Are LED Bulbs OK for Outdoor Use?

I am sure you have come across a well-lit patio picture and wondered you should not do the same for your patio. Some use strings of LED bulbs to create a fascinating view. It is however important to have some questions on your dream patio lighting. Will the LED bulbs work well outside?

LED light bulbs are completely safe to use in outdoor spaces given their nature. You have to look for the ones with proper ratings for outside use. In this article, I will take a good look at LED bulbs and why they can be used outside.

What are LED Bulbs?

LED is an acronym that stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’. In short, the term is used to describe light bulbs that produce light when current is allowed to pass through them. The LEDs are different from the common incandescent bulbs, which produce light by heating the filament.

The LED bulbs may seem easy to use already after the description above. One of the more evident things is that you can see why LEDs are more suited for outdoor spaces than incandescent bulbs. There are certain factors you will have to consider when choosing an outdoor LED bulb.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Bulbs to Use On Your Patio

Decorating a patio with lights is not an easy task. So, to ensure you are going for the right type of LED bulbs and placing them properly, consider the following;

  1. Style of Your Home

The type of Led bulbs chosen for your patio should match the design and overall style of your home. Most modern houses go well with contemporary lighting compared to traditional houses where it is different. Also, try putting into consideration the roofing and stonework color. This way you will ensure there is no clashing on the house’s appearance.

  1. Durability

Everyone would want something that serves them for a long time. The LED bulbs will be installed outside thus prone to weather elements that can damage them. You can check for waterproofing bulbs if you live in an area that receives rain frequently. This aspect is important when making a purchase. 

  1. Energy-Efficiency

Consider this as it will help you keep the energy bill at a reasonable price. LED bulbs generally will consume less energy compared to their fluorescent counterparts. Yes, you may spend more to install the LED bulbs but in the long run, will save a lot of costs. Go for LED bulbs that suit your budget. 

  1. Color of the Light and Personality

Different colors produced by LED bulbs can bring out different characters and atmospheres. Warm and white colors make the patio appear more inviting and cozy. Combining different colors can bring about an upbeat vibe.

If it is during the festive seasons, you can go for the red or green LED bulbs. The better option is installing LED bulbs that can change colors. So, to come up with the correct hue of the bulb, you have to identify the purpose you wish for it to perform. 

  1. Cost

You will find different LED bulbs with different price ranges. Choose what fits your budget and try not to overspend. They may seem expensive than the other types of bulbs. It is however considered a long-term investment as stated earlier.

Benefits of Outdoor LED Bulbs

Why LED bulbs work so well outside? LED bulbs have proved to be the best option for use in outdoor spaces. Benefits of using such include;

  • LED bulbs provide brighter light than the traditional lamps thus a better view for your patio.
  • LED bulbs have a longer lifespan which is about 25 years of good service.
  • They are energy-efficient in that they offer more lumens per watt compared to incandescent lights. 
  • LED bulbs are instantly turned on compared to the traditional lights that take some time to warm up before producing light.
  • They can handle harsh weather conditions because they are made of a durable material like plastic and not glass. 
  • LED bulbs are flexible in that they come in different designs and shapes for you to choose how to install them.
  • Using LED can create ambiance in your patio and make it more interesting.

Does Rain or Snow Damage Outdoor LED bulbs?

There are different LED bulbs in the market but you have to choose the one that is properly rated for use outside. Ingress Protection (IP) rating is used to rate how suitable an LED bulb is suited for use outside. Go for LED bulbs rated highly on the IP scale if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions.

In short, rain or snow cannot damage the bulbs if they are properly encased and have the right sealing. If your patio is covered, try the LED bulbs rated for interior use. 

LED Bulbs and Heat

Every manufacturer will tell you that heat is the ultimate enemy of LED bulbs. LED bulbs still create residual heat but at low levels compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs are more efficient in converting wattage to light because of the less heat. Today, heat sinks are attached to LED bulbs to pull and store away the heat.

So, LED bulbs will fail if you expose them to too much heat. LED bulbs should be kept away from places prone to overheating in outdoor spaces. Also, try going for LED bulbs with heat sinks to help them be more efficient in lighting the patio.

How Does the Cold Weather Affect LED Bulbs?

Cold is the opposite of heat to LED bulbs; they perform very well in such conditions. The cold temperature helps the bulb stay cool with no worries of overheating. Two, LED bulbs do not require heat to be turned on thus they are instantly on in any weather. Lastly, the plastic material makes it more capable to handle temperature changes compared to if it was glass. 


Outdoor lighting provides your house with that extra that was missing. To have a well-lit patio that attracts the eye, you have to choose the correct LED bulbs to use. Follow the factors recommended above and be prepared for a cozy evening on a colorful patio. Visit the nearest shop or you can order online for these wonderful light inventions.