Can a Patio Umbrella Stand Without a Table?

Yes, a patio umbrella can stand without a table if it has an umbrella stand. An umbrella stand is different from an umbrella base. An umbrella stand is bigger and heavier than an umbrella base hence it can support a patio umbrella without a table. The weight of an umbrella stand depends on the size of the umbrella. 

The larger the umbrella the heavier the stand. A good umbrella stand must maintain the umbrella stable and rooted with no support from a table. But the umbrella base needs a table for the umbrella to remain stable. An umbrella stand supports thirty centimeters or even more for the umbrella pole. The base only supports less than 30cm of the umbrella pole. 

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Patio Umbrella Stand 

You cannot walk into a hardware store then pick the first umbrella stand you see. There are several factors that you have to consider before you purchase an umbrella stand. 

  1. Size of your patio umbrella 

The thumb rule states that the larger the patio umbrella the heavier the umbrella stand. 

The table below shows the size of the patio umbrella and the recommended weight of the stand

Size of the umbrella (diameter of the canopy in feet)Recommended weight of the stand in pounds (lbs)
6 feet or smaller 50lbs-69lbs 
8 feet or smaller 70lbs-89lbs
9 feet to 10 feet 90 and above lbs 
11 feet to 13 feet 120 and above lbs 
  1. Size of your umbrella pole 

You must know if your umbrella pole will fit in the stand. Measure the diameter of the umbrella pole and select a stand that is slightly larger. Make sure the stand diameter is not too large, it should be bigger than the pole by half an inch. Nowadays most umbrella stands come with a tightening knob that allows you to firmly anchor the pole in the stand. 

  1. Mount the patio umbrella stand or not 

You must decide if you will mount the stand or not. If you mount your stand it will become very stable and can support a larger umbrella. If you are going to mount the stand make sure you buy all mounting accessories like the bolts and nuts. This decision depends on the use of your umbrella. 

There are two ways to mount a patio umbrella stand. These are; 

Surface mount: this is a semi-permanent way of mounting a patio umbrella stand. You only do this if you know you will move the umbrella in the near future. You can surface mount when your patio umbrella is too big for the stand to support it. Or when it is a very windy day and the umbrella needs extra support. 

In-ground mount: this is a permanent way to mount a stand. You must install the umbrella stand in a concrete slab. It is best for huge patio umbrellas of between ten and thirteen feet wide. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to move around your patio umbrella unless you have several in-ground stands installed on your patio. 

  1. Types of patio umbrella stand 

There are several types of umbrella stands. Some are empty containers while others are pre-filled and the common ones are metallic weights. Study how you use the patio umbrella and decide on the type of stand that is best for you. If you always move around with your patio umbrella, pick the metallic weight stand because it is small and compact hence portable. 

The empty container stand requires you to fill it with sand or water before using it. It is a cheap umbrella stand but occupies a lot of your patio space because it is too big. A pre-filled stand is somehow expensive but saves you time looking for sand or gravel to fill it. The downside is that it is expensive to ship it because of its weight. 

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Types of Patio Umbrella Stands 

  1. Rolling/free standing umbrella stand 

This is an umbrella stand that does not come with nuts and bolts for installation. It is the best stand if you like moving around your patio with your umbrella shade. It is usually heavy to prevent the patio umbrella from falling over. 

Even if it is a heavy stand, the weight is still easy to move. Nowadays some manufacturers install small wheels on the stand to help you with the movement. 

A stand with wheels is more expensive than one without. The wheels have a lock that allows you to anchor the stand. Rolling stands are made in different diameters to occupy a variety of umbrella poles. It is made with strong polythene that cannot rust and requires little or no maintenance. Grease the bearings of the wheels to make the wheels roll smoothly. 

  1. Resin umbrella stand 

It is the cheapest but durable patio umbrella stand. It comes in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. The different designs give you a chance to choose one that will add elegance to your patio. The different colors also allow you to mix and match your patio furniture with the umbrella stand. It only requires you to fill it with sand or gravel and it is ready for use. 

A resin stand is a heavy plastic that does not rust like cast iron or other metallic umbrella stands. Most homeowners recommend you fill the resin stand with sand or gravel because they are more stable than water. Water can freeze and expand during winter which in turn destroys the plastic quality. Water can also rot in the container inviting some destructive pests on your patio

  1. Granite umbrella stand 

It is the heaviest umbrella stand on the market today. It is rust-free and does not leave rust marks on your patio floor. The granite stand comes with a tightening knob that allows you to use different umbrella poles. It is best for huge patio umbrellas that require a firm stand. 

It can have holes on each corner that allows you to mount it on the floor of your patio. 

Granite stands come in different designs and colors. This gives you a chance to decorate your patio with an umbrella stand. Do not strike it down or hammer it with a heavy object because it can easily break.

It is a very expensive type of patio umbrella stand.

  1. Metallic umbrella stand 

This is the commonest type of umbrella stand. In the beginning, most metallic umbrella stands were made with cast iron. But this changed because cast iron catches rust in a short period. Nowadays aluminum and stainless steel are used to make umbrella stands. Aluminum does not rust and steel also will not rust if maintained well. 

Metallic umbrella stands are durable and have affordable prices than granite stands. Unlike granite and resin stands, metallic stands are found in all parts of the world. This type of stand also comes in different designs and sizes. Some even have tightening knobs like the granite stands. 


Yes, a patio umbrella can stand without a table as long as it has an umbrella stand. An umbrella stand is different from an umbrella base. The stand is heavier and wider than the umbrella base. The extra weight and bigger size allow it to support a patio umbrella without a table. 

The stand must hold almost 30cm of the umbrella pole for it to be stable. Always remember the bigger the patio umbrella the heavier the umbrella stand.