Can you Power Wash Outdoor Cushions? (Pro Washing Tips)

To answer this question, first, you have to understand what power washing is. Power washing is the technique of using heated high-pressure water to clean a surface. It is different from pressure washing because pressure washing does not use heated water.  So, yes you can power wash patio cushions. However, most homeowners do not recommend

Do Hammocks Hurt or Help Your Back? (Solved)

Keeping all factors constant, a hammock helps with the health of your back. This is because a hammock may help to align the spine. Health practitioners say that the continuous movement on the mattress causes misalignment of the spine hence back pains. But a hammock prevents turning and moving, allowing you to sleep in one

How Tight Should My Hammock be? Expert Tips

Believe it or not, a hammock is not supposed to be too tight or too loose. Experts suggest a hammock must be a little bit curved in the middle. Some say it must have a banana shape. The recommended hanging position is that there must be a 30 degrees angle between the straps and the

How Long Does Wooden Patio Furniture Last?

Holding all other factors constant, any wooden patio furniture can stay for fifty and above years (50+ years). There are three factors that influence the lifespan of wooden patio furniture. These are maintenance, climate/weather, and type of wood. Research shows that if you carefully consider these three factors your wooden patio furniture can stay for

How do you Dress an Outdoor Patio Table?

Winter is over and the warm weather is here. It is time to bring out the patio furniture from storage or to unwrap the patio furniture. The headache is to dress the patio table so that it adds elegance to the patio.  A patio table is the centerpiece of beauty to any outdoor space. You

What is the Best Gravel Size for Patio?

Different areas on the patio have different gravel sizes. The different gravel sizes are to encourage the functionality of that area. For example, the fire pit area must have larger gravel than the furniture area on the patio. In general, gravel size for a patio ranges between a half an inch and two inches. Any

What Kind of Wood Should I Use for an Outdoor Table?

“Super-wood” is a term that refers to the type of wood that can survive the outdoor environment. And a patio table requires a super-wood. There are a few qualities that qualify wood into the category of super-wood. The first one is that the wood must be resistant to water and strong sun radiations. It must