underwater lights can make your swimming pool look like an ocean. 

  1.  Security 

As the old saying goes “evil only happens in the darkness”. Here also outdoor lights will protect you from intruders. They give you a chance to spot an outsider before he/she brings harm to your property. Flood lights are the best at this job. Outdoor lights also help the dogs and security guards to their job well. 

Nowadays you can find outdoor lights with motion detectors that turn on once any movement is detected. Some have digital cameras that broadcast twenty four hours a day. 

  1. Safety 

We need light to walk around at night. Outdoor lights allow you to be safe at night. You can have lights along the foot paths so that you can see where you are going. Lights along patio stair rails keep you safe by lighting up where you are stepping. Some outdoor lights show you where to take a turn and where to lower your head. Without such lights people can injure themselves. 

  1. Increase the value of your home 

The law of business states that the extras will attract customers. It is not a must to have outdoor lights, but they can increase the value of your home. They add aesthetics which in turn attract customers. Light up your outdoors and you will have buyers knocking on your door at night. The beauty and elegance that the lights provide give you bargaining power.

State any price and the buyer will accept. However, be careful not to use expensive outdoor lights. Because it can be hard to return your investment. Use ordinary, but elegant lights and you will sell your home at a good price. 

  1. A chance to enjoy your patio at night 

It can be expensive to construct a patio sometimes. And outdoor lights give you a chance to enjoy your outdoor space at night. Imagine spending money on something that wears off without enjoying it. Outdoor lights give you an opportunity to sit and relax with your friends the whole night and day. Even during the winter you can still sit outside and play with the snow. 

How to Clean Outdoor Lights 

What you need 

  • A piece of cloth 
  • Ordinary detergent 
  • A gallon of water 
  • One bucket 
  • Ladder if the lights are at a high level
  • Plastic hand gloves 
  • Rubber shoes 
  • Screw driver  

Step 1 

Take the ladder and position it near the light you want to clean. Most patio lights have bulb covers that protect the bulb from rough weather conditions. 

Step 2 

Using a screwdriver or a spanner where necessary, open the bulb cover. Be careful if the bulb covers are glass. Place the bulb cover aside and you will work on it later. 

Step 3 

Place clean water in a bucket and add ordinary detergent. Shake the water vigorously until bubbles form. 

Step 4

Now dip a clean piece of cloth in the soapy solution. Squeeze it to remove excess water. Climb up the ladder and wipe the outdoor light, the bulb holder and any metallic surface. Wear rubber shoes and plastic hand gloves to avoid any electric shock. Wipe until there is no dirt, dust and molds. Do not pour water on the light because you can create a disaster. 

Step 5 

Give time for the bulb to dry including the bulb holder. Clean up the bulb cover as you wait for the light system to dry. Place the bulb cover in the soapy water and scrub both the inside and outside using the piece of cloth. 

Some people take long before they clean their outdoor lights. Hence they give a chance the bulb covers to form hard stains. In such a case, use vinegar or alcohol to scrub the cover. 

Step 6 

Once you see the bulb cover is clear and clean, rinse it in clean water. Wipe the cover with a dry piece of cloth and allow it to dry. 

Step 7 

When the cover is dry, climb up the ladder and screw it back. Paint up any metallic surfaces of the outdoor light that is showing rust.


Yes, you can use outdoor lights indoors, but the purpose will change. Indoors the lights are for illumination purposes. But outdoor lights have many functions such as security, aesthetics, and safety. Outdoor lights can also have commercial use by adding the value of your home. However, not all outdoor lights can be used indoors like flood lights which are too bright. 

Maintain your outdoor lights by cleaning them as recommended. Use an evaporating solvent like spirit to clean the outdoor lights. Or you can use soapy water and a dry piece of cloth to wipe the patio light. Do not pour water on the lighting system because you risk getting an electric shock.