Can you Swing in a Hammock? (Pro Tips)

Yes, you can swing in a hammock. It requires a few simple steps to acquire the desired rocking speed. Some people say that rocking in a hammock makes you much more comfortable than just laying in it. When listening to music or reading a book while rocking in a hammock is the best way to

How Do You Make a Hammock Blanket? (Easy Steps)

A hammock blanket can also be called an under-quilt. Hammocks are becoming popular for outdoor camping and relaxing. But a hammock has a problem of allowing your backside to get cold. Here is when a hammock blanket comes to use. It insulates the hammock hence heat from your body is not lost through convection.  Below

How to Clean Oxidized Metal Patio Furniture. 7 Quick Methods

Metal furniture is usually a long-term investment by homeowners. The furniture enhances the appeal and value of your home. It is therefore important that you protect the furniture from damage. Rusting or oxidation of metal furniture is a big problem. This is dominant in patio furniture because they are constantly exposed to moisture and air.

How Can I Make an Inexpensive Patio? (Expert Tips)

The importance of patios is known and I should not echo that. You can construct a patio in many different ways. This will add value and aesthetics to your home. It is a place where people could gather anytime and thus should not cost too much to construct.  You can construct the patio with your

What Are the Best Patio Cover Ideas for Rain? (Resolved)

What do you enjoy doing on your patio? It may be drinking a cocktail, reading a novel, or dozing off. Either way, a covered patio will improve the experience by providing protection from rain and the sun. The conditions of the patio are maintained so that you hang there as long as you want. This

What Type of Patio Umbrella is the Best? (Expert Advice)

Have you ever gone patio umbrella shopping? You might get surprised or overwhelmed by the options available. There are patio umbrellas of different shapes, materials, sizes, and other features. So, how will you know which type is the best? This guide will help understand the options and purchase an umbrella that satisfies your needs. Categories

Which Electric Patio Heaters are the best?

Electric patio heaters are the modern type of heaters. They are the only type of heaters that can be used both indoors and outdoors. All electric heaters have the same characteristics except the heating mechanism. There are two heating mechanisms that an electric patio heater can have. Which are, through radiation and through infrared.   We

Do You Need to Seal Patio Paint?

Yes, it is great if you apply a sealant on your patio paint. Though it is not a must, a sealant protects the patio paint from peeling and it also makes it easy to clean the wall or the patio furniture. A paint sealer can either be applied before painting the surface or after painting

Can you put a Gazebo on the Deck?

Yes, you can install a gazebo on a deck but it depends on both the type of gazebo and the type of deck. For example, a wooden deck is not strong enough to hold the weight of a concrete gazebo. So the general rule is that the deck must be strong enough to withstand the