Are Patio Covers Worth It? 6 Reasons to Buy One

A patio cover is an extended roof structure above your patio and it is normally supported by posts. A patio cover can either have an open roof or a closed one. One unique characteristic of a patio cover is that it should be directly attached to the house or your home. Its main function is to protect your outside space. 

From the above description, you can see a patio cover as a simple structure, but it is very expensive to construct and maintain. But believe me, all the cost and time invested in a patio cover is worth it. 

This is because a patio cover comes with several benefits that you will not find elsewhere. I am going to give you the main benefits of having a patio cover and this will help you to make an informed decision. 

Benefits of Having a Patio Cover 

  1. You will save money 

According to cost-benefit analysis in statistics, a patio cover is expensive to construct but in the long run it will save you money on repairing your patio. An open patio can be destroyed by rain, storm, or even strong sun radiations. 

A patio cover not only protects the patio floor, but also it protects the patio furniture. It will increase the useful life of your patio furniture, hence saving money. 

  1. The value of your home will increase 

Patio covers make your house attractive which in turn increases the value of a house. This will help you to sell the house at a much higher price when time comes for selling it. 

If your home is specifically designed for sale, avoid using expensive material on the patio cover because it will be hard to recoup the amount spent. 

  1. The patio furniture will have a longer useful life 

Patio covers protect your patio furniture from destruction by harsh weather and also animals. This in turn will increase the lifespan of your patio. 

Sun radiations and water are the main agents of destruction when it comes to patio furniture. But with the help of patio covers, this is prevented. 

  1. Control of patio space 

Patio covers will help you to control your outdoor space. This is because even if there is heavy rainfall or hot sunshine you can still sit out on your patio and relax. This means you have taken control from the weather and you are your own boss. 

  1. It brings about elegance 

Patio covers make your home look good because it is part of the aesthetics of your home. At some point, if you want to sell your home, patio cover will add elegance to your home in turn attracting more buyers with good prices. If you blend the patio cover with the house it will attract more buyers. 

  1. It lowers the indoor temperature 

When the patio is covered, the heat from outside is prevented from entering the house thus low and cool temperatures indoor. This also saves money because the air conditioner will be off most of the time leading to lower electric bills.

Types of Patio Covers 

  1. Wooden patio covers 

Wooden patio covers are the oldest designs of patio covers. If they are properly installed they give your home a rustic texture. The advantage with wooden patio cover is that wood is easy to find and it can be easily installed compared to metals. Wood can be formulated into different designs such as lattice. 

Wood should be cleaned regularly and be painted. This prevents mold and mildew from developing. Another disadvantage of wood is that it is prone to termite and ants, this is why regular treatment is required to prevent this from happening. Paint the wood with a clear varnish to maintain its originality.

  1. Metallic patio covers(aluminum)

Aluminum is the common metal used to construct patio covers because it is lightweight and it is resistant to harsh weather. Aluminum can stay for years if it is properly maintained and you will never see a crack on it. Aluminum requires less maintenance compared to wood. The only thing you have to do is to clean it frequently. 

The limitation of a metallic patio cover is that it retains heat hence it is very uncomfortable to use during hot sunny days. Metallic patio covers should be painted and waterproofed to prevent rust. 

  1. Glass patio covers 

Due to advancement in technology glass patio covers are becoming common in the modern world. A glass patio was developed because of the patio plants that require sunlight. Glass patios are good and elegant, but they are expensive to install and maintain. 

Glass also requires regular cleaning and they are uncomfortable during hot sunny days. 

Factors to Consider When Constructing a Patio Cover 

  1. Location 

You should decide the exact place you want your patio to be located. Most people construct their patios either on the front or the rear side of the house. 

If you want privacy, build the patio on the rear side of the house. But if you want elegance and good attractiveness build the patio on the front side of the house.

  1. Size 

It is good to consider size. A large patio gives you a bigger family space, but it will cost you when it comes to resources and material of building. You are advised to look at your finances before you decide on the size of your patio.

  1. Material 

You should look at the material to be used in construction of the patio. Most patios are built using wood and concrete but you can also use metals which are more expensive compared to wood. 

  1. The roof 

A patio can either have a roof or not but for more comfort you should add a roof on your patio. A roof protects you and your patio furniture for the sun and the rain. Roof designs come with personal preferences. 

  1. Maintenance 

Try and construct a patio that will be easy to clean and repair if there are some damages. If it is a wooden patio, check the nails and screws. While for the metallic patio, check for rust and any crack on the joints. 


Patio covers are expensive investments that are worth making. They have several benefits such as saving you money, utilizing your space, elegance, and offer cool temperature. From this, we can say the final verdict is that patio covers are worth it, so invest in them.