Can you put a Gazebo on the Deck?

Yes, you can install a gazebo on a deck but it depends on both the type of gazebo and the type of deck. For example, a wooden deck is not strong enough to hold the weight of a concrete gazebo. So the general rule is that the deck must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the gazebo. 

This means that you must know all types of gazebos and decks. Here I am going to give you the different types of decks and the type of gazebo they can hold. 

Types of Decks and the Corresponding Type of Gazebo they can hold. 

Below we are going to focus on two main types of gazebos. Which are, soft top gazebos and hardtop gazebos. Hardtop gazebos are heavy and take time to install. While soft top gazebos are lighter and easy to install. 

  1. Concrete deck 

This is the most durable type of deck. You first arrange the rough stones then pour a slab. It is strong to withstand rough weather conditions. A concrete deck can hold both the soft top and hard top gazebo with no weight limit. The slab is a mixture of ballast, sand and cement. Some homeowners incorporate waterproofing compounds in the slab to make it water-resistant. 

However, it is hard to install a gazebo on a concrete deck. This is because you will need strong electric drills that can make holes on the concrete slab. You will also need concrete wedge anchors to hold the main frames of the gazebo. In summary, installing a gazebo on a concrete deck is expensive and time-consuming. 

  1. Metallic deck 
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Steel and aluminum are the only metals that can make a deck.

Aluminum deck 

Aluminum deck is more common than steel deck. Aluminum is preferred because it is light but strong and it does not rust. It can hold all types of soft-top gazebos. But for hard top gazebos there is a maximum weight it can hold. Research shows that the maximum weight of a hardtop gazebo aluminum deck can hold is 250 kilograms. 

However, aluminum decks require skills and powered tools to install a gazebo. Drill holes where the main frames will stand then use nuts and bolts to hold the frame in position. Aluminum is mold resistant and does not rot. 

Steel deck 

This is a strong and durable type of deck. Steel is stronger than aluminum hence it can hold more weight than aluminum. A steel deck can hold all types of soft top gazebos and all types of hard top gazebos below 400 kilograms. 

Steel has good adhesive quality with welding, so it gives you a chance to weld the gazebo on the deck. You can only use nuts and bolts if you are installing a wooden gazebo. The downside of steel is that it can rust and it is too heavy. Steel is also expensive to purchase and install. 

  1. Composite deck 

This deck is made from composite material which is wood fibers mixed with recycled plastics. It is a slightly stronger material that does not warp and cannot be affected by molds and insects. The plastic component prevents it from rotting. It can hold all types of soft top gazebos and hard top gazebos below 150 kilograms. It is durable and does not require high maintenance.

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You can easily install a gazebo by using nuts and bolts to hold the main frames. It also has many colors and designs you can choose from. 

  1. Wooden deck 

This is the most common type of deck. The ability to hold a gazebo depends on the type of wood used to make the deck. Pressure treated wood and tropical hardwoods are the main types of wood that are used to make a deck. 

Pressure treated wood

This is wood that is treated with chemicals under very high pressure. These chemicals help the wood to be weather resistant and insect resistant. Most pressure treated wood has exaggerated grains that make it strong and durable. This type of wood can hold all types of soft top gazebos and hard top gazebos below 150kgs. 

Pressure treated wood is easy to work with and can allow you to install the gazebo in a few hours. It works well with a wooden gazebo. It can accept any type of stain and does not age. 

Tropical hardwoods 

Tropical hardwoods are known to have many compact grains and have natural oils that make them water and insect resistant. They are strong enough to withstand all types of soft top gazebo and hard top gazebos below 150 kilograms. They are easy to work with especially when you are installing a wooden gazebo. Always stain your hardwood deck and it will live long.

  1. Grass deck 

This is the cheapest and most available type of deck. It has a peaceful and natural look that allows you to enjoy your deck. It can hold any type of gazebo both hard and soft top gazebos with no weight limit. It also allows you to make the gazebo permanent by installing the main frames in the ground and reinforcing them with concrete. 

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However, the soft top gazebo is the best because it has a roof that can be removed to allow the grass to get some sunlight. Most of the grass under a hardtop gazebo dries after some time due to lack of sunlight. Grass decks are easy to maintain and can stay for eternity. 


Yes, you can install a gazebo on a deck. But there are two factors that can make this possible. These are the type of deck and the type of gazebo/weight of the gazebo. Soft top gazebos and hardtop gazebos are the two main categories of gazebos. Most soft top gazebos are below 100 kilograms making them lighter than hardtop gazebos. 

All decks can hold soft top gazebos. Concrete decks and grass decks can hold both types of gazebos with no weight limit on the hard top gazebo. The metallic, composite and wooden decks have a weight limit with the hardtop gazebo.